Saturday, June 13, 2009

I came into the front room, part 2, F/ff, domestic

Jen and Nikki each went off to their corners, with lots of sniveling along the way, can't say as I blame them for that. I would have been to, in their place! Kara and I just looked at each other with big eyes, then turned back to watch the show.

I sorta felt bad for both of them, I mean, Mom's strict and all, but safety stuff is a BIG deal with her! And, lying, and man, Jenny had messed up both!

And I was't sure, in a strange sort of thought, who had it worse, Jenny or Nikki. Cause, at least Jen's skirt covered her in front, though it was incredibly childish to have your skirt tucked up like that, like you were ten, but poor Nikki' was all exposed, pantwise, in front. Though they probably would both be losing them pretty quick, the mood Mom was in.

I heard Mom doing something in the bathroom, and made an educated guess.

"She's getting soap ready!" I whispered to Kara, and she shuddered too, a reflex. She had had her mouth soaped a few times too, and it sucked!

Then Mom was back, and had a hold of Jen's ear, and off they went, mad Mom and sad sister, to the bathroom, and I was right, cause while I could only kinda hear Mom, she usually didn't raise her voice that much, I could hear Jen!

"Mooommmm pleeeassseee I'm sorrrryyyy I didn't mean to lieeeeeeee I just panicked don't soa- ACK!!!!!"

I noticed that Kara and I were holding hands, and I looked and sly and Ellen were actually quite, BIG eyes, open mouths, and they were about sitting in each others laps!

Crying from the bathroom now, gagging, spanks, and then Mom must have told her she could rinse, cause water was running and there was lots of spitting, I know the feeling you don't think you will Ever get that taste out!

Nikki must have been thanking her lucky stars that she hadn't lied too, and a bit later, Mom was back with Jen, wet teary face, and wet shirt as well. And man, Mom hadn't even spanked her yet!

Her skirt was still pinned up, and I could see red handprints on her fanny under the edge where her panties had ridden up, and her upper thighs as well.

Mom left her there in the middle of the room, and pointed at the rest of us.

"You four, over there, sit there, stay quiet, and maybe you will learn something to!"

'Over there' was by the loveseat, Kara and I were on it, sly and Ellen sitting on the floor.

She grabbed the high wooden chair she liked for spankings, and then went and got the paddle, the bad one, the one she uses for serious problems. Its some hardwood, oak, I think, heavy though, even though not super thick, but long enough to cover pretty much both cheeks at once, even Jen's bottom.

Not that she was fat, or anything, but her bottom had started to fill out this last year, and she looked more like a woman than a girl now.

Mom turned to Jen and told her to watch what happened to naughty girls, and then told Nikki to come over to the couch.

She did, pretty slow, but not quite to the point where Mom scolded her for it, her hands folded in front of her, trying to protect what modesty she had left.

When she got into arm reach, Mom took hold of her wrist, and sorta shook her, you know, Mom style.

"What in the world were you thinking about?! Driving around without a seatbelt on?! Do you want that pretty face to get all busted up in an accident, or worse! But you were'nt thinking were you? You two never do! Let's just see if this helps you remember what you are supposed to do!"
And then Mom pushed her over the back of the couch, and lifted her hips while poor Nikki squeaked, and scooted her forward till her toes were off the floor.

I squirmed,so did Kara, we had both been in that position before; it was what Mom used when you really messed up, and she wanted a better swing then she could get with you over her lap.
And then, poof, her panties were down around her knees, and then Mom started paddling her while she scolded her!

The paddle landed loud and hard and poor Nikki was crying after about 5 licks, and she caught WAY more than that, before Mom was done!

And crying a lot harder too! Her legs were kicking in the air, waving sorta, her bottom was So red and then there even darker lines that you could tell were from the edge of the paddle, and Mom covered her whole bottom to include her upper thighs as well, and that hurts SOOOO bad!
Poor Jen was crying almost as bad as Nikki was, cause sometimes Mom was scolding her, telling her that she was responsible for her passengers, so it was her fault too, that Nikki was getting paddled right now!

Then it was done, and Nikki was bawling over the couch, and Mom waited till the crying slowed somewhat, and then asked her if she had learned a lesson. And while it was hard to make out, she was sure sincere when she said she had and would Never Ever not buckle up again, and she would never ever use the phone while driving either!

"That's my good girl." was all Mom said, then helped her up, blew her nose, gave her a quick hug, then told her no rubbing, or else (and SOOOOO hard not to rub after!), and left her where Jen had been, and Jen took her spot over the couch.

I noticed that Nikki didn't seem worried anymore about her modesty, as she had kicked off her panties during her paddling, and was standing there dancing in place, trying to hold her hands together so she wouldn't rub and get extras, and in the process putting on quite the show.

Then Mom slid Jen's panties down, stood back, and did it all over again, the lecture, the paddling, the questions about if she was ever going to not use her seat belt again, the whole thing.

Of course, Jen was a mess before Mom even started paddling, going last was always a punishment in itself,which is why Mom said she did it. And because she was a mess, she was Crying, not just sorry for herself crying, but paddle crying, from the second swat!

That paddle is so loud, and when you are the one getting it, the noise is almost enough to make you cry, but even if it didnt', the burn would! Oh it burns! Your whole bottom feels like you sat on a stove, and gets worse with each lick!

And there is a deep ache too, the kind that made walking, stairs, sitting, horrible for the next few days!

Mom really blistered Jen's bottom, before she finished, asking her the same questions she had asked Nikki.

And got the same blubbering answers.

And then I know I did, and I think Kara did too, well I went "Oh!" as Mom said that the seatbelt had been dealt with, the lying had been dealt with, but that there was still the matter of talking on the phone while driving!


Jenny just hung there and bawled, and Mom put down the paddle, and went and got the Strap!
And she laid it on Hard, like Jen hadn't already just been paddled! The strap is a differnt hurt than the paddle, worse in it's own way, and together, they add to each other. Mom gave her 10 hard licks, top to bottom and her upper thighs, and while too wide to be really called welts, her bottom was sure swollen where that strap had landed.

Then, it was over, and Mom stood her up, blew her nose, hugged her, and told her and Nikki to go upstairs, and lay down for bit.

Crying they both slowly hobbled up the stairs, Dark red bottoms on display, and when Mom turned to the four of us, and asked us if we had learned something she got an instant chorus of Yes Ma'ams and yes Mom and Yes Mommy!

And that was that...


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Tuesday October 23, 2007 - 04:41pm (EDT) Remove Comment

Offline IM
OMG!!! I am glad it wasn't me. I will remember to never talk on my cell while driving now, Ma'am.
Tuesday October 23, 2007 - 06:51pm (CDT) Remove Comment
With wide eyes and mouth still hanging open...face is a bit pale too. "Yes Mommie!" is all you heard from me.sly
Tuesday October 23, 2007 - 09:53pm (PDT) Remove Comment

oh my god. that was soooo scary!!
Thursday October 25, 2007 - 01:15am (IST) Remove Comment

Redd B
I think even those of us reading this learned a lesson.
Wednesday October

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