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The office parts 4 and 5 machine/F

Entry for May 09, 2007 The office part 4 and 5

I walked beside him as we went down the hall, well, to the punishment room. I mean, he hadn't come right out and said it, that was where we were going, but I knew it. I appreciated that he assumed I was intelligent enough to know that, and that he hadn't made a big deal of it, and so spared me some embarrassment. But, as we got closer down the hall to it, I seemed to be lagging slightly behind him, and he reached back, and took my hand, and pulled me gently along after him. I proceeded to slow a bit more. He turned.

"Rue, sweetie, I know this is hard for you, but it has to be done."

This was so unfair! I'm about to get my ass beat, and he calls me sweetie, and I'm so confused and worried, I can't even decide if it's a he likes me sweetie, or a boss and friend sweetie! He stopped, and turned and faced me, and I looked up into his face, my own feeling hot with the flush of embarrassment and fear, and there we stood outside The door, as we girls called it among ourselves.

"Rue,"and he stopped, for the first time, looking unsure of himself.

"Yes Mike?" I was curious as to what he had to say, and I was also more than willing to postpone the inevitable, even if only for a moment.

" I know that this is not the best time, but I can't see where later is going to be any better either. Rue, I was wondering, you know, if later, sometime after this is all done, if you would like to go out, for dinner sometime?"

Oh my! Now there was a pleasant but unexpected twist! I smiled back and answered yes, and then my face fell, as I suddenly remembered my appointment with fate. Mike saw the look, and cuddling me close, asked if I wanted some moral support for a bit. I blushed, knowing what he was going to be witnessing, thinking that he was going to be getting quite an eyefull and that that normally happened After a couple of dates, NOT before the first one! Not trusting my voice, I simply nodded, and Mike took my hand and opened the door, and led me in. And in the room, besides the dreaded spanking bench which drew my attention as soon as I entered, there was another person. Stacy, the bitch from Human Resources (HR).
Authoress's note: Stacy is NOT, I repeat NOT, based on anyone here, unless Stacy the bitch cheerleader from my High School days is lurking here. In which case, suck eggs and die. Oh, and no, I don't have anything against poor miss Rue, it's just kinda the way the story went. Besides, she gets what is due her in the end (lol....), and Stacy the bitch will get hers in the future. Promise. Long, hope you enjoy, and thanks for the patience up till now. ********************************************* ********************************

"Well well well, what Do we have here?" Stacy the bitch said with smirk. One of those smirks we girls reserve for our rivals, and then it all clicked, why she was there, and the tone and the look, She wanted Mike too! Oh god, this wasn't going to be good!

"So, our newest little supervisor didn't do so well on her first review, it seems, hmmmmm?" in that Oh so superior tone. Bitch bitch bitch... I didn't say anything back, but blushed even harder, my eyes misting, and looked at the floor.

"Stacy," Mike said rather coldly, "I thought if you monitored, it was done from in your office, Not down here."

"Oh, for the supervisors and upper staff, I try to make it down here, to help out in any little way I can. You know just trying to be helpful, Mike."

And said in that chirpy cheery voice women use with men when they think they have one up on another woman. "Okay Rue, time to get on with it, a loose skirt I see, good, that will be easy to get up and over that plump little bottom of yours."

Like most women, I was a mite sensitive about the size of my bottom, even if in reality it wasn't that big, and my eyes misted up, and I looked at the floor, as I stepped over to the spanking bench. I bent over it, and it adjusted automatically, raising up under my tummy until my toes were off the floor, my tummy and upper body were fully supported by the long padded bench in front, my head resting in the cut out cradle similar to the ones on massage tables. Altogether, a not uncomfortable position, well, if I didn't dwell on what was about to happen, and if Mike and Stacy weren't still there. The padded bar came down on my back, firmly, immovable as I knew from my earlier experiences across the bench until the punishment was done.

Mike walked around in front and knelt down, I was trying to keep from crying, and he gently kissed me on the lips, telling me he would see me after, and that it would be over with soon. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Stacy's mouth tighten in an untractive scowl that only served to emphasize the little lines around the corners of her mouth and eyes. Still kneeling, Mike whispered in my ear that the only reason he wasn't staying was that he didn't want to see more than was proper, and he didn't want to embarrass me. He stood, and turned to go to the door.

I gasped, because no sooner than he had risen, than Stacy had reached down, and lifted the full pink skirt well up onto my upper back in one quick motion. And then with feminine maliciousness, she slid clammy fingers into the waistband of my cute little sky blue nylon bikini panties (okay, so sometimes I'm naughty, and I like the contrast between my outerwear....) and gave me a big Wedgie, yanking them up Hard between my cheeks, and well, you know, other places! She reached down, lifted my head and turned it to the side, so I could sorta see the door and Mikes back, and then I felt her hands slip into my undies again seesawing them back and forth against my girly parts and puckered up little back door! And I KNEW what she was going to do before it happened.

"Oh Mike, " she cooed, and sure enough, just before he turned in polite ingrained response, she roughly Yanked my pretty undies down and out from between my cheeks where they had been so rudely lodged, coming free from delicate areas in the process,and I squeaked, both at the assualt,and because, I saw Mike fully turn, and his eyes went Right to my now bare bottom, arched up, fully and indelicately presented to his eyes. I closed my eyes and wished I was anywhere else.

"I just wanted to tell you that I'll give you a call later, when all this unpleasantness is done, and we can go over some work matters together."

Her voice was smug, in that Ha Ha I just won tone. I heard the door close, but no response from Mike, and then she finished yanking my panties off my legs, taking care to stretch them out in the process, and then, to add insult to injury, dropping them directly below the headrest. God, I hated her! Instead of cuffs at my ankles and wrists, this time my wrists were cuffed, but Stacy did something to the controls, and my thighs were gently, but firmly, Oh so firmly cuffed, right above the knee.

"There there, deary, now you can kick like a little girl to your hearts content, and we know you will be kicking, won't you sweety?"

I didn't answer, just laid and there and quietly cried, but she was right, with my lower legs unbound, I Was going to be kicking up a storm. The bench now moved my knees apart, no difference, really, then if I had had my ankles spread, but it Felt different, mentally, and I'm sure Stacy was aware of that as well.

"Okay pudding, lets get that plump little rump taken care of now, shall we?" in that sacharine sweet voice.

The computer itself, and not Stacy, went over a quick list of my demerits, and problems, and I was given a chance to correct anything that was wrong. Unfortunately, nothing was incorrect. Then it announced sentence, and I watched Stacy get her coffee mug from the table in front of me, and walk behind me, and I heard her scrape a chair and I could tell from the sound that she had taked up a spot Directly behind me!

For the first part of the punishment, I was to get a timed spanking, with a light paddle. I could see in the mirrors and monitors the arms appear, with ping pong like paddles attached, one to each of the two arms. And then the spanking started! And Oh how it started! Right cheek, left cheek, right left right left left left left left (oh god not all on the same side!) right Middle left , well, you get the idea. No apparent rhyme or reason behind it, and bent and restrained like that, all I could move was my head, a little, my upper body, a little, my bottom, very very little, and my lower legs, a lot. Oh, and I could try and squeeze my bottom together, and then try to relax it, and shove it out, which really isn't such a good idea, but I did it anyway.

My silent tears gave way to real crying, very quickly too, AND to top it all off, Stacy was back there giving a color commentary of what I looked like in graphic and intimate detail, and telling me what a little girl I sounded like. I was now going beyond crying, into that snuffling and sobbing stage, and, even though rational me Knew that the machine couldn't hear me, I tried to bargain with it as I would a real live spanker, promised good behavior, that I had Really really learned my lesson, all the usual. But, that was the whole point with the machines, couldn't be bargained with. Nope not one little bit.

Stacy, of course, found this quite amusing. I managed a glimpse of the timer, and found I STILL had a whole minute plus of my five minute starter spanking to go! Stacy got up, and did something to the machine, and now it concentrated the paddling on ONLY my sit spots, that thigh cheek interface that bent like this really wasn't so creased anymore, but more filled out and utterly exposed, and I Really shrieked then! One minute doesn't sound like a lot, but when it's steady and unrelenting spanks, its an eternity!

The paddles would land, my bottom would wobble and jiggle and tighten and relax, I would cry or squeal or squall, and on it would go, and then finally, finally it was over! I hung there, over the bench, drained. My butt was on fire, but due to the light weight paddles, it was really only a surface burn, but that was enough right now, trust me. And that was another awful thing about the stupid spanking machines, you couldn't reach back and rub till it was all over, you just had to stay there, and accept it! Which I did, none to gracefully. And then the back bar was lifted, and I was stood up by the clamps, and I saw the high stool being wheeled in behind me, and I squealed out a "Noooooo!" For it was apparent that I was going to get in house detenion, like poor Angie had, except I was starting on the wicker chair, and let me tell you, there is wicker, and then there is wicker!

Like this chair, whose top looked like it was a million years old, adn was all pokey and splintery looking, and not all the little cross weaves were still in place, so that meant that if I moved wrong, some of the wicker weave slats could even slide together and Pinch my bottom! ( I knew this from first hand experience sitting on old beach chairs while growing up...) Stacy snickered, and said that while the computer had come up with the wicker as part of the punishment, she had arranged for the special wicker chair just for me! I howled as I was seated, my sentence was to be 3 times my five minute paddling, but then Stacy said that since I had't cooperated with all of her questions as well as the machines, she was adding a 15 minute penalty! That was totally unfair, but nothing I could do either.

So, I sat there, cried, and did a few pages of work on the desk that was wheeled in in front of me, my tears wetting some to the papers. Then detention time was over, and it was time for the next part of my punishment, and I was rather shameless, trying to beg not the machine this time, but Stacy, who I didn't want to ask anything of at all, to be released, for mercy, to get the machine to ease up, for well, anything. I didn' want to, but my bottom made me, call it survival instinct, which I'm sure is what she was counting on, me humbling myself in front of her, and her eating it up. And of course, it didn't do any good.

For my next spanking, I was placed on my back on the bench, my hands were positioned over my head, and Stacy helped with my skirt, tucking it under my back and up my tummy before the clamp went down across my waist, and then my legs were raised up and towards my head! I was So open and So exposed, and I heard Stacy laugh again as she said a naughty girl like me was probably used to getting spanked in the diaper position!

For this part of the spanking, the machine said I was due a tawseing, and I flinched at the thought. My folks had used a tawse during my wild teen and college years, and I respected it greatly! Again, there were two, one for each arm, one arm for each cheek, and the sentence was announced, 30 strokes, 15 each side, and then it started.... A double THWAAACKKKK!!!! with both taswes hitting at the exact same instant, so it was like one unbroken line of flame across my already seared fanny,and since on this stroke each tawse had impacted on the center of one cheek, the tips of the tails had snaked dangerously close to inner cheek!

I tightened my bottom up, the central crevice disappearing momentarily but you can only really keep it clenched for so long, and then THWAACCCKKK!!!!! From the right this time, across both cheeks, then THWAAACKKK!!! from the left, across both cheeks, then both together, then separate.... And they were working their way downwards, slowly, but Very surely, and five wicked licks were given Right on my sit spot, almost overlapping, and I was blubbering now, and the last three strokes were walked down my thighs, the tips missing my pussy (thank god!) but finding inner thighs!

Before the in office detention started again, I was babbling to Stacy, pleading for forgiveness (and if there is anything worse than pleading with someone you hate when you know that it won't do any good, I don't want to know what it is...) and telling her that I was too sore to go on, I couldn't take anymore...

She tsked tsked, and said that sounded serious, and called for a medical! Two rubberized pads raised from the machine, fastened unto my bottom, spread my cheeks against their struggling will, and then Cold lube was sprayed on my bottom hole, and then the damn thermometer/med sensor was inserted you know where! And of Course it said I was fine, nothing to stop a punishment for, all the while with Stacy making little comments about how little girlish I looked with my legs up and the probe in down There, and when it pronounced me fit, Stacy input that I had lied to try to avoid punishment! Now that wasn't a real lie, I didn't even know what I was saying, she was just using it as an excuse! But the machine accepted her over ride anyway.

I was again stood up, then sat down, this time on that damn plastic mat that had been inspired by those poky pet training mats, except since I had 'lied' this one was special, it also had an anal plug all lubed and waiting for me! (non poky, of course...) I tried to resist sitting down, but that was useless, especially after the machine fastened a waist strap around me, and between that and the thigh cuffs lifted me up,and sat me down on it and of course, Stacy helped by spreading my bottom as WIDE as it could possibly go, and lining up the plug for its poor little target!

Between the poky plastic, and the plug going in, my squeals and cries went up an octave or three...

Then the desk was back, and I was put to work, with the tawse to keep me to my task. I was sore, humiliated, humbled, and my bottom was so sore, and I mean my cheeks bottom, and between my cheeks bottom both! My hour was finally up, and time for the last part of the punishment.

I was stood up, (squealing as loud when the plug was pulled out as when it had been inserted!) but not laid on a bench this time. Instead, my hands were forced down, on the floor directly in front of each foot. The waist strap forced my tummy down, raising my rump up, and the thigh cuffs, bent my knees forward, so it felt (and looked like in the monitors) that my poor red swollen welted bottom was jutting out into space, cheeks parted, everything I wanted to keep hidden exposed.

The machine announced that for my final spanking, it was to be with switches, and I tried to get it or Stacey to listen!

"Wait wait wait, it's in my contract, I can't be switched, it's there just read it read it please!"

Stacey walked over, stopped the machine and called up some info on the computer (I only figured it out After that she had set the whole thing up!), and then tsked to herself, but out loud.

"Hmmm," she purred, "well what do you know, you are right, no switches for you, Rue dear, we'll have to substitute....."

And she pushed something on the machine, and it now said, "final spanking, nursery birches...."

And I shrieked, tried to explain that a birch was LOTS of switches, but the machine didn't care, and neither did Stacy. Who of course, knew that.... Now, nursery birches were originally meant for over the knee use, were unstripped, had all the little twigs and buds on, and there were between six to ten switches in each birch. And they were shorter than the more common switches or judicial birches, maybe only 12 to 14 inches in length.

In the monitor, through tear swollen eyes, I saw that each arm behind me had changed, so that there were three 'hands' on each side, each holding a small green flexible wicked birch, set on a rotary device, and then it started,and the rotors started spinning, and the birches bit, one after another, and spread like that, they got between as often as the got the meatier portion of my rump, and when a tip or bud would bite into my back door, I would reach new vocal heights! And then, it was finished. I didn't even realize it was over at first, I just hung there wrung out....

And then I realized I heard Mike's voice, and a feminine voice I recognized as belonging to one of Company security, and I heard Stacy's shrill voice going away down the hall....

Then while I still hung there, Mike was there, in front of me, holding me, wiping the tears from my face with his linen handkerchief, and blowing my nose as well, cleaning me up in general. "Oh baby, I'm so sorry, I got here as soon as I could. I ran down here after Annie and the other girls came and told me what was going on."

It took a bit, but it turned out that Annie, Joan, Calliope and the others had hacked into the computer and had been watching my punishment! But shock turned to relief when Mike said they said they had only done it cause they didn't trust Stacy! Mike said then that he was sorry, but that even though Stacy had overstepped her bounds, the machine Still had to finish my detention time, and I cried again. But, Mike told me, Angie had told him there was technicaly nothing in the rules from taking a little break, and soothing a poor bottom with some lotion. Ice cold lotion, I soon found out, that the girls had been stashing in the lunchroom freezer. And while I yelped at his touch (no matter how gentle, no touch was gentle at that moment....) and I blushed beet red thinking of what he was seeing, and blushed some more of what I Hoped he was thinking....He was being quite the gentleman, fingers not straying One little bit.

"Mike, honey, um, the strap and switches got between my cheeks too, you know...."

Smart guy that my guy is, he got the hint. Oh my yes! And while it didn't take the hurt away, it at least got the front parts as hot and bothered as my backside was, so I had something else to think about.

"Rue, honey, I'm sorry, but you still have to do a final detention sugar. And it's not going to be much fun, I'm afraid; the machine called up the drier...."

Oh no! The dreaded 'drier' was set up to simulate an 20th century clothes drier, one of those old fashioned ones, that heated up and tumbled the clothes inside, and the victim, me, would be sat on top of the hot thing! Oh, not hot enough to burn burn, but hot enough your poor bottom would think it was.... And fresh tears broke out again.

"Rue, honey, sweety, look at me baby...."

And I did.

"The girls found that out to, and sent something they thought might help. Um, this is kinda embarrassing, but they said they were going to give this to you as a gag gift sometime already, and that since they couldn't come in, just me, and since well, your hands are still fastned till it's all done, well, Rue, they said they were called Ben Wa balls, and that they would take your mind off your fanny, but I will have to be the one to put them in! So, yes or no?"

And as embarrassed as I was at the prospect of what he was going to see and what he was going to do (well, Most of me was embarrassed, my mom raised me to be a good girl! A bit of me Was more happy than embarrassed, and after all, he WAS just trying to help, so it wasn't like I was being a real bad girl or anything....)

"Yes, please, please help me..."

And I closed my eyes so I could pretend I wasn't there, as warm, soft, gentle fingers lubed my my pussy, softly parted my lips, and then slid the balls in... and then his mouth was on mine, and I gasped and cooed, and when I squirmed, the balls did Delightful things inside of me! I was soon put by the machine into a sitting position on top of the 'drier' simulator, and besides the heating element, it also felt as if something was tumbling around in it,and the tumbling added to the movement of the balls. And between them, and Mike's mouth on mine the whole time (well, when it wasn't on my neck and ears and throat) and his hands on my bottom and hips and breasts and tummy..., while not the greatest, I did survive. And then it was over.

Mike took me home, the girls all lining up, saying how sorry they all were that they had gotten me into trouble, Mike carried me out a la Officer and Gentleman (to which they smiled and gave me thumbs up behind his back...) and to his car, and drove me to his place, where he helped me undress, take a cool bath, wrapped me in a towel, laved me face down on the couch with an ice pack on my fanny, while he cooked us dinner. And then later, after I fell asleep in his arms, and woke back up, feeling better, sore assed like you wouldn't believe, but better, we did a wee bit of rumpy pumpy, all night long.


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