Thursday, June 11, 2009

Camping, rl MF domestic play

I was 27, married for two years at this time, and had been over his knee more times than I wanted to remember for bad girl spankings, but they were getting farther and farther apart. Which was a testimony to my improved behavior, cause he hadn't gotten more lenient.

But there were still lots and lots and lots of good girl spankings. Anytime he or I wanted, I got one. And even if he started it, by the end I was happy about it too!

At this time, we were both stationed in the Army over in Hawaii. The kids were 15-12, and they were gone for most of the summer, visiting three sets of grandparents back on the mainland (his folks, his first, now deceased wifes folks, and mine.) so we ACTUALLY had some alone time!

We had each just gotten back from separate off island deployments, and had some leave saved up, so off we went for a little inter-island vaction. My favorite island, one that we kept going back to for long weekends and such, was and still is Kauai. It is small, only had maybe 15,000 full time residents on the whole island, and was rugged and beautifull. If you ever saw the old movie South Pacific, the Bali Hi and nurses beach scenes were shot there (this is the area we went to for this story, the Na Pali coast...), as was a lot of the first Jurasic Park movie.

We decided to hike the Na Pali trail, which is pretty rugged, and goes right along the cliffs by the oceans edge, to about the 12 mile point where there was a good beach, and a nice valley and lots of area for camping. And camping is SOOO much better than going to the field with the Army.

We were in the light infanty division, so field exercises meant full packs, heavy helmets, weapons, rations, gas masks, team gear, etc. I could do it, but that's not to say I wasn't sweating. But camping, ahhhh! NOW I was wearing hiking boots (lightweight), shorts that came just below my bottom, a bikini top, and I had some other clothes in my small rucksack. No tents, just hammocks, poncho liners, and two ponchos each. Still, even with our water, food, survival stuff we always go with, it was ridicuously light compared to what we were used to. We were making good time, but not pushing it, and for SOME reason he kept wanting me to walk in front of him, wonder why?

After a few miles in, we hit one of the first small beaches there, that was safe for swimming (NONE of this area is safe during the winter rainy season...) and we decided to take a dip. We hadn't seen anyone for quite a while, and most of those we had passed were planning on turning around, a bit more exercise than they had planned on. So I stripped off my shorts (had the suit bottoms on under, my side tie string bikinis....) and in I went, while I let him worry about cacheing our stuff.

Then he joined me, and he was feeling frisky, cause I was teasing him, and wrapping my legs around his waist in the water, when SUDDENLY I felt fingers tugging at my strings on top! And when I would rescue that, and try to retie it, my bottoms would somehow become undone. It was a losing battle, and all I finally said was that he better not let them float away, I liked that suit.

So then we played Magnum PI for a while, you know the scene in the opening credits where he is helping the snorkeling girl to float, and her fanny is sticking up? Well, he wouldn't let me put my suit back on, but I did get my snorkel out, but I didn't need it cause as soon as my wet bare ass was sticking up in the air, the bully started spanking it! And as futile as it is trying to get away on land, in the water it was worse! He pinked me up pretty good, to the point where I was begging for mercy, that I would do whatever. He said, ok, and then stopped.

The first part of whatever was a quicky in the water, legs around his waist again. And then he said he wanted me fanny up and head down on the beach. Okay by me! And boy was it ever, okay that is, except for a couple of unneeded spanks that really had me clamping down.

After rinsing the sand off, I changed into some panties (don't want to hike with wet bottoms, you'll chafe) and as I was putting my shorts back on, he stopped me!

He reminded me that I would do whatever he wanted, and he wanted me to go back to hiking, but only in my top and panties, no shorts! I about died. I pleaded, I begged, he stood firm. I pouted, and he said I was going to do it with a cool butt or a hot one.

I STILL pouted (okay, I admit it, I know which butt I wanted but you can't just come out and TELL them that!) and he said, "all right young lady!" (I just love it when he says that!!!!) and he grabbed my wrist, walked over to a handy dandy rock, sat down, and pulled me otk with my only pantied fanny WAY high in the air and feet and fingers touching nothing! Then the bully takes his time and adjusts and readjusts my panties for me, till I am all squirming and panting and begging for something, anything! Finally, he starts the spanking! After the swim, even though it was pretty dry, even the handspanks really stung and really had me yelping.

And I REALLY yelped when the brute spread my poor defenseless cheeks apart, and I felt the breeze back there, right before he heated it up for me! I was already promising to behave myself, when we heard people up on the trail above us! They were a good ways away time wise, and as the trail went, but they weren't THAT far away line of sight! And from the whispers, you could tell that they had seen something going on, but I couldn't tell what they could tell! So I was hissing to my hubby to pleaaaaasssssse let me up and get dressed, and he said I obviously hadn't learned who was in charge yet, and kept ON spanking me!

Finally it was done, and he put me on my feet, carefull to keep my fanny out of the sand so it wouldn't all stick to my rear. Then HE pulled my panties up, KEPT my shorts, put them in HIS pack, and handed me my stuff and said lets go!

Now, in all honesty, it was the THOUGHT of walking in my panties that had me mortified. This was a pair, solid black cotton bikinis, that actually looked like a swimsuit bottom. No one would probably even know. But I would. And so we set off again, me again in the lead, so he could see his handiwork peaking out from under my panties. And the bully was taking pictures too, so he could share my experience with me later.

We took a couple of more breaks, and he still wouldn't let me get shorts on, and we ran into a few couples and groups, and he just casually greeted them, and I would just mumble something and blush and rush on.... (the first time, I hadn't been polite he said, so I was bent over, right on the trail! over a tree trunk, and he LOWERED my panties, and then used his cotton web belt on me......) and then we finally hit the big beach and valley. (If you are looking on a map, it is Kalalau valley.....)

There were a few other campsites around, but we pulled back up into the trees, and found a spot. We set up house, and then he found fault with something else I had done, and took my panties and top away as well! I pleaded for them back, and he relented, but only after another otk session, followed by a little loving head, and then some real comforting, with me being plopped face down over the hammock.... I got spanked on and off out there, and he wasn't shy about tanning me good and proper, either, didn't care who heard what. But I also got lots of romancing and loving in the great outdoors, to the sunrise, and sunsets, watching the sea and the sun through the Hala trees while he took me from behind.

And on the way home, after a couple of days, I had on the same undies again (they had been washed out, of course!) and he had me leading the way. Except THIS time, the big butthead had grabbed up a switch! Said I was walking to slow! That thing makes a girl squeal, let me tell you! He kept them all on my bottom though, since this wasn't a punishment (at least not a 'real' one...) and he didn't want my legs all marked up later. He finally gave my shorts back when we got to the parking lot, and hitched a ride back to the hotel. It wasn't until we got the pictures back that I about died!

See, even though the panties appeared to be all solid an such, when they were stretched REAL tight, like when I was reaching or bending or lifting a leg high to climb up, the damn things were damn near see through! And I KNOW that there were times when there were other people behind me! Of course, that started me pouting again so of course, I got spanked again.....

I was still pretty tender when we made it back home, and I went back to work, and one of my friends noticed me wince and squirm when I sat down, and I simply told her that I had bruised my bottom when we were out camping. If she thought I meant I fell, her mistake, not mine..... Angie

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