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Just a nice guy, part 2, M/F

Entry for September 12, 2008 Just a nice guy, part 2, MF dd, no spanking
Part one, posted 28 July 08
And with all those references, he thought a token security deposit, and first months rent would be all that was needed. If I was interested, of course.
And I was, but....
And I Was interested. In the place, not Patrick. No, really. Right then, trying to resolve my living situation, and get out of my parents house was All I had on my mind. I mean, I love my folks, but, when we were all in the same house, it was like I was just another girl, like I was the girl's big sister instead of their mother.

And besides, while he was nice looking, and wasn't wearing a ring (it's a female reflex, what can I say), that's about all the farther those thoughts went. As in my experience, single guys who weren't a trainwreck were NOT interested in taking on a ready made family with three tweens.
What guys were interested in, in my experience, learned the hard way, was getting into a girl's panties. Anyway they could. Whether by saying they love you, and of course honey, I'll love you tomorrow.

Or, there were more than enough guys that wanted to 'help' me out with the rent. As long as they didn't have to have a real relationship, or anything like that.

Also, I know I'm not a model or anything. I'm short, and while I prefer to think of myself as plump rather than fat, I'm definitely not the athlete, let alone model thin.

I have one of those bottoms that seem to me, to be kinda common to Latina women, especially after we've had kids. Full, with hips. And while my waist slimmed down from my hips, it wasn't close to being a 'six pack'. About the only good thing to say about being plump, is that at least it gives me a bit of chest.

And, I may have been a teeny bit on the defensive side, as besides the latest go round with my old landlord, the last guy I had been dating, hadn't been shy about mentioning my big butt, etc. Till I finally kicked him out.

So, in My opinion, Patrick's surprisingly generous offer was met with pragmatic, streetwise cynicism and self protection.

Although it is possible I might have come across a bit defensive and hostile.

I know my eyes narrowed, and my tone was perhaps a bit sharp, when I asked him a question then.

"So. Only a 'token' deposit, and the first month's rent? That's pretty generous. And, thanks, but no thanks! I may be desperate, but I'm not that desperate!"

I turned and started to leave, (when Patrick tells the story, he says I flounced, but he has a tendency to exagerate) when his voice stopped me.

Okay, that voice of his.

Not quite bass. Deep baritone. And, he didn't Tell me to stop. Didn't Demand I do anything.

Didn't sound mad, or angry. His voice was well, neutral, I guess is the best way to describe it.

Not friendly like earlier, but well, neutral.

"Okay, care to tell me what that means?"

Another point in his favor, and okay, How did I suddenly get to where I'm assigning him points?! Oh, yes, another point in his favor, he didn't swear or curse. I liked that.

But I was still mad at him, he knew Very well what this was all about!

I went "Hmmmph!" (and he says I flounced again, but you know...),

"Oh Please! I mean, the house is great and everything, but, I Don't need a sugar landlord taking a few bucks off the rent, just to get into my panties, 'K?" (and in his version, he says I used some not very ladylike language. Um, he may not be exagerating about that.)

I was going to turn again, but his eyes stopped me that time. What very very nice, blue eyes he has....

Except that they were narrowed now too, like mine were. Not happy eyes at all. But, not 'mad' like I had just frustrated his plans. Not happy, like I had insulted him. Which I possibly had.

"Ms. Vasquez, I wasn't trying to be your sugar daddy, and I wasn't trying to hustle your pretty little bottom into bed, either... "

(his words, 'pretty little bottom' replayed themselves in my head later that night)

" ...and I'm sorry if I offended you, or upset you. I just thought it looked like you were a nice woman, a mom with kids who could use a break. Nothing more."

Okay, big points. I wasn't pretending any longer, I Was keeping score, and he was doing well!

Here, assuming what he said was true, and I had no reason to believe it wasn't, he hadn't even insulted me, or wanted to take advantage of me, yet he had still apologized, and went out of his to look out for my feelings.

Although now what I was feeling, was embarrassed by how I had behaved.

"Mr. Murphy? No, I'm the one who should be saying she's sorry, not you. Not that you're a she, well you know what I mean! I mean, I'm the one who jumped to conclusions. You've been nothing but nice to me since we came here, and I insulted you in your home. I want to apologize again. I'm sorry, and I'm sorry for taking up your time."

I started to turn again, and that nice nice voice of his was warm again, when it stopped me.

Didn't Tell me to stop, didn't Make me stop, didn't command me to stop, but just stopped me.

"Ms. Vasquez..."

"It's Maria, please, Mr. Murphy..."

"Maria, no need to apologize. And it's Patrick, or Pat if you prefer. " (and in my mind, then and know, he's always been Patrick since everyone else calls him Pat, he's my Patrick)

" I'm sure that you have probably had good reason to be suspicious. But I can promise you, I won't be stopping in, no late night visits, no bothering you, no 'barter' system. Now, what do you say?"

I thought about it for about a second. And then flushed, as I took more than a second as his words sunk in, the 'no stopping in' whole bit. And found that I was more than a little disappointed. Not that we weren't doing the barter thing! I mean, well, that he wouldn't be dropping by.

"Thank you so very much, Patrick. You've been very generous, and yes, I'd, We would love to stay here, and I Promise you the rent will always be on time, and we'll take good care of the place, and we won't be a bother, you'll see!"

And then those nice, smiling blue eyes that weren't going to be coming over at night, and that nice, soft, deep voice, and those nice strong hands, looked at me, spoke to me, and slid the lease over, and asked me, didn't tell me, didn't assume, but asked me,

"Care to sign now, or would you like the girls here to witness?"

part three coming soon, I hope

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Mommy? i was gonna wait til after i read this to comment, but since i have a lot to catch up from over the weekend, and i owe you a few things also, and i din't want to get another spanking for not posting on your blogs, i thought i'd do best by at least letting you know that i did see this, and i will be reading and commenting on your story soon, Ma', sly

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