Thursday, June 18, 2009

Kate plus 8's spanking, and public opinion.....

I'm sure many by now, whether you want to or not, have seen vanilla news reports of Kate, the mom in that reality show Jon and Kate plus 8, of swatting/spanking one of her young daughters.

Now, I have no problem with parents spanking if needed. I know others feel differently.

What I thought especially interesting though, was this poll done Not by a spanking site, but, by a vanilla sorta news site,

As of the time I'm writing, (in case the link goes away later or they stop the poll...), 357,492 have taken their poll, AND 88% say spanking your children is acceptable.

In a related thought, another mom had told me about a site called
The topic of parental discipline often comes up there, with most of those commenting on how you shouldn't spank, etc.

They however, have a section for polls ( like polls), and when I typed spanking in their search engine, at that time, like over a 150 spanking polls came up, most were simply repeats of the same thing. And yes, I went through most of them.

And, what I noticed there, that in poll after poll that asked do you think spanking is okay, 70-80% of the respondents said yes, or said that they did spank.

so there.

parents that spank, we aren't alone, it just doesn't get talked about.


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