Monday, June 15, 2009

Catherine's valentine day, part 4, FF, sexual

"Well, my randy little bitch, are you planning on getting out of bed sometime today?"

That,teasingly, to my pale skinned girl with her red hair fanned out in disarray over the pillows... My girl, the one with the wanton, 'take me anyway you want me ' bedroom eyes...

I felt my own pussy tighten, swell, and ripple as I looked down at my sated little wife.Happy, happy sigh.

"Nope, not really...well, other then when you carry me back and forth to the bathroom, but other than that, AngiEEEEE!!!"

Squeals and giggles as I tickled her, Everything so sensitive on her right now...

"Oh, is that so? You Are a horny little slut, aren't you!?"

And then I could feel my eyes getting that bedroom look to them... my voice suddenly Very husky....

"God, I love you. Whose little bitch are you,baby girl?" The question, followed by a hard kiss, long, deep.And she answered when it stopped, still partly breathless.

"Y-yours Ma'am, I'm Your little bitch! I'm Your very happy, very horny little bitch! Now, bed me again! Uh, please?"A half hearted concession to my 'Ma'am' status...I kissed her again.

"Hmmm, wish I could, baby."

KNEW the pout was coming, even before I saw it.

"Sweety..." and this with a cautionary tone, coupled with a gentle finger to her lips, forestalling any comment that might get that pretty bottom into Real trouble, and that I didn't want today.

"...Listen to me now, Listen well. Understand me, little bitch?"

Big eyes, a nod of the head, lips still in contact with my finger, as she acknowledged that she did indeed understand.

"Babygirl, if I had my way, there is Nothing I would rather do, than spend all day in bed with my little wife, sweety."

That got me a smile, and a kiss on my finger.


THAT got me a pout, so I tapped those pretty lips lightly.

"But, missy, I Do have to go into work, in a little while, for a little while. And, you knew that, so NO pouting, young lady! I've been So happy with you, how good you have been, how hard you have been trying, and I Don't want you acting out, just 'cause you are in a snit, okay?"

A nod. A most relucant little nod.And she rolled onto her back, in an 'apparent' effort to get more comfy, without seeming to pull away from me.I must admit, that I smiled as her fanny rolled on the sheets, and her eyes got So big and her mouth made the most delicious little surprised 'O'!Knew that feeling as well... still happy, still in love, still warm and fuzzy and melty inside, but, the Intense high of the recent passion now gone, and you really Had forgotten just How badly that recent spanking had hurt!

But she remembered now. Oh yes she did.

Accusing little eyes, wet, as she rolled Off her plump little fanny Much faster than she had rolled onto it. My smile was Much wider now....

".....ot Funny! My bottom Hurts! You spanked Hard!"

Indignant pout! Remembering, reaching back, to check with tender fingers if her memories were real.MOST indignant pout,slight quivering outrage in her tone then.

"I Can't believe you spanked me Between my cheeks! That was mean!"

Pout pout pout.Laughing softly at her now...

"Well sweety, it Is Valentines day, I wanted that pretty little heart shaped bottom of yours to be at Least the color of that pretty heart shaped muff you love to show off. And besides, until the hurt goes away, when ever your cheeks rub together, when ever you sit to fast, or catch a door wrong, or I simply pat that little bottom, you are going to feel it; feel it on your bottom, and feel it elsewhere, won't you, my little slut?"

A blushing nod, not going to answer mean old me right now...

"Now, sugar, did you have anything special you wanted to do tonight, after work?"

A nibbled lip, meaning that yes, there Was something she really really wanted, but that she wasn't going to ask me about. And I thought I knew why.

"Uh, no Ma'am, I thought, you know, we could just hang out here, and stuff..."

Uh huh. She was Much more of a party girl than I was. And Valentines day, at one of the nearby lesbian bars or clubs was guaranteed to be packed. Not normally my thing at all. But she had been So good, always important to take your girl out and do something special on Valentines day.Kissed her softly.

"Sweety? That's nice of you to offer, really... but, I was wondering if you would like to go out for dinner, and drinks, and dancing at Lipstick's tonight."

Huge smile, a gasp from me as she strangled me in a sudden hug, soft lips all over, and damn, I wasn't going to make it out of bed yet!Disengaged myself.

"I take it that's a yes?"

Smiling as she happily started to bounce up and down in place on the bed. Until her plump little rump rapidly realized that wasn't a great idea, at all."

Yes yes yes, it's a yes! Geez!"

"And would you like to dress up, as in 'dress up' for tonight? "

"Yes! Please, thank you! Uh, honey?"


"Um, would you dress up too?"

"Yes baby brat, I would..."

"Now though, I need to take a quick shower, and get dressed for work. And then You need to take a shower, and get dressed, missy, as YOU are going to be coming to work at my office today as well..."


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