Saturday, June 13, 2009

The flight home with the girls F/f

A short 'family' story... getting back into the swing of things.

The trip back went well, Jenny couldn't wait to get back to Nikki, of course, and spent most of her time listening to her music, and writing love poems...

Julie dearest got a couple of warnings, you know how boy crazy 14 year olds are, I swear, she would have run into things several times if I hadn't gently guided her away from something in her path.

And sly was good as well, I only needed to spank her, what was it, four times? Lets see, once at the airport for not listening and running away from me as she saw a store ALL the way down she just Had to look into...took her over my lap as Soon as I caught up with her, sitting on the nearby bench, scolding her as I pulled her jeans down and warmed her little pantied bottom but good!
I could tell by the looks that I was getting,that others not only agreed,but wished that more parents spanked when needed.

Then again, on the flight, again, for running up and down the aisle after I let her up to go to the bathroom. Well, I took her Back to the bathroom, panties down this time, and from the light applause I got as I walked my teary girl back to our seats after, quite clear that the others knew what was going on.

Again at our layover city...a Strict bare bottom spanking in a security room, lets leave it at that...

And again, on the last flight home, for trying to start a food fight across the aisle, with her sisters. Again, taken to the bathroom for a bare bottom spanking on her by now still almost red little bottom...

Then back to our seats, with the little armrest thingy up so she could cuddle into me as we watched a movie on the lap top. Like I said, sly was behaving as well...


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Jenny W
Aren't we just the cutest family!! I suppose Sly needs spanking so much 'cos she's still little and doesn't know better and Julie needs her bottom smacking to remind her that she is growing up and should behave better. Of course, I AM grown up and behave accordingly though Mommie still misunderstands my behaviour and spanks me as if I were a little kid..outrageous I know but Mommie is still my Mommie and when she says Over My Knee NOW I know better than to disobey..its bad enough having my panties taken down for her bare hand so I definitely don't do anything to make her get the brush or paddle out!!I love you Mommie and its nice to be back home together again. Err, what do you mean Go To Your Room and Get Ready...ready for what Mommie...bed..a bath or what? A Spanking....but why..we've only just got home....I can't have done anything wrong yet, can I???
Tuesday November 13, 2007 - 05:05pm (NZDT) Remove Comment
Mom will decide what I need a smacked bottom for Jen! And I behave Far better than you do *sticks tongue out* out of the three of us *I* am the one in least trouble coz I am the most mature! Isn't that true Mommy *flutters eye lashes*?At least I know how to dress properly! Sly isn't the only one who goes through Moms things, is she? Whoops.*eyes glance at Mom standing with her hands on hips and eyebrow raised*I'm just going to unpack *turns to sneak away and catches Jenny's eye* Oho not good. :-/I'm just irritable coz I'm jet lagged OK?
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Offline IM
Yes I agree, Parenting should always teach consequences & accountability of actions, more Parents should realise this, just a trip to the local malls shows why. As Always Great Blogs & Views
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well when i was young if misbehaved out side of the home i alway got it again when i got home love beca
Tuesday November 13, 2007 - 11:54am (EST) Remove Comment
Sly getting spanked all the time certainly reminds me how to behave. It's so embarrassing having to walk alongside Mon when she's dragging Sly by the ear. I think sometimes it's worse for me and Jen to have to stand their whilst that's going on 'cos you know full well people realise that we must get spanked like that too. All those ppl staring is no fun. I'd still rather it be Sly on the receiving end of the good hiding than me though.Sometimes I think Sly is too young to feel the embarrassment side of it all, I think she only cares about the sting in her rump coz she's young, I think as you get older the embarrassment factor of it all increases as you become more aware of others.

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