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A little bit about me....rl

A little bit about me, and this spanking thing
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(while searching the archives, found this, which seems appropriate to post here on my own blog!)

Hi all, sorry, this will be another typical self indulgent post... But over the last couple of months, I've had more than a few people ask me about my life, how long I've been getting spanked, etc. I posted something tonight on another thread, and decided to just put something all together in one place.

I forget that some of you haven't been chatting with me for 3 years, and so I don't always include all the bio data that I've talked about before. So, short version of me is, 43, bi, married white female. But back to the beginning for a bit...

I was raised in the American Midwest in a very small farming community, a population of one thousand. Even though I grew up in the 60's and 70's, for all practical purposes, the lifestyle there was very much like right out of the 50's. I was spanked (as were my three sisters, 2 older, 1 younger) by my parents, grandmothers, aunts, and by neighbor moms (very much the concept of you were everyone's daughter, and you never complained to mom that you got spanked by your friends mom, because there was always the slim chance she hadn't told your mom, cause if she found out, you'd get it again at home for not behaving as you had been taught to). All of my friends got spanked too, as did my cousins (had over 20 cousins in my school district alone!...), it was just a fact of life and more than a few of us (the majority actually, even if they wouldn't admit it, but that is what little sisters are for, to share your secrets with the world) got it all through high school.

Mom was the primary spanker, as she was not one of these wait till your daddy gets home types. Severity of the spanking depended on age, offense, and whether it had been a repeat offense. Most were OTK affairs, on panties or bare bottoms, with hand or brush, but as I got older, a paddle was introduced (actually introduced to my older sisters first) for special talks. It was one of those tourist type paddles (ours said board of education, and had a picture of two girls bent over getting it on their panties), and hung in the hall closet. A strap was also available for real serious lessons, and it was wicked one with a short wooden handle. It was wide enough it didn't leave real welts, but would burn like no ones business. Spankings were also public affairs for the most part, open to view by any female around, but never by guys. This was in part to add to the punishment, and to serve as a reminder to the others.

I had been interested in spanking as long as I could remember, I mean as a YOUNG girl, 5 or 6... fascinated whenever I heard someone get it, or the word mentioned. Loved all the comics and cartoons and tv shows and movies with spanking comments or scenes in them. But even as a girl, I figured out not everyone thought they were as special as I did.

Oh, I HATED mom and daddie's spankings, and tried to avoid those, but anything else! Well! As I got older, preteen, I was having fantasies about being spanked by non family members. Not that I didn't love my family, but I would imagine myself having different parents, or getting spanked in school, or by some tv or movie star, or by a current crush, male or female, at school. After the spanking in my fantasies, they would hold me and tell me what a good girl I was...

In my teens, I figured out that there was a naughty sexual component to at least some of my feelings, and imagined my spanker looking at my panties, looking at my panties, spanking me to tears, and then the big step after, Kissing me! Yes, by todays standards, I was Very innocent. I was also now aware that although I was interested in boys, I was also Very much aware of girls as well, especially the older girls in school...and thought about going over their laps, or the laps of some of the women I knew.

When I was 15, and thinking I was the ONLY one in the world who had feelings about being spanked like I did, and NO way was I sharing with anyone, I happened to babysit one night for some neighbors. Once the kids were asleep, well, I snooped. I was a terrible snoop. And what I found in the parents bedroom was eye opening! I found a stash of adult magazines, to include Penthouse Variations, complete with spanking letters! And Mr. Magazine, with it's spanking letters! And Penthouse magazine, and what I liked most there (well, besides the girls) were the Wicked Wanda cartoons! I SOOOO wanted to be Candyfloss, Wanda's girlfriend! I read everything I could, put it all back, and babysat there every chance I could. And no, I was never caught. So, at least I knew I wasn't alone!

I then tried to first get a boyfriend, and if I did, to get them to spank me. I never succeeded. Sigh. And I wasn't terribly subtle about my hints either. Boys. Never had any 'girl'friends in school, it wouldn't have gone over well, and I had no idea how to approach any one any way... I went to college when I was 18, and within the first semester, had my first lover ever, and my first 'adult' spanking, by my sorority big sister, just like in all the books....

I've written about a lot of those spankings, but most have been lost in the ether, when my computer crashed, and the sites I had posted them on are no longer there. So if anyone has any of my sorority stories, PLEASE post them!

Kathy was very much in charge, and we were together for two years, till the end of my sophmore year, when she graduated and moved east to go to grad school. She spanked me for fun, and for discipline. I adored her. Still do. We never got together that way again, as she became partnered to a woman before I saw her again, and it wouldn't have been right. I had some on and off boyfriends in college, but still NONE of them spanked me either! Did have a couple of more girlfriends, and they spanked me too...

Then I graduated, and went into the Army, and a big spell of celibacy for 3 years... Then I met my husband, and he had ALL the right vibes. I got warned by him on our first date, to behave or else, and got spanked by him on our second date! I KNEW I was going to marry him! So respectful, so oldfashioned, so right. So, I got married at 25 as a brand new Army Captain to a then Infantry First Sergeant, now a retired Sergeant Major. Not your usual couple in the military.

Big size difference too; I'm 5'4", 125 lbs, he's about 6'4", 250, and a powerlifter (NOT a body builder as he always tells me...) He is 8 years older than I am, which was much more of a difference then, when I was 25, then it is now after 18 years. By the time I was 13, he had already served 3 tours in Viet Nam... When we got married, I also got an instant family. Girl boy girl, ages 13-10. Their mom had died a couple of years earlier, so that made the acceptance easier. Which is just as well, as it turned out I couldn't have kids.

The little one took to me right away, started calling me mom when we were just engaged, at school functions, wherever. Drag me over to meet people, and go, this is my mom... The boy was indifferent, but liked the cooking I provided, but came to call me mom after a while. The oldest, she was polite, but wasn't going to call me mom. I didn't push it. And then one day she came home from school crying, collapsed in my arms, and said "Mom, why are boys so stupid?" Ah, the universal question of life... AND she called me MOM! After that, she told me she was SO glad I was there, so she wouldn't have to talk about 'girl' things with her dad, or one of the other wives in his unit...

So, they are all grown now, and I have FIVE grandkids! god, can't believe it... But you should have seen the looks when I was first married, and I would be in civvies walking with them through the PX or commisary, and the LOOKS the other women would give me, they figured I got started REAL young! The oldest got a big kick out of that, and would screw around when people looked and talked, andwould say things like "But mommmmaaaa? I'm 13, why CAN'T I get married now, you were younger than I was when YOU got married!" THAT got some looks, though my husband wasn't amused by either of us...First Sergeants are so anal sometimes, no sense of humor.

After I got out of the service, went back to school, and then we decided we liked it so much, we came back to Hawaii. A short time after we were here, got a call from an old girlfriend back on the mainland, who said she had a couple of girlfriends back on the mainland, who were coming to live near me, and she thought we might get along. Which is how I met Sue, and her wife Jen (our refugee's from San Francisco...) For those of you who haven't read those stories, Sue is also my surrogate 'mom' and spanks me for discipline and fun, just like she does to Jen...

Which brings us to the two girls I often talk about in current stories. Three years ago, we became legal guardians to two sisters, then 14, and 16. Their mom was one of these new age trust fund hippies, who would just LEAVE the girls for days and weeks at a time, with NO adult supervision around, while she went to 'find' herself again. We had known the family for a few years, and they had stayed with us more than once, and the last time it happened,we sought, and got custody. Since momma is still alive, just not around, we became Aunt and Uncle, instead of mom and dad. Also, here in Hawaii, most any woman that helps out with kids is called Aunty, whether related or not. There had never really been a steady male figure in their lifes, and their had been problems with some of mom's boyfriends and the girls, so any real discipline has always come from me, He is there for support and guidance, though they adore him so much, a lecture gets those lips out and quivering...

Miss 19 is now in college, home for the summer, and miss 17 will be a senior this year. Hubby is already moping about having them both gone next year.... that's about it... thanks for indulging me.


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