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sly's soap stick encounter, part 2 F/f

Entry for September 05, 2007 sly's soap stick encounter, pt 2

Yes, I know it's been a while, but here it is anyway. and no, the original part had a different title...
this doesn't have anything to do with the current sly /Jennifer story. Also, sly here, is my adult little girl....
And so I go, and get the soapstick soaking in the bowl, and decide you can finish softening it up, by holding it in your mouth for a while, and I tell you that this is what happens to bad girls who wide, missy.

Big eyes, like she always gets at such times, and a wailed out "but, but Angiiiiieeeee!"

Well, her mouth is open wide, anyways. And so I slide the soapstick in, holding sly's neck as I do, as she instinctively trys to pull away. I swat her bare little fanny, told her to hold still, and proceed to scold her while she dances in place. Cute, really.

Finally, after a couple of minutes, I take it out, and let her spit, and rinse for a short time. Julie, I notice, while still watching intently, is now looking pretty sympathetic.

"Now, little missy mine," and that with my fingers under her chin, so she has to look at me, " Are you going to backtalk me, or fib to me in the future, missy?" And while I know it will happen, I also know it will be a LONG time till it does again, something confirmed by the frantic head shaking no...

"Good, now, for the rest of your lesson. " and with that, I pull her to the toliet, sit down, and flop her down over my lap, as she squeals, sounding Much younger than she is.

I part her little cheeks, wide, and I can see the blush on her face at this latest indignity. More worried about the shame, yet, than what is about to soon happen.

I point to her partner in crime, and she brings me the bowl with the soapsticks in it.

sly whimpers, as I take one, holding her bottom open with only one hand. And then I take that tapered, softened, soapstick, and run it over her little bottom hole,resisiting her attempt to clench her fanny, and I continue to rim her bottomhole with the soapstick, a small lather building up, also, despite herself, she is relaxing back there, and when she 'winks' at me, a bit, I take the opportunity and slide it in, about a third of the way, and goodness, the squeals as she lifts her head and legs at the same time.

I keep it in place, for a moment, then let her own body 'slide' it out for me, just keeping the tip in, then back in it goes. Over and over, we repeat this, sliding the stick slightly farther up and in each time, and now I'm getting complaints about how it is starting to burn and itch, down there.


And then, when the time is right, I simply slide it all the way in, my finger going in deep, seating it well inside her, something that apparently distresses her.

Because unlike with other anal things,a soapstick you don't have to worry about losing, even if it doesn't melt all the way, it Will be coming back out, and I was kind, and made the back side as tapered as the entering tip.

Soon, besides the burning/itching that she was still fussing about, she would have to also worry about the increasing urge to get rid of the little distess causing device...

sly starts to cry softly, now, when she feels me and turns her head, and sees me, take yet another soapstick out of the bowl, and I part her bottom wide again, and then in One motion, slide it up and in, deep, again.

And once more, three sticks in, and she is already doing a naughty girl flutter kick over my lap. So cute.

I ask my other naughty one, to go and prepare a cool, clear water enema bag, because later, I would have to rinse my naughty sly's bottom out, to remove all the soap. And after that, who knows.

But for now, my sly has a spanking coming, a good, hard, old fashioned spanking.
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owww i bet that burnt like crazy
Wednesday September 5, 2007 - 06:51pm (CDT) Remove Comment

Offline IM
Some people love the burn. Especially from that part of their body.
Wednesday September 5, 2007 - 07:16pm (CDT) Remove Comment

I've always found it to burn like crazy,and be quite distessing....
Wednesday September 5, 2007 - 02:24pm (HST) Remove Comment
::BLushes:: MsAngie...that was a rather...ummm...exciting account. I must say Ma'am, I'm almost glad to have the distraction of the burning soap sticks to be able to endure the spanking you intend to administer.Very Humbly Yours,sly
Wednesday September 5, 2007 - 08:32pm (PDT) Remove Comment

Jenny W
Oh Mommie...I agree with Sly..."ummm..exciting" pretty well understates the feeling for me too. Sly dear, please get your bottom off Mommie's lap so I can take your place and Julie honey, could you please put 4 soapsticks in the bowl to soak...I think my bottom is bigger than Sly's! Oh there any Ben Gay in the house...I understand from Sly that it is very effective. Mommie...perhaps you could use it on Sis to demonstrate it for me? And haven't forgotten Jukie I hope...we don't want her feeling left out do we....giggle!!Kisses, Jenny
Thursday September 6, 2007 - 06:23pm (NZST) Remove Comment

Jenny W
Ooooops....Jukie !!! Sorry Julie...Mommie, can I have 25 licks with the hairbrush for that?Naughty dyslexic Jenny
Thursday September 6, 2007 - 06:25pm (NZST) Remove Comment
:::leans over and whispers to Jenny::: "still topping from the bottom." I've decided, Jenny likes control. Makes sense though...she is 16. And look at her bossing Jukie around! ::giggles:: J u l i e is about 12-14...the goody goody. Or at least she thinks. It's not what I hear at night when we are talking and giggling. She can be a big brat too! Trust me.Sly
Thursday September 6, 2007 - 09:03am (PDT) Remove Comment

Offline IM
oooohh! Three soap sticks. TG, it isn't me getting it. I would much rather be spanked.
Thursday September 6, 2007 - 05:35pm (CDT) Remove Comment

Wonderful to see Sly NOT getting away with it!R
Sunday September 9, 2007 - 12:17pm (PDT) Remove Comment
Angie, i would love to go over your lap and take five!! and i dont mean spanks...:):)
Monday September 17, 2007 - 01:37pm (PDT) Remove Comment

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