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Hello Julie and sly, F/ff, domestic

Entry for July 21, 2007 Hello Julie, and Sly...

Hello Julie, dear,
I saw your comment that you left on the blog, dear, and thank you for letting me know what is going on. Though I do hope you aren't afraid of me, to tell me outright next time. After all, you, missy mine, were the one who said on your blog that you were bored, I was just helping you out. And, I wasn't joking about the lines,either, I hope you did them, and showed them to Sir or Ma'am.

But, you are a good, respectful, polite girl. Kiss.

And then there is little miss sly, who isn't very polite, or respectful, or apparently good, either. Climbing on my lap, trying to butter me up when you know you are in trouble, young lady, shame on you! Swat! Getting dangerously close to lying, by ommision, I think. And I bet if I had asked you if you had been behaving,you would have outright lied to me, wouldn't have you, missy?


"Julie, dear, please go into the bathroom, get the big bowl out, and cut a soapstick the way you've seen me do it, from the bar of ivory there, please. Then fill the bowl with water, and put the soapstick in it to soak for a bit, let me know when you have, as I will be using it about ten minutes after that. Then, get out the bulb enema syringe, and my Heavy Koa wood brush please, and set them on the counter. little sly and I will be having an extended discussion about behavior, getting others into trouble, attitude, and lying. Time to wash some of that naughtiness right out of her, I think."

"What's that? Well of course you can stay and watch if you wish, sweety, after all, she has been getting your cute little bottom into trouble. Remember though, about teasing later, and what happens to little girls who do! Now, scoot, I need to find sly, and put her nose in her naughty corner."

I have a good idea where sly is, and go to the backdoor. Not that it would be that hard for me to actually go all the way out and get her, but this way is more fun...for everyone but sly, of course...

"sly! Get your little fanny right inside the house, right now, young lady! You are in Big trouble, this time, and so help me, if you delay or fuss at me or backtalk, I'll bare that little bottom right now,little girl, and give you a switching outside you won't forget for the rest of the summer! And no, I Don't care if the neighbors can hear me! If you aren't inside by the count of 5, they will be hearing, and seeing, a Lot more, I can promise you that! One, two, three..."

A breathless "I'm here! I'm here!" followed by a girlish squeal, as I take my naughty one by the ear, to her corner, followed by more squeals as I unfasten shorts and pull them, and the cute little cotton panties with the contrasting trim right down to your ankles...nose in the corner, and how cute and adorable you look, naughty one.

And you are my naughty girl, as you haven't asked once, what this is all about, you know. All you have said is that you won't do it again,and that you are sorry, neither of which is true....And so I go, and get the soapstick soaking in the bowl, and decide you can finish softening it up, by holding it in your mouth for a while, and I tell you that this is what happens to bad girls who lie....

open wide, missy.

Aunt Angie

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*Giggles at Sly*Blimey! I always knew I wouldn't want to be on the wrong Side of you Auntie!Yes of course I'll write those lines. You said I had a choice of writing them on my page or sending them to Sir and Miss, I think I'll opt for the former. Have fun sly! ;)
Saturday July 21, 2007 - 10:29pm (BST) Remove Comment

Offline IM
i would have just pulled your panties down and put you across my knee and given you a good series of enemas. you would have calmned down and become more centered, and then we could have had some fun and i could have paddled you for your enjoyment of it. after all---a girl without guilt is a girl with no direction.
Saturday July 21, 2007 - 04:45pm (CDT) Remove Comment

Offline,so good to see sly getting it at last, she gets away with murder most of the time!
Saturday July 21, 2007 - 03:27pm (PDT) Remove Comment

Jenny W
Oh wow!! How embarassing...panties down, soap in mouth and knowing that an enema is coming followed by a hard brush spanking. Owwwweeee!!!Jenny
Sunday July 22, 2007 - 04:19pm (NZST) Remove Comment
::stands in corner with soap stick in mouth::wondering how one minuet I'm in the garden, the next, standing in the corner::then I hear JULIE's giggle and suddenly, Everything makes sense::::Wondering, as a stand there so vulnerable and exposed, what Exactly is MsAngie punishing me it because I told on Julie for being up past her bedtime? Maybe for calling her a HO and trying to rent her out for $40 an hour with No Refunds?, that can't be it...Julie wouldn't except that testimonial...*thinking*...Maybe it was all the teasing I gave R when I knew he was in for IT with K...Maybe because I was lusting after K?...argggggg....there's just so any case, I'm here, not very sorry at the moment for Anything I did to Julie, BRAT. Not very happy that MsAngie is so upset though...good thing she can't read minds! Just wait till I get my hands on Miss Julie! Little Wrench! I KNOW she won't write those lines either!...but I wonder what MsAngie is going to do next? As upset as she looked, I doubt it's just corner time and soap:::Sudden chills and realization kicks in...OMG...what have I done?!?:::finally, a meek little, "I'm sthorry MsthAngie."
Sunday July 22, 2007 - 06:58am (PDT) Remove Comment

Offline IM
i like the way u think

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