Saturday, June 13, 2009

How many times?! F/f domestic

For those that are new to this ongoing series, or for those who have short memories, sly is the youngest of my girls, aged ten, in these stories....
"sly Spank Samantha Spank Johnson! Spank! How Many times, Spank, do I have to tell you Spank the same Spank thing Spank over Spank and Spank over Spank again? Spank spank spank!"

My baby was over my lap, shorts around her ankles, little cotton Tigger panties around her knees, kicking pretty good, all things considered.

"Mooommiieeeeee Noooooo pleeeeaasseee I'll be good Reeaally goooodddddd!"

"Mommie has heard that before, Spank, hasn't she, little girl?!"

Spank spank spank!

"ow ow Oh pleeease Oh it burns!"

"And yet again Spank this morning,Spank, young lady Spank! I find you have thrown your clothes Spank all over Spank your room, Spank again! Spank spank spank! AND Spank you have been told, spank, Not to bother your sisters in the bathroom Spank when they Spank are trying Spank to get ready Spank for school! Spank spank spank! And Spank! is there Spank a reason Spank you didn't Spank put your dishes away Spank after spank breakfast?" Spank

Her little bottom a nice hot looking pink, red in places, finger prints easily visible, I let sly cry it out over my lap.

"Okay, little girl, it's all done now, and Mommie knows you are sorry, but, you need to start listening, little girl. Now, up you go, go take care of your dishes, and then you can get yourself dressed. And, Mommie will be taking you to school,and one of your sisters will be picking you up, understand? Okay? Good, now, scoot, and take care of things, we have to get going."


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owie owie owie sombody got a spanking!
Thursday March 13, 2008 - 11:09am (CDT) Remove Comment
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lol, sounds like you did a good job.
Thursday March 13, 2008 - 08:21pm (GMT) Remove Comment
Punishment enemas are sooooo much about embarrassment for the "victim", emphasis of the control of the punisher, and the associated discomfort that can often result from them.One of my favorite punishment methods :)
Thursday March 13, 2008 - 06:58pm (PDT) Remove Comment

Mommie! That HURT! ::rubbing bottom::sniff...hiccup...sniff...After taking care of my dishes, dressing, and getting all my stuff together, I come find you. You're in your room in front of the vanity, putting on your makeup with just your bra and skirt. I jump up on the bed and watch you get ready...When you are done, and finished dressing, you stand in front of me, I stand on the bed, jump into your arms, wrap my legs and arms around you tight, tell you how sorry I am and that I Will listen from now on, kiss your cheek and then lay my head on your shoulder.Mommie? I might need a note today for my teacher. I got a feelin' I might have trouble sitting today.Kiss!I love you!Your baby,sly
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