Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sister problems f/f

(this is a variation of my family stories. here, Sly is almost 17, and I'm 14. And our parents are a Lesbian couple. If this isn't for you, you've been warned. And no, no sex.)

"Slyyyyyyy!" I whined out in my best whine, "C'monnnn, it's not fair!"

That was as I was fresh from shower in my towel, looking at what my loving sister had so thoughtfully laid out for me on my bed. I couldn't believe, she had actually Picked out my clothes, like I was 5 or something!

She was there of course, waiting for me, leaning against my wall, tshirt, and olive drab cargo shorts. Arms folded across her chest.

"And just what isn't fair, Angela Lynn?"

I flushed and cringed at that, a hand sorta going on it's own to my bottom. I only ever get called Angela Lynn when I'm in trouble or being scolded. And my hand, well, when she called me that, my bottom started throbbing from my little 'talk' last night with Mommie.

I don't think it's right that someone just saying your name should be able to make your bottom hurt like that. Like it's linked or something.

I pouted and flounced a bit. I've been working on my flounce.

"You know, well, This!" I pointed for dramatic effect to my bed. "You didn't have to pick my stuff out ya know! And even if you were supposed to, you didn't have to be pick out that outfit, gawd!"

"Not fair? Okay, Angela..."

Well at least she'd dropped the Lynn....I still pouted though.

"How's this for fair? I already had plans today, I was supposed to be going with my friends to the amusement park. And now I'm not. And why is that, Angela?"

Dang, still at Angela. She was ticked. She usually didn't stay mad at me that long. I mean, she was bossy and everything and pushy and picked on me, but she usually didn't stay mad at me.

"I'm sorry Sly, I didn't ask for you to have to stay home, ya know! I coulda just stayed home alone, I am 14!"

Even as I said that though, I turned so I wasn't looking at Sly, she wasn't smiling at All anymore, and what I'd just said sounded stupid even to me.

She surprised me like she sometimes does, sorta being right behind me, and then her fingers under my jaw, turning my head to make me look at her, like Mommie and Daddie do.

Quiet voice now.

"Angie? I asked you a question, and I Want an answer...."

She got that trick from Daddie....

Even if I couldn' t lower my head, I could still look at the floor, so I did. My face was hot as I answered her.

"Um, because, I sorta got into trouble, and they wanted you to stay with me?"

I yelped as she swatted me through the towel.

"You didn't 'sorta' get into trouble. Why did I have to stay home?"


Another swat, another yelp.

"Last chance. One...two....."


"Okay okay! I was in trouble cause I hadn't done my dumb chores and had went out anyways, and then when I got grounded, I snuck out when no one was here! Okay?"

My face was very hot now, and my bottom was hurting again, I was recalling last nights 'talk' in a lot of detail.


I gave her my best kitten eyes but they didn't work on her this time. I scooched away before she could swat me again.

"And, and you had to stay home cause Mommie and Daddie said I...." I paused, and decided I better say exactly what they had said, "...obviously couldn't be trusted to stay in when I was grounded, so they needed you to watch me. But I'm really really sorry Sly, honest, I am! And I'll listen to you an not give you any problems, but I can pick my own clothes out!"

"Angie? What did Mommie say before they left?"



"Um, Mommie said that you were in charge, an better mind you and do what you said or, well, you know."

"Or what, Angie?"

"Slyyyyyyy! " I stamped my foot a bit, but you weren't falling for that either. The boys sometimes did now.

"Or, Mommie said if I didn't mind you or listen to you or obey you...." (Mommie had been Quite specific in how she had worded that) "...that, that Daddie was going to take her belt to my bottom when they got back. 'K?"

"So, Angie, I think you better starting minding, and listening, and obeying, don't you? Or your going to go over My lap before they even get home. And, I think if I have to stay home to babysit my 14 year old sister, like I'd have to a little kid, you might as well dress the part, don't you?"

I mumbled out a "Yes Ma'am".

I looked back at the bed. Stupid outfit anyway. I mean, it's not fair that I wasn't really any bigger now than I was at 12. Well, okay, 11, but almost 12. And I don't know why Mommie thought she had to keep my old clothes around. But there was this dumb vest instead of a bra, not that I really needed one yet, Mommie let me wear one so I wouldn't get teased, but the little girl vest was there. And stupid old cotton panties, briefs! Disney princess ones! With shiny pink elastic at the waist and legs! And a jumper and with a white capsleeved blouse! The Only saving grace was that it wasn't my old grade school uniform jumper, but this was way childish.

"Good. I'm glad we understand each other. You have five minutes to be dressed, and downstairs. If I were you, I wouldn't test me right now, Angie."

And then she was out the door.



  1. I Love it! Great story...Funny sense of humor! You, so delightfully naughty! I imagine your bottom will be quite sore by the time I'm done with you...Basically getting ME Grounded as well! I know it's not the same, but it might as well be. I had Plans! And you have no idea how much I've been waiting to go out with this girl...and...Oooo! Angela Lynn! Your bottom is Mine, now, little girl!




  2. Love the new story, hope there are more to come, nice to see some F/F again, not that I don't
    enjoy all your other stories.