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answering comments for 'about my family' blog...

Entry for October 07, 2008 Answering recent blog comments...

hey all,
going to try to answer some of the many comments left on the recent 'about my family' blog I did, and see if it appears this time.

Jenny W it is all clear...but soooo confusing!!!My strict Mommy and baby sister sly have traded places...WOW!So does that mean I can be cheeky to Mommy with impunity? Oooh, errr..I've threatening to spank sly recently but now am I in danger of being spanked myself by Sly? Even better, am I now in danager of being spanked by you both?Oooh, my head is spinning..too much to take in!!Life is never boring around you two!!Love and kisses to you both. Your daughter, sister and brat, Jenny XXXXXXXXXXXX
Dear Jen,
yes, at times, we do switch places. Actually, she is in charge most of the time. Never in our little 'story' family though, there she is always sly, and I am Mommie.
And, Jenny dear, try being cheeky, and see if you are safe or not, okay?As for you spanking sly, go ahead, if the little brat has earned one, you are her older sister, after all.
as for you and Sly, well, that is between the two of you.
kisses to you to,Mom
Miss Angie, that was very well writen. While stilla little confusing to those that do not understand, about the concept of a DD household, the rest is easy enough to understand.
Dear traci,
Thank you. Yes, I understand it can be confusing, as you said, to include the part about a DD house. It's like sorta trying to explain why I like this spanking thing, to a vanilla. You can do it, but they still don't get it.
Hope you and your family are doing well,
Brett B
Whew! My life is so simple ...and incredibly boring. ;)
That all made pretty good sense to me, Angie. Congrats on having great relationships.
Dear Brett,
Thank you very much, and I doubt if your life is boring, though possibly less complicated then this.
And it's not that complicated. Now, if this had been a couple of years ago, and if I knew Sly then, when my girlfriends Sue and her wife Jen were still on island, That would have been complicated!
Redd B
HI Angie, Thank you for clearing that up. I was starting to get confused. I must say I would not mind reading some where Sly punishes you.
Dear Red,
You are welcome. And sorry for any confusion. At times, for others, it must seem like listening in to a couples 'inside' joke, not quite getting the punchline.
And, there will be some more me getting spanked, by Sly, stories coming up.
Hopefully from Sly, as in her writing them, as well.
Well nothing is simple, least of all this interest of ours. Wht comes across is spanking for you (and for me by the way)is about interpersonal relationships as well as the physical act of reddening a naughty bottom. I do a lot of role play and the spice is really in the play. And you are a great player whether you are the Mom or the naughty daughter
Thank you, I appreciate the compliment. Some think I do far to much on background, etc, in my stories. But to me, the reason why,and the relationship is the whole key to it. Otherwise might as well just write in 'and then her bottom was bared and SPANK, and just copy and paste spank a couple of hundred times.
Alyx R
That was a nice explanation of things, especially since you were under no obligation to share such detailed personal stuff. I think it's wonderful when people are in relationships that work for them. With all the stress in the world, and the rarity of finding people who "click" with us (especially considering all the many flavors of TTWD), it's always great to hear about love and caring and people enjoying themselves. Good for all of you!
Thank you so much for your kind words, and it was our pleasure to share with others, what we have going on. And as some of you may have figured out, at times, those little 'comments' we leave for one another are about rl things, little warnings so to speak,and not just playing around.
Tom C
I'm envious of the multiple layers of your sexual appetites. Do you ever feel sorry for the people that have just a one-dimensional level of desire? Can you imagine being merely heterosexual with no interest in discipline or spanking? Sounds pretty boring, doesn't it?
The big question for me is..... when are you going to meet Sly face-to-face? It sounds as if, so far, it's all been this cyber stuff. When is she coming to Hawaii for a one-on-one, hands-on encounter? Or when are you going to her? Life's too short to waste in this fantasy world. You two need to spend some time together and times a-wastin'!!!!! I'd like to hear the details of a RL, sexual tryst bewteen the two of you. Now that would be steamy!!!!
Actually, I don't feel sorry for them, because I can't imagine being any other way. I've had a fascination with spanking since I've been six or so, and knew I liked girls as well as guys, at about 15, and didn't feel I could tell anyone about either interest.
I was very lucky in college, with my first lover of either gender, Kathy. And since then, while I may have been closeted, I've never worried about what I felt again.
And, a rl meet would be great!
And steamy, because of regardless if there or here, a Hot spanked bottom, and water leads to lots of steam!
However, what makes you think That would be shared? Tender, private, moments, you know. I am a delicate and retiring flower at heart.
celti… *hugs* You are one interesting and complicated woman. i though my life with Sir was complicated. i wish i had a Mommy or mommie at times. Sometimes i feel the need to be under stricter control.
hi you!
hope things are going well, with you and your family. And you should talk about being in a complicated relationship, woman. And, I am sure your Sir will take care of you and give you what you need in all ways.
Redd B
It just orrured (sic) to me, if sly is your daughter, and Sly is your Mommy, doesn't that make Sly Jen Grandmother? Hmmmmmm. Do I see Grammy Sly babysitting naughty girls in the near future?
hi again,And, as Sly commented on below, nope! Angie*************************************************************************
kiss, hi Ma'am, (others, please note, this was Sly with a 'S', so right away, i know she is in charge...)
angie, baby...that was beautiful. And as complicated as it must seem to other people, it comes just that naturally to us.
Thank you Ma'am, i'm glad you enjoyed it, and yes, it did just grow and evolve naturally.
Me? A Top?? Who'd have thought...
Well...I must admit. It's easy with a naughty little girl like you! Kiss!
blush, thank you Ma'am, and was easier going back and forth than I imagined it being, as well.
And to answer Redd's question...What's blossomed between Angie and I has nothing to do with anyone else or our dynamics. So no, I won't be playing 'Granny' to anyone.
angie...thank you for this loving post.
Most welcome, Ma'am,
I love you too,Daddie
i love you too, Daddie,your little wife,me
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