Friday, June 12, 2009

Slippered by my Stepdad, part 1, M/f domestic

(note: here in Hawaii, flip flops and sandals are called slippers.....sorry all you fans of english slippering LOL)

I had gotten home from college, and mom and her new husband, my Step Dad, wasted no time in kicking my butt out of bed my very first morning, taking me to a family party at the beach. Geez, didn't they know a girl needed her sleep after all the last minute parties before school ended?

My real dad had died when I was little, and it was only this last year, that she had married this guy she met while I was away at school. I made it home for the wedding, and had seen them on a couple of holidays, and even though he wasn't one of those guys that said call me daddy, like some of my friends' steps did, and even though he was pretty cool in most ways, I still went out of my way to refer to him as my Step Dad whenever he was mentioned.

Alsoooo, it appeared that he had really taken over as the head of the house. It wasn't so much that he made any new rules for me, but he sure enforced the ones mom made. Now, that was maybe okay when I was still 18, but I had turned 19 when I was away, and I needed my own space.

Mom sure seemed happy though. Anyways, we were at the beach, and I was maybe a little bit sulky, and then mom gets on my case for that, and then she gets on my case even MORE when I take off my sarong wrap and she gets a load of my bikini bottoms.

I mean, they weren't THAT bad. Not like a real thong or g string or anything. What they call a brazillian or rio style, so they did leave a bit of cheek hanging out. But the boys at school had all liked it.

So I told her, "Oh mom, lighten up why don't you. It's 2002, not the 1950s when you went to school."

Well, I thought it was funny. My mom just got mad and huffed and my Step Dad got real serious looking. If I had been in high school yet, mom MIGHT have given me a spanking, but I was too old for that now.

So,I went swimming, and met some boys, and flirted and played around. I could see mom and her husband talking on the beach, so it wasn't like I NEEDED to be up there. They went for a walk, so I went up to the cooler, and got myself one of his beers that I had seen in there, and then got out my towel, finished off the beer, and layed down to work on my tan.... I must have dozed off, cause the next thing I knew they were there and mom was REALLY mad, asking what I thought I was doing, blah blah blah, all the usual mom noise.

I told her what the hell did it LOOK like I was doing, I was enjoying a beer and catching some rays! And JUST that fast, he had my wrist and I was on my feet and being pulled over to the picnic bench where they had set their stuff up at.

I was yelling at him of course, and telling him what he could do to himself, and that he couldn't do this to me, but it didn't make any difference. All HE said was that he had warned me before about how I treated my mother.

And then he sat down, and pulled me over his lap! I knew this position, and I struggled and fought and cursed him out good! I told him he didn't have any right, and that even mom didn't spank me anymore (figured I might as well use as many arguments as possible....) and then mom said she thought it was JUST what I needed!

He started spanking me with his hand, and did it ever hurt! He was a lot stronger than mom was, and I wasn't able to squirm away like I did from her the last time she tried to spank me. He just kept me right there, butt in the air! Then when I was starting to cry from the humiliation and everything, mom actually told him to stop! I lay there, but all she did was take off one of HER slippers and hand it to him! He smiled at her and all he said was, "yes, they do work well, don't they?" and she got all red, and then he started slippering my butt!

I wasn't happy any more about having that much of my fanny showing, as he spanked the part that was hanging out just as much as he spanked the rest, and it hurt WAY more on the bare, let me tell you!

And I did tell them, I cried, I fussed, I bawled, I pleaded, but it didn't help. Mom said I should get it on the bare like I used to , and I really started crying then, but my dad said no, not outside like this, not THIS time, and then he said that this would work just as well, and he pulled up my suit WAY up between my cheeks, and then he really blistered my butt.

Oh, and yeah, I must not have been sleeping that long, cause even though the exposed skin was more or less dry, my bottoms were still wet, and so was all the skin under them! And wet spanked bottoms hurt WAY more than dry spanked bottoms.

Anyways, daddy kept spanking and spanking and spanking me, and there was quite a crowd gathered around, and I got no sympathy or help, and then daddy started asking me all sorts of questions and I knew what he wanted to hear.

Sooo, I promised him that I would be more respectful to mom and him, that I would listen, that I wouldn't drink, that I would dress more modestly, well, I promised all sorts of things. Daddy finally told me that was enough, and let me stand up and I started dancing and rubbing and I wanted to pull my bottoms down and I didn't want to, if you know what I mean.

Then he gave me a big hug, and told me to be a good girl like he knew I was, and that he loved mom and me, and I told him I was sorry, and then I ran for the water. I think it's going to be different having a daddy around....



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  1. found you Angie....... bet that slippering stung.......hehe....... hugsssssss and pinchessssssssss ......hehe bonangel(tinybitbrat)yahoo360