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On punishment suppositories and anal punishment,rl

Hi all,

recently, I've commented on traci's blog, and then written to her Domme as well about something traci and I had talked about, which was the subject of punishment suppositories. And, this is something for Adult discipline only...something else, especially for those with long distance/cyber relationships, is that this is a Very effective long distance discipline tool...

Well, I told Jack what was going on, and Miss Nancy was kind enough to send Him her recipes for homemade punishment suppositories. And while we have not yet tried her recipes, I've been given assurances that we will, soon.

I was also told to post her recipes, as well as a recipe we had been given before, by another couple, and, to also post about an espcially wicked soap plug/stick punishment sent to Jack last year by a husband/wife Dom/Domme mentoring team.

First, the recipes baby traci's Miss Nancy sent.
I have no exact amounts for the ingredients as each recipient is different, on what they can handle.
I use glycerin soap blocks that you can by at any craft store, the ones used to make those cute homemade bars of soap. They melt so nicely.
I use about 2 ounces of liquid glycerin to about 1 cup of melted soap block, as the base for the suppositories, just make sure you add any ingredient to this and that it is completely melted and incorporated before molding.
To this base you can add any of the following, but I use mostly the top 3 items.
Ivory soap shavings, nice burning and cramping.
ginger powder or juice, nice burn even after coming out.
cinnamon oil, nice burn.
peppermint oil, nice burn
lemon juice, cramping
the more you add the more the burn and cramping.
and for when someone has been real naughty.
about 1 cup of ivory soap shavings and 2 teaspoons of cinnamon oil to the base mix.
(my comment here- please note, that even for this special one for a real naughty girl, the amount of oil is still only two teaspoons. A little of these extra oils or other ingredients goes a LONG ways.)
with the last I also plug the naughty ones bottom to make sure it stays in long enough to work properly.
I use the fingers of a latex glove for the mold,the larger the glove size the larger the supps.
In a lot of ways, this was very close to what we have used in the past. The glycerin soap blocks were a new touch, we had always just used liquid glycerin.
But, here is our base recipe, as sent to my Husband by another HOH:
2 Bath size bars of Ivory SoapShave them down into very small slivers Add 2 1/2 cups of water, heat on stove until soap is completely disolvedAdd 6 oz of glycerine and 2 tablespoons of wintergreen oil or sweet oil
(note that the increased amount of oil is because of the added amount of other ingredients, to include the water...)
Add a good amount of ginger , this can be chopped up fresh ginger, or ginger oil, or even powdered ginger, and let mixture melt together until a thick solution forms.Let it cool for a little and then pour the mixture into the fingers of a rubber glove.
(as Miss Nancy noted, the size of the glove will determine the size of the fingers...)Clothes pin the gloves hanging from the rack inside the refrigerator, andonce the mixture solidifies you will have about ten VERY effective suppositories.
Something that we have sometimes done, is once the base mix has been made, and it's been poured into the gloves, is to add a bit of whatever other ingredients, such as ginger, or an oil, but something different to each finger, and then label it, so you have a variety pack, so to speak.
After they have set, I always take them out of the gloves, wrap them in saran wrap, then in foil, labeling them also, and storing them in the fridge.
And, here is the soap stick discipline I'm to share...
I've talked about soap sticks before, they are simply a bar of soap that has been cut up into lengths of varying widths, smoothed down, soaked in water before using, and then inserted as a suppository. They burn and you also feel a very urgent need to get rid of it.
A wicked variation that was sent to Jack by that couple is this. When you Really want to make an impression on your naughty one, insert one or more soap sticks up her bottom (if there was a mouth related problem, such as lying, gossiping, or backtalking, it works quite well to put them in her mouth first, before putting them in her bottom...), followed by a small enema, to really cause distress, and then a soap plug inserted, to help hold it all in.
A soap plug is simply a homemade anal plug, made from a bar of soap, with that characteristic taper at the bottom for the anus to clench down on, thickness is up to the Spanker. The burning soap is now in constant contact with a very sensitive area, and any movement causes it to move back and forth a bit.
As if this isn't bad enough, their other suggestion as to how they used it, was then to take their naughty one for either a walk or jog around the block, before allowing her to go to the bathroom.
And of course, being spanked while plugged in such a manner is quite the punishment...
So, hope that some of you Spankers out there may have found this useful, and my best to some of you spankees out there,
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Jenny W
OMG...anal and rectal discipline is SOOO exciting but is often a taboo subject for discussion. Angie Mommie, this is a wonderful and very sexy post..lets hope it leads to lots of comments...I'd certainly like to get to the bottom of it!Giggle!Love, JennyPS: my bottomhole is positively itching in response to this post..Angie Momme, how do I attend to that?
Tuesday April 22, 2008 - 10:02pm (NZST) Remove Comment

Dear Jen,Well, I think you should direct Miss Nikki to this post, and tell her you have been a Very naughty girl...don't you?love,Mom
Tuesday April 22, 2008 - 12:05am (HST) Remove Comment

Redd B
Do I see this in sly's future?
Tuesday April 22, 2008 - 05:33am (PDT) Remove Comment
Tuesday April 22, 2008 - 06:09am (PDT) Remove Comment
And I've been a Good Girl, too! But...when it melts, there will be little hunks of ginger left up there? Now I know what I'll be obsessing over today.Thanks Mommy!love,sly
Tuesday April 22, 2008 - 06:30am (PDT) Remove Comment
Sombre is a good thing.
Tuesday April 22, 2008 - 03:20pm (MDT) Remove Comment

wicked lol very wicked
Thursday April 24, 2008 - 08:44pm (EDT) Remove Comment

Offline IM
Wow this girl is so glad she stumbled upon Your blog Ms Angie, thank You so much for posting it!!
Tuesday April 29, 2008 - 07:47pm (EDT) Remove Comment

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  1. My Mistress is estantic that she found Miss Nancy's suppository recipes.
    I am currently feeling the severe burning and cramping while the suppository is melting! I watched her shave a bar of Ivory soap, measure several teaspoons of Ginger power and Peppermint oil which she added to a melted soap block.
    I have this strong urge to relieve myself but she inserted a large retention plug to eliminate that option.
    She just now rolled into the room an IV stand with three five quart enema bags which have soap suds billowing at the top!
    Today had been an interesting day!