Sunday, June 14, 2009

But Mommmmmm! F/f, part 1

One of the signs of the changing times, is that no longer in many school districts do you have to rely upon an erring child to bring you a note home from school, telling you that they are or were, in trouble.

For those with internet access, you get a nice little email from the admin office, or in order not to leave out those with out computers, you get a nice little voice mail left on your phone.

Now, this was something I thought she was familiar with already, and since I had already heard about her getting detention via computer and phone, I was rather shocked at her attitude when she walked her little bottom through the door.

"Oh! Mom! Um, hi, I wasn't expecting to see you here. I'm sorry I can't chat but I'm going to meet Kari at the mall in a few, and then go over to her house to study, so by..."

"Hold it Right there young lady."

And while I already wasn't happy, the look of long suffering, the rolled eyes, the crossed arms, the jutted hip and bent knee Really really didn't help my mood out at all.

"So, how was your day?"

"Oh, you know Mom, nothing special, just like always. Can I go now, please?"

The last with that special teenage sigh, that parents all over know so well.

"No, you may not go now, young lady, and you had better lose the attitude as well, Angela Lynn, if you know what is good for you!"

Personally, I don't think that crossing her arms, and rolling her eyes as she huffed out a "fine, 'k then..." consituted losing her attitude, but we'd discuss that in a little bit as well.

"So, missy, Nothing you want to talk to me about, or think I might want to know?"

Squirming, and a very guilty look. That girl should never play poker.

"Um, no? I'm sorry I was snotty..." , even though she didn't sound sorry in the least, "it's not you, it was just a long day, may I go, please?"

Please. Well, that was a start.

"No you may not, now, sit your little fanny down, now, while you still can!"

Big eyes at that, lip out in a pout, but she sat, and not nearly as confident as when she walked in a few minutes before.

"You wondered why I was home early, Angela Lynn? Well, guess what I got today? I recieved a call and an email from your school, young lady, telling me you had gotten detention today. Care to tell me why?"

Bright red face, and looking at the floor, the bravado quickly leaving.

"Ms. Kimura gave it to me cause she said Iwas talking in class, and it was so not fair! I mean, its like the first time and she didn't give me a warning or anything! And it's not like it was during a test or anything and I wasn't being that loud, she just doesn't like me is all, Mom!"

More squirming from the couch as she looked up at me, wondering if I was going to buy this.

"I see. Ms. Kimura, the teacher that gave you an A at midterm? And who wrote what a good student you are? And how much you contribute to class, and are always prepared? That Ms. Kimura? She's mean to you, and doesn't like you? I see."

A LOT of squirming now, but not as much as there would be when I had her panties down and she was over my lap.

"Um, yes Ma'am?"

"Well, Angela, that doesn't sound terribly fair of her at all. I'll just give her a call, and find out whats going on. I don't want your teachers picking on you, after all."

Big eyes,at that.

"Mommmmm, no, you can't! Don't, please! I'll, I'll be so embarrassed!"

Oh, I liked that last part, a last ditch reason as to why I shouldn't call.

"Angela Lynn! Are you telling me what I can, and can't do, little girl?!"

"N-no Ma'am! Gosh no Mom! I didn't mean it like you can't, but like please don't!, okay?"

I had the phone, and the list from the fridge,the one with her current teachers on it, and their work and home numbers.

"Oh, I'm most certainly going to call, my dear."

And I started to do just that.

A teary daughter interrupted me again.

"Please? Mom? You don't need to call, honest! I, I sorta fibbed to you before."

I stopped the call, and looked at her, with her big teary eyes.

"You 'sorta fibbed', Angela Lynn? Or do you really mean you lied to my face, not only when I asked you if you needed to talk to me about something, but when I confronted you about your detention, about why you got it?"

"Y-yes Ma'am. That's what I meant. I sorta lied."

"And what did you 'sorta lie' about, little girl?"

Soft crying now, which I ignored. She should be teary and worried.

"A, about not telling you I got detention, an..."

When she was in trouble, her 'ands' always became 'an'...

"an then when you asked, I lied about why I got it...."

I was in a basic Mom pose then, hands on my hips as I looked down at her.

Finally figuring out that this might not be the best time to push things, she rapidly continued on, without further prompting from me. Although my toe tapping on the floor might have encouraged her.

"Um, well, it sorta like wasn't the first time I had talked in class or that she had warned me?"

Assisted by my look, that was followed up with,

"It was sorta more like she had warned me three or four times, or so?"

"So she wasn't being mean to you all the time and picking on you for no reason,and just handing out detention for not really doing anything at all?"

"N-no Ma'am."

"Okay. Well, why don't you put your nose in the corner, after you call Kari and tell her you won't be meeting her at all today, because you are grounded."

At the stricken look, I continued on. "Yes, you Will tell her you are grounded, and not just that you can't make it. Unless you want me to spank you first, and then you can tell her that you are grounded, and spanked?"

"But Mommmmmmmm!"

"Angela Lynn, I've had it with your sass and backtalk! Don't you ' But Mom' me! Since you can't do what I tell you without whining, you can do your corner time with your skirt up now...."

"But Mommmmmm, that's not fair!"

Some girls are slower learners then others.

"Panties down as well, now. Want to push it any more? No? Stand up, and come over here then, little girl."

She tearily did so, and kept her hands out of the way as I put her skirt up in back, tucking it into her waistband, and then I tugged her pink cotton boyshorts down to her knees, and she was crying as I did it.

Encouraging her with a firm maternal palm to a soft daughterly bottom, she did indeed call Kari and tell her that she was grounded. Then her nose was in the corner, bottom on display until I called her out.


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