Saturday, June 13, 2009

If I have to stop this car! F/ff, domestic

I thought of how my Mom would be laughing if she could hear me now, repeating what I'd heard more than once growing up, directed at my sisters, cousins and I.

"Young ladies! If I have to stop this car, so help me, Both of you are going to be very sorry!"

It was a sign of how far things had already gone, that instead of contrite and sincere "yes Mommie/Mom, and I'll be good " from the girls, what I heard instead was-

"But Mommmieee, she started it!"

"I did not Mom, she started it, like she always does! Just cause she's the baaabyyyyy and gets by with everything cause she's spoiled!"

"I am not spoiled! And you did so start it! AND you pinched me!"

"Did Not! And you Spit on me!"

"Did not! And you gave me a wedgie!

"Did not! And...."

And that was where I came upon one of those frequent, and handy scenic lookouts so common here in the islands. Though when I had talked to other parents, we had laughed at how maybe it was a frustrated wife who had told her husband that places where parents could pull over out of traffic would be a good idea.

Regardless, as I pulled into the scenic lookout, I thought, as I fumed, that there was a good chance that some tourists were going to have some very interesting pics and videos to take home with them.

Julie (14), and sly (10), had finally stopped their fighting long enough to realize we weren't at the mall, and enough common sense/survival instinct kicked in that their manners and tone had suddenly improved.

"Um, Mom? Mom? Um, why are we stopping? You don't have to stop, honest Mom! I'll be good, We'll be good, honest! Won't we sly!?"

I noticed that Julie had poked sly to try to get her attention, as I was out of the car, and moving to the rear doors. sly for all her earlier complaining about her sister touching her, wasn't complaining now, much more worried about her Mommie touching her bottom, over and over and over.

"Yes Mommie! I'm sorry! I'll be good! I'll listen! I'll leave her alone, really Mommie, don't spank me!"

I had sly's door open, looked across her to my middle daughter, and told her to get her fanny out, Now!, while undoing sly's seatbelt for her, and helping my baby out of the car.

So, both the girls had a very good understanding of just why I had pulled over, and their fears were well founded.

All I said was "I gave you both two warnings, and you kept on. You know how it works. "

The sentence now having been handed out, both girls still pleaded, but with teary puppy eyes and teary voices.

I led sly to Julie's side of the car, grabbed Julie's wrist the same as I had her baby sisters, and then stopped for a moment, to reach into the car, retrieve my hairbrush from the glove compartment, stick it in the back waistband of my shorts, then I took Julie by the wrist again, and led both my now sorry girls to the nearby park bench.

I thought of the times my sisters and I had been in their current position, and how our pleas didn't do us any good either, though a big difference was that Mom didn't have to worry about finding some place to pull over, those country roads weren't all that traveled, and you simply pulled over to the side of the ditch, she would sit on the passenger side with the door open, with the errant girl over her lap, bawling from a good maternal lesson. Though if a park was handy, the bench treatment was a possibility as well.

Getting to the bench, and ignoring the smattering of tourists and their kids in the background, I let Julie go, as I sat, and pulled sly between my legs.

The reason sly went first? Same as it was when I was growing up. The most guilty always went last, as having to wait and seeing and hearing the other get spanked was a punishment in itself, knowing you were next. If all parties were equally guilty, then it went from youngest to oldest, as the older girls should have known better.

I untied sly's shorts, and pulled them to her ankles, then over my lap she went, and then I skinned her little Disney Princess panties down as well. The way these two had behaved, a bare bottom warming was indeed called for.

Julie started sniffling harder when she saw sly's panties lowered; not, I suspect, from any sympathy for her sister, but because she knew if sly's bottom was being bared, hers would be as well.

Ignoring both girls pleas, promises, and begging, I took the brush and gave my baby a good little spanking, one that I'm sure got my point across very well. I stopped part way through, and asked her why she was getting spanked, what she should have done different, and how she was going to behave the rest of the day. I got very good answers back indeed.

I stood her up, and and taking Julie by the wrist, pulled her over my lap, as she drug her feet as much as she could without actually 'resisting' and getting her bottom in even more trouble.

She squealed as she went over, asking me not to spank her, that she was to old to be spanked (a fact I would show her wasn't accurate in a very short bit), that she was to big to be spanked like a little girl like sly had (another assertion I would disprove), that she would 'simply die!' from the embarrassment! (I could sympathize with that...both growing up and now), although that statement would also prove to be untrue.

As she felt my fingers in the hem of her well worn and lightweight denim skirt, her pleas became more desperate and high pitched, as she felt me raise it up and over her little fanny, exposing her grown up pink cotton string bikinis.

Now that I had exposed her panties, over her arguments as to why I couldn't, she now changed to tell me why I shouldn't pull her panties down, or if I simply 'had to' give her a bare bottom spanking, 'at least' I could wait till we were home, etc etc.

I'd deal with her attitude and tone as well, in a moment.

Fingers in the cute little white elastic trim which set off the pink so nicely let her know her entreaties had been ignored.

I knew how she felt, because like her, as a middle daughter, even knowing that your older sister still got Her bare bottom spanked, well, you still did what you had to do to try to protect your bottom.

I drew her panties down to her knees, grabbed the brush, and laid it on, no harder than I had spanked sly, but she certainly felt it.

From the very first spank, when her bottom clenched so tight, her pleas to 'Mom' suddenly sounded remarkably like sly's, as Julie was crying and pleading with 'Mommieeeee!' now!

Though in fairness, I'm not sure if the Mommie was intentional, or simply a spank produced 'ieeeeeee'! tacked on to the end of Mom please no!

Making sure to cover her sit spots, as well as the plumper parts of her fanny, like I had with sly, I also lectured her, and also got very good and polite answers back. Finishing, resting the brush on her fanny, I told her the spanking for her car behavior was done. She relaxed momentarily, till it registered what I was saying, that these next ones were for her attitude and tone with me as I was getting her ready for her spanking.

I gave her five Hard spanks, a fair amount harder then earlier, to the bottom/thigh crease of each cheek, and they certainly seemed to get her attention. Her fanny, like sly's, still on view as she danced around holding her bottom, was certainly a much brighter pink then her panties, now kicked to her knees, were.

I pulled her off my lap, her hands now to her sore fanny, no longer worried about modesty or where we were or who might be seeing. Although an advantage to wearing a skirt as I knew, was that it dropped back down when you stood up.

I pulled her panties up for her as she cried, and then went to sly, pulled her panties up as she squealed; even the softest of panties (and I use Downy, so they were very soft...) feel like sandpaper right after a spanking. Then up with her shorts, and I picked her up, and sat down, and gathered Julie into my other arm, and let them cry it out a bit.

Pulling kleenex out of my pocket, I blew noses, told them I loved them, and to behave, they blubbered out the usual post spanking promises of eternal goodness, and how they would be such good girls and never ever fight again, really!

Back to the car we went, I buckled a squeaking sly back up, waited for Julie to squirm her way back down, and away we went, as I waved goodby to the watching tourists....


Mommie Angie

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Ray C
Offline IM
my good hon that was done very well. ilove your stories here...........perfect spanking was given to both girls i would have done that as well............thanks for sharing this ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,tons of hugs and have a great to see that hair brush some time to see if its better than mine is lol ..................
Saturday May 31, 2008 - 09:01pm (CDT) Remove Comment

Ray C
Offline IM
wow thank you , geez they are both better than mine ........mine works ok but has to short of a handle i think .........thank you so much for that one hon..............hugs
Saturday May 31, 2008 - 09:58pm (CDT) Remove Comment
How long their promises last?More than yours at their age?
Saturday May 31, 2008 - 10:54pm (PDT) Remove Comment
Excellent! Love it! And am So Impressed with the picture!! Gorgeous brushes too.Thank you, Mommie!Kiss.Love,sly
Sunday June 1, 2008 - 12:16am (PDT) Remove Comment
:-D Fab story! Thanks Mom.I love the bit where I'm told that that is that part over and the fear rushes through me wondering what awaits me. That's great.I'm wondering what happens to a girl when she... erm... becomes a young woman, does the spanking change at all? Will I get out of spankings when I reach that stage?Great story, and I'm still sore from a thrashing a received on Friday! That ads a little something whilst reading it!Julie xxshe still started it!
Sunday June 1, 2008 - 12:42pm (BST) Remove Comment

Offline IM
yummy story Angie. You can't beat the classics :)
Sunday June 1, 2008 - 01:48pm (CDT) Remove Comment

EVERY parent should have one in their glove compartment...and use it. I guarantee we would see some magically improved behavior.
Sunday June 1, 2008 - 05:27pm (CDT) Remove Comment

Jenny W
Hi Mommy and my sweet sisters. Sorry you got the hairbrush but you did ask for it! Julie honey, if I'm not too old to have my panties taken down then put over Mommy's knee for a good bare bottom spanking, then you aren't either, so take your punishment bravely and thank Mommy for loving us enough to spank us when we get out of line.Love you Mommy, Jenny XXXXXX
Monday June 2, 2008 - 06:43pm (NZST) Remove Comment

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