Monday, June 15, 2009

Had to spank my niece the other night, F/f, rl

She's almost 17, and she and some of her friends had thought it would be a good idea to go off campus for lunch, which they aren't allowed to do, since they are only juniors; only seniors have off campus lunch rights. One of her friends boyfriend is a senior though, and has a car, so off they went.

And got caught. So all the juniors got detention. An hour after school, and a note home to the parents/guardians.

Now now paddling in her school, and I don't think their detention is that horrid, one hour having to copy from a text book.

Of course, just because the school doesn't paddle, doesn't mean I don't.

She had left me a message she was in trouble, and had already done her chores before I got home, and was hard at work on homework.

She still went over my lap for a brush and paddle spanking.

So, at your schools, what do they do for detention? Is it after school?

do they just sit there, or can they do homework, or do they have to do lines or copy?

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