Friday, June 12, 2009

You say you don't like FF, but...

I wrote this a few years ago, for the forums, as I would post various FF stories there, some romantic, some punishment, and after, I would get some comments on the site, but Lots of private messages and emails from women all saying variations of the same thing, I'm straight, I don't like FF, but....

So one day, after a batch of such letters, I wrote this.
You say you don't like FF,but, that you liked the story anyways, and I thank you. But, have you ever really thought about all the different types of relationships that FF covers?

So many, when they see FF and spanking, think of lesbian spanking orgies (which are fun, btw...) but there is so much more to it than just the sex.

And while I write about sex alot in my FF stories, I do as well in my MF stories as well.

But think, if you see something labeled MF, there are so many many types of MF relationships... and so it is with FF.

For you straight girls, believe it or not, there are Plenty of women who would LOVE to paddle your little bottom till it was flaming, and that would be it! No sexual contact or further play. They provide the role of surrogate mother or aunt or big sister or mentoress.

How many times, wouldn't of it been great, to have come home from a long day at work, and have waiting there, a sympathetic feminine ear. Who is willing to listen to you vent without trying to offer male type solutions to your 'problems'. (guys, you are sweet, but quite often, you simply don't get us. Heck, quite often, WE don't get us...) Who has taken care of all those little household chores and tasks that should have been done, but you were putting off. Who has a nice, home cooked meal ready for you.

And, if called for, continues mothering in the more traditional manner as well. With a loving but firm lecture if needed about behaviors that are holding us back, whether at work, or at home. Our procastination. Failure to stand up for ourselves. Becoming Too aggressive, and then carrying that attitude home with us. Failing to take care of our health. We all know our faults. And how many times do our female friends recognize when we are in trouble before we do, let alone before our guys do.

Why then, is it so different to think about the fact that you know, maybe, just maybe, when things are getting out of control, maybe what I need is to bring things back to the time when if I had behaved like I'm behaving today, it would have meant a Quick trip over a womanly lap, my bottom bared, and quick justice meted out, and after the tears, a clean slate, ready to start over.

And speaking for myself, and MANY other women I've talked too who've experienced discipline from both men and women, it's not that one is better than the other, but that it's simply Different.

The fact that it's a woman, not a man, starts everything differently, your reactions are different, all the signals are different, the smells are different, and you know how smell can trigger different responses, especially in women, her voice...

And for those women who are in relationships with guys, but only want the fun spankings from him, wouldn't a woman serve as the perfect substitute, Especially if you are straight, for your needed discipline? After all, no semiflirtatious bratting here. Here, you would be on your best behavior, knowing no little pout, no little girl foot twisting, no big eyes, is going to save your bottom, like it does with him. This is discipline, an earned punishment for an already committed misdeed. Tears will flow, and apologies as well, before its over, and she gives you that kiss on the head and the hugs and the cuddles you need and miss...

For those of you, like I, who grew up in extended loving families, where a spanking could be expected from mom or grandmothers or Aunts, but so could hugs and cookies and kisses, why wouldn't this have a place in your life now? And for those of you girls who never experienced loving but firm guidance growing up, honestly, wouldn't you like to find what you never had? Just a few thoughts.


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