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For Moms with daughters in High School....

Entry for August 29, 2007 For Moms and daughters in High School

Okay,with the upcoming school years, some tips for moms whose girls are just getting into HS.

Among the many traumatic events to look forward to, is getting her ready for the Homecoming dance, the winter formal,and Prom. Yes, seems a long ways away, but homecoming is closer than you think.

So, having gone through this with 6 different girls, besides growing up, here are some tips.

1. NO last minute new hair changes. If she wants to try something new, style, color, whatever, it gets done in advance, a trial run. Also, no do it yourself, or having her friends experiment. Never.

2. When picking out her dress, remember to have her bring heels along.

3. Have her start practicing walking in her heels at least two weeks before the dance. You laugh, but when was the last time you saw her in heels? Does she even own a pair? And, once she figures out which heels she wants, have her break them in.

4. Some dresses need slips. Make sure to get one in advance.

5. Explain to her what a slip is...

and one last bit of advice, my Aunt's advice on birth control...
A long time ago when she overheard my cousins discussing birth control, she went and got an asprin and came back, and said this was her birth control pill. When they gave her 'that' look, she said all they needed to do was to put it between their knees and keep it there...


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