Sunday, June 14, 2009

Called at work, conclusion, M/F domestic, sexual

The hard crying tapered off, as it always has to, even if at the time it seemed it never would.

I was at the soft crying and sniffling stage now, but was still held, or perhaps it would be better to say, still allowed to stay, over my husbands lap. And now that I wasn't being spanked, and that there were no more spankings to come, his lap was an even greater comfort than it had been during the spanking.

So I lay there, exhausted, physically, mentally, emotionaly. And when I had pretty much regained control of my breathing again, he lightly patted my thigh (below the spanked and swollen areas...) and told me gently that it was time for me to get up.

I heard a sniffled out "yes sir" and tried to obey, but my body didn't want to work to well. Swimming while over a lap tires a girl out.

So Jack very gently helped me up, lifting me, stopping when I ooched and owieed to much at a point, or when my breath hissed in... but I was finally standing again, and leaning most heavily on him. This time, my husband didn't have to prompt me, looking up at him with a red face, and teary eyes, I apologized for being so inconsiderated, for not asking for help, for hiding things from him and then I thanked him for caring for me, again.

And I then tried to go up on my tiptoes to kiss him, but found that my bottom really didn't like that. Jack, smart and loving man that he is, saw my upturned face, knew what was going on, and leaned down for me. It was a soft, gentle loving kiss, the expressive kind... and I sighed and leaned against him, reveling and cherishing his hug. He kissed the top of my head, told me he was proud of me, for how well I had done (which caused me to blush, thinking of my bawl baby antics, and the display of all I had that I had put on!), and then he said my punishment was almost over!

I didn't even say anything, in shock, I knew I couldn't take another spanking, and didn't remember doing anything else that should have earned one, but before the tears started coming full force again, he stopped me.

"No baby, no more spanking tonight, not what I meant, sugar. But, you still need to write your punishment essay out. I'll get your laptop, and you can get started; if you don't finish now, you can finish first thing tomorrow. Also, as an added reminder about the truck..."

as if I Needed any reminder other than my bottom right now, or for the near future! But, I elected to hold that thought to myself, for now....

" and the parking tickets, you are grounded from any driving for one week. Either you will ride with someone, or take the bus or walk or bike, got it?"

I gulped, eyes big, and decided this was Not the time to argue. I indeed, 'got it', and told him so, most politely in fact. He gave a self satisfied nod, perhaps more at my ready aquiesance, and spoke again.

"As for the bills that were left undone, tomorrow, you will go through all accounts, update everything, figure out how much extra we had to spend on late fees and disconnect and reconnect fees, and all the extra money, as well as the money I had to pay for Your tickets and for the towing are going to come out of your money this month, young lady."

I blushed, and said another yes sir, and meant it. I knew what he was getting at, too. Since we both worked, we had since we had been married, set up a joint account, where we each deposited the majority of our money, to be used for bills, household stuff, savings etc. But, we each had our own little accounts, that we could use for whatever, without having to worry about what the other thought. My mad money and just because money would easily cover the penalty, but, it was the reminder that would be punishing...and Jack knew me, and knew that it would be.

"Also, Angela Lynn, tomorrow, I want you to come up with a plan that you think will work as to How this will be kept from happening again with the bills. And for the next month, I want to see proof that everything has been paid and mailed out."

Another yes dear. Embarrassing, but, given the circumstances that led us here not unreasonable.

He told me to wait, no rubbing, and was back pretty quickly with my laptop, and I was surprised, not sure what was going on. I had assumed, and had been dreading, that I was going to be sat back in the corner on 'my' stool again to do my 'homework'. Apparently not.

He put it on the table,and told me that how I did it was up to me, to call him if I finished so he could check, and to get busy, and Not to rub. I cautiously asked if I could stand, and he told me that was up to me, stand, lay down, sit, and he smiled at my horrified look, as long as I got to work, he didn't care.

It says a lot about how I am that I was more grateful for the reprieve from both corner time, and having to sit to do the essay, than I was upset by having to do another one. I tried standing and bending over the table, but that didn't last long, even with bent knees, way to much stretching of parts that were sore, swollen, and didn't want to be stretched if they didn't have to.

Sooo, calling out to him that I was only changing position, not stalling, I dragged a chair over (I found out with a sore swollen rump you need way to many fanny muscles to do something even as simple as lift a chair up and move it...) got a pillow from the couch, and knelt on it, with my tummy on the table, and got to work. I squirmed a bit, and found as best of a position as I could, blushing when I thought of the position that I was in, so of Course that was when I heard that dam-, er, darn click behind my behind again! There I was, red, strapped bottom up in the air as I knelt on the chair, legs spread for balance, not quite a full Rue position, but close!

"Honeyyyyyy!" was my indignant and embarrassed squealed response, and his was "Honey, I told you what I was going to do when you get spanked for real."

I sighed.

I gasped when he added, "and besides, sugar, you look Really good like that!"

Blushing at both ends now, I got back to work. A few minutes later,he was by my side, I hadn't gotten much done yet, and was preparing to tell him that I was trying, but was stopped before I started, as he set down the glass of white zifandel beside me, along with three aspirin. Telling me most gently to take them and to drink up. And I did.

I worked maybe 10 more minutes, not finished yet, when he told me to save and close, and then he helped me up, which was good, cause nothing wanted to move like it should, and then he carried me up the stairs, arm carefully below spanked thigh, when he saw me wince and hesitate at the first couple of steps.

He carried me all the way into the bathroom, and then I began thinking when he said it was time to clean up for the party, and he undressed what little I had on, taking my perspiration soaked blouse off, and then my bra, and I actually felt less punished fully undressed than partially undressed, but I bit my lip at the thought of having to sit in a bath, or take a shower.

Because I knew that anything other than cold on my bottom was going to rekindle all the flames again, and I have always hated cold water, when bathing or showering, it just tightens me up. I started to say something, and Jack, said it would be okay, to trust him some more. So, meekly, I said yes dear, and I did trust him, and found myself loving him more each second. He got the shower running, stripped down himself, and I bit my lip as I looked at him now, and saw that he was mostly hard.... but he wasn't taking advantage of me, or touching me in naughty ways, as he would have if we had been playing.

He checked the water, , said something to himself, and then got a large wascloth, and ran the cold water in the sink, soaking the heavy cotton through. wringing it out, soaking it again. Telling me to turn, and bend slightly. And I gave a combination gasp/squeal when he placed it on my fanny, it was good and helpful and it hurt awfully all at once, then quickly turned into comfort, and he gently, but embarrassingly, slightly parted my chubby cheeks, and tucked the cloth between as well, ignoring my indignant squeals and squeaks, and giving a very masculine chuckle.

He helped me into the shower, with me at the back, and he was close to the shower head, which he removed, set on gentle spray, and ran over me. Then he soaped me almost all over, and as gently, rinsed me off. He got me out, and dried me the same way, all except my bottom which he left damp to cool in the breeze.... And all of this had been done most lovingly, most tenderly, and relatively non lustily. Oh, there was a bit of lingering on my breasts, and down below, but not very much, and not very insistent.

And it wasn't that he didn't want me, I knew that he did, he just wasn't going to press. So of course, I wanted him even more. Next problem was getting dressed. I asked if there was anything special he wanted me to wear, partly dreading that he would be like some of the men who wrote about how they would make her wear something tight and uncomfortable after a spanking as an added part of the punishment, but he said no, wear what was comfortable, and appropriate for the party.

I picked a loose waisted, loose skirted dress, not quite a sundress, because I needed to wear a slip under whatever I was wearing, as I had decided that panties were out of the question! He watched me get dressed, noticed my ommited undies, and laughed. I giggled too, when he laughed. Amazing how (well, other than finishing my essay, and the 'allowance' and grounding part of my punishments, yet) now that it was all done, and even though my bottom was indescribably sore, how good I felt, about, well, everything. Something I hadn't expected.

We took my car to the party, he drove, so I wouldn't have to stretch to get up into his truck. And my sweet husband sat my temperpedic travel pillow, the one that comforms to you, on my seat for me! It helped, not nearly enough, but all I had to do was think what sitting would be like without it, that I didn't fuss, well, that much. He seemed to think it was cute, so I must not have been that bad.

I survived the party, that's a long boring story I won't get into. The party went well though, and I liked the new girlfriend. And then home it was.

I asked Jack to help me undress, and I reached up, stood on tiptoes this time despite my protesting rump, and kissed him on the lips, soft at first, then harder, more insistent, and I kept kissing as he peeled my dress and then my slip off. He was kissing my face, throat, ears and neck, and I was melting, and he was holding himself back, as normally he loves to squeeze and grab my fanny, but he wasn't , stopping at my waist, or running fingers between my legs, till I couldn't stand any more on my own.

And until I couldn't take any more, period.

"Jack, I want you to make love to me, Husband dearest..." I whispered now suddenly shy, into his ear as I nibbled..."but I don't know how I can do it...."

And he lay down on the bed first, smiling, and moved over, taking my hand, and drawing down, then taking me, and pulling me to him, side by side at first,with me slightly leaning on him, and he was kissing and touching and teasing in all the right places.... till I was most ready and willing.

And then he urged me onto him, as he lay on his back, and his hands were either above my waist, or on my wet little pussy and happy little clit, but he was avoiding my bottom... until I said that it was okay if he touched it.

And he did, softly, gently, lovingly, possesively, protectively, while I gasped and squeaked and gasped some more, clamping down So very hard when he found an especially sore spot,and there was Lots of clamping down... We fell asleep like that, me in his arms, on top of him. And life was good. No,life was perfect.

Morning wasn't quite as pleasant. I rolled off without thinking, still in that semidream state when the alarm went off. Normally I'm a slow riser. I was Instantly awake when my fanny hit the sheets! And as quickly off the bed, on my feet, dancing and holding my butt, hissing out my distress....

And unlike the spanking stories, I didn't have a convienent weekend to recover, I had work to go to. And something indelicate that is seldom if ever mentioned in those spanking stories, is that after a thorough bottom warming, having to sit on the toliet is a punishment in and of itself.

Because the other thing that these spanking stories neglect is how after a hard paddling or strapping, how tight and swollen your bottom and thighs are, and how squatting or bending or stairs is way uncomfortable.

But I managed, and got ready, dressed, had breakfast, got felt up and kissed by my husband, who then made me bend over so he could get a better look, and the look I got when I did my "Jackkkk" made me turn and pull up my dress and slip right away, so he could see. And then I squeaked, and cooed, when he lightly kissed and licked and then blew on the crowns of each swollen cheek.

He drove me to work, pillow on my truck seat, and I thought of excuses to use as to why I wasn't driving this week. Made it to my office, with the bag I had brought, shut the door, and went to my chair, and placed the large, (as in big enough to cover most of your upper back, big) soft, gel,coldpack on my chair, put a light thin cloth over it, raised my skirt and slip, no need to slip panties down as I was pantiless again today, and eased my way down, hissing and ooching as quietly as I could, then sighing when the cool started to seep through.

Lets just say that it wasn't my most productive day at work ever. But I did finish my essay at work, and thought about a lot of things. Jack had told me that morning that it was still up to me, NOW that the punishment was over, whether I wanted to continue with domestic discipline in this form, with spanking as the main punishment. But he said he was going to make me wait for at least 48 hours before answering.

And I thought of how I had behaved, and what had happened. How it all felt, well, right.

Justified, deserved. How Jack hadn't had any lingering resentment over what I had done, now that the punishment was over. How emotionaly cleansed I felt. How much I Dreaded the thought of another punishment spanking, and how I was already thinking of things I needed to change to make in other behaviors and how sincere I was in wanting those changes made, in order to avoid more bottom lessons. and yet I knew that my love of non punishment spankings wasn't lessened, just didn't want the discipline spankings.

Needed them, I realized, but didn't want them...

And, I thought about all the little rituals he had used, thought about how he hadn't went soft and patty cake on me, so I Knew what to expect, if I continued this... And I knew, even though I couldn't tell him for 40 some more hours, what my answer was going to be.

And I met him at the door that night, bare bottom on display, and rocked his world over and over and over....

And when it was time that I was able to tell him what I wanted to do, concerning this lifestyle of domestic discipline, and real punishment and real spankings if needed, all I told him was that I wanted him to still be in charge, and to still handle things as he thought they needed to be handled, and we would check again in a year......

ps- the comment in the story, about the Rue position, was a teasing tribute to one of my all time fave MF dd spanking authors, when I first posted this back at . If you go there and look around in their archives, you can find her stuff, she has some Great series out there. Naughty thing that she is.

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