Friday, June 12, 2009

It's worse when...thoughts that go through my mind

The following viewpoints are from the same woman, but following separate discipline spankings....It's worse, when...
************************************************************************************...I I get it right away! I mean, no waiting, no time to prepare, just taken by the hand, put over his lap,while I'm still trying to get used to the fact that I'm getting spanked again, still trying to think of what to say to get out of it, and my bottom is Already being bared!!...

I have to wait! Waiting sucks! I can make myself a nervous wreck, sometimes crying before it even starts. Nothing to do but stay there, and think and worry........

when I have to wait, and I'm told how long it's going to be before it's 'time'! Like, how am I expected to function or do anything else the rest of the day! And I get so nervous, so worried, I tend to make More mistakes and get into more trouble!

...when I have to wait, but all that is said is that we will deal with this later, young lady! How much later!? A few minutes, an hour, days? Knowing is so much better...


when they use their hand for discipline spankings. They hurt almost as much as something else, but their hand is so personal, it's so much more emotional. And, since they think it's 'just' a hand spanking, they think they have to spank harder and longer!

...when they use an implement, like a brush or strap, it's so painful, and their isn't any person to person connection there.

when I have my pants and panties or skirt taken down or lifted up, like, I'm some girl who is about to get punished! I'm an adult, I can do it myself!

...when I Have to take down my own pants, or lift my own skirt, and take down my panties! It's So humiliating, to have to Help out with my own punishment, it isn't fair!**********************************************************************************... when I know how 'many' I'm going to be getting ahead of time, knowing how ticked off they are, and then, when it's still early on in my spanking, and I'm already bawling, KNOWING that way more is still to come, and will.....

not knowing how many are coming, not being able to prepare, not being able to count it down till its all over.

...when I have to count, making me stay focused on what is going on, making me participate in my lesson, not letting me wander away mentally.

... when I'm not made to count, as being 'made' to focuses me on what is going on, not letting my imagination get carried away toomuch, keeps me there, and lets me know how close the end is... not knowing how many or not counting, makes it seem like it is going to go on forever!***********************************************************************************... when I'm told what my punishment is going to be, like I'm a kid, no say in what happens. I mean,I Know what I did was wrong, I should have a say!

...when I have to 'pick' or 'choose' my punishment, whether it's to select how many, how long, with what, groundings, etc! It's cruel and unsual to make me have to help!**********************************************************************************... when I get into trouble when I'm wearing a dress, skirt, or nighty. All they have to do is turn me over, and flip it up, and there I am in all my glory, ready to be spanked. I think it makes spanking too handy an option when they are irritated!

...when I have pants, or shorts or jammies on. Especially if they are snug or tight over my ass. Have to wriggle to get them down, your panties come down partway too, they ride around your ankles or knees, so you can't kick as much, and after, when you have to pull them back up, it Really hurts! With a skirt, it can just fall back down.


...when I have on more 'comfortable' undies that day. Basic nylon or cotton panties, a nice pretty pink, or soft white cotton with pretty trim, feel so girlish, as if the darn spanking wasn't bad enough without feeling like a kid!

...when I have on something fancier sheer lace, or silks or satins, velvets or low cuts or thongs....I'm dressed for loving, and I'm getting my bottom spanked like a girl!***********************************************************************************... when I'm in the corner, and I can see/hear the clock, knowing how much longer I have to stay there, and time seems to slow down.

...when I'm in the corner, and I can't see the clock, or even hear it, not knowing how long it has been or how long I have left. Time sees to slow down.
***********************************************************************************After debating with myself over these, and other areas I've decided I'm perhaps conflicted on the whole issue....


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