Saturday, June 13, 2009

some of our implements....

Hey, a simple post, to help get over writers block.

Some pics of various toys that we have, in no particular order except what I found first.
Okay... on this page, have the Lochgelly two tail tawse and yes, it Does have more bite!
The Convent strap, because of my Irish heritage
Boudoir (noun): A woman's bedroom or private sitting room from the late 18th century. From French, literally "a place to sulk in, from "bouder " to pout or sulk.
Isn't that too cool?!
Anyways, here, on this page, the Boudoir oval paddle, Very very nice for good girl spankings, not so great for those 'other' talks.
The DD punishment strap. Ouch! In a lot of ways, close to what I grew up with, when I write about the family strap, except ours had a wood handle...A must have for every home. Perfect for when your naughty one is bent over, bare bottom high.
The reformatory paddle. Double ouch!
The Junior spanking paddle (known in our house as the 'little miss' paddle, blush.
The Aunties strap, stings more than you think it might!
The spanking strop. He likes this because it's easy to control. We have the 17 x 2 inch. Shorter, for otk and still long enough for when I'm bent over, and the wider doesn't give as wicked as welts, thank goodness!
And one I just detest, the cp ruler strap with holes! Ouch and Oh Honeyyyy, Please?! dont' even begin to cover this! Especially wicked for those long sessions visiting the thigh bottom crease, or getting thos oh so tender inner cheeks.
I can't find a good pic of our Cracker Barrell resturant (CB) paddle, but this is pretty close to the size. Our CB paddle is made out of plywood, sold at the CB stores as a paddle ball game, but from talks at many boards and groups, seems to be mostly used for paddling erring wives and daughters! It's chatroom nickname of Wooden Fire is Richly deserved! Perfect for those Long spanking talks.
Have this set, well, different design, but! Perfect for those who want to be able to leave their naughty toys out, with the vanillas none the wiser. And you can giggle when they compliment you on your cute litte set...oh, and very effective too!
THE original Loopy Johnny! Ow ow ow ow ow!!!!!!! Way to flexible, TOTALLY silent, so perfect when punishment Needs to be done and the house isn't empty (just make sure she has a pillow to bawl into!!!!) Way more ouch then you would think. Perfect for Long spankings, and the flex lets it wrap between the cheeks if so desired! (and he seems to desire that quite often!)
My brush, in Koa, had for Many years now, heavy, very effective, and I've been on both sides of it...
Can't find a pic of course, but the Rubbermaid paintstirrer, Very ouchy, and with holes.
This looks very close to the rubber strap he picked up so long ago, Very ouch! Only used for punishment, and I bawl when it comes out.
This is similar to my sorority paddle...
He also recently ordered the lexan pocket paddle, and 14 inch (with holes! gosh!).
About it for now,


  1. When I look at that loopy I thank goodness I am allergic to rubber!

  2. Nikki...Silly girl...They don't have to all be made of rubber...