Saturday, June 13, 2009

But Honeeeyyyyy! F/F domestic

"But honeeeyyyyyyyy....."

And that was all the farther I got, before she answered, without even bothering to look up from the computer where she was working.

"Nose. Corner. Now."

I pouted, sniffled,but did it.

"And, young lady, that's extras, for taking it out in the first place."

I gasped!

"But Daddieeeee!" And okay, so maybe it came out a bit whiny.

And, the term 'Daddie' in this case, was something particular to lesbian, well, some lesbian relationships. It indicated that she was the Head of House (HOH), and that I was her little wife. That she was in the traditional head of the family role. And okay, so maybe I hadn't 'quite' finished all my chores, and maybe I had been procastinating a bit about a couple of things, and maybe I had gotten a bit sassy with her and backtalked a bit.

But still, I mean, she had already spanked me! Taken me by the ear, led me to tall stool, flipped me over her lap,pulled my dress up, ignored my wrigglings as she undid the tabs on my lacy open bottomed girdle,and rolled it up off my fanny, then yanked my sheer black nylon panties to my knees.

I thought it was mean to start right off with the brush, not even a hand warm up. sulk.
Not that that was how I put it to her, at the time.

Then it was "Ohhh! Oh! Ow! Oh please, Not the brush not the brush! Your hand hurts bad enough! Pleaseee Daddie, I'll be good!"

However, she ignored my pleas, and tanned my bottom but good. And then it was to the corner near her computer, as I cried, not that she apparently cared, nose jammed in the corner, and that wasn't just a saying, but no, I was facing the corner, not the wall, and my nose was right in the corner, my hands behind my back, holding up my dress over my red, throbbing bottom, Still bare, my girdle which I had put on for her, still up and over it, my panties, which I had put on for her, still down, in a messy, now stretched out rope (okay, so I kicked more than a bit when she tore my bottom up with the brush!) around my ankles. All in all, not a sexy posed picture, just one of old fashioned domestic discipline, administered to an errant bride.

And I was there for what seemed like forever, not being able to move, or to see a clock, or hear the radio or anything,no way to keep track of time, I hated it and my bottom throbbed and burned.

So, I mean, all I did was try to get her a attention a bit, a slight turning towards her so she could see my teary eyes and how sincere I was, but all she did was tell me to get back into it, and tell me I was getting extras! That was so unfair! I decided it was prudent not to stamp my foot though.

"And, Angela Lynn, I thought I told you to be quiet, so you get extras for not listening again. For a certain young lady ..." , (I Hate it when she calls me young lady when I'm really in trouble...) "who just a bit ago, was over my lap, bawling, promising to behave herself, to do what I told her, that you seem to have quite a bit of trouble following instructions, don't you?!"

shoot. She was right, I had promised to behave. And hadn't. But, now she had asked me a question, it wasn't rhetorical, either, they never were when I was in trouble and she was scolding me, but I couldn't talk, either. So, I franticaly nodded yes, while still trying to keep my nose against the wall as much as possible.

It apparently satisfied her. I felt my bottom clench though, at her next words.

"But since you couldn't listen and stay quiet before, well, that is going to be some extras as well. What, nothing to say, missy?"

A frantic head shake no.

"Good. Keep that nose in your corner...." ( I Hate it when she calls it my corner when I'm being punished!) "and your little fanny on display. I'll be done in a while."

I sniffled, but didn't say anything.

I'm not sure how much longer I was there, as she worked, but it was a while, I was stiff, my bottom Still throbbed and burned, sitting wasn't going to be fun for a couple of days, and my legs were starting to ache as well.

I knew my time was up, when I heard her get up, come over to me, and pull me by the ear out of my corner.

"Okay, time for you to think about doing what I tell you to, When I tell you to, got it?"

I squealed out a yes Ma'am! as she drug me into the living room, and I stumbled slightly behind her, legs hobbled by my panties.

Once at the ottoman, she stopped, knelt down, and had me put my hands on her shoulders as she took my panties all the way off. So embarrassing to be undressed like a little girl.

"Over you go, young lady, you know how I want you, you've had to assume this position often enough."

Which while true, still wasn't nice to say...

So, sniffling, I bent over the ottoman, fanny high, legs spread wide , all the way to either side of the ottoman, just like in a drawing she liked, my bottom open, relaxed, everything exposed.

My pitifull look over my shoulder didn't win her over either. Because she just took her belt off, and I whimpered.

"Do you know why you are getting this strapping, Angela?"

"B-because I took my nose out of the corner, Ma'am."

I could feel my fanny contract, and relax, as if it had a mind of it's own.

"Very good. I hope this helps you remember in the future."

And with that, my strapping started. I squealed,cried, blubbered, right from the start. On my already brush spanked fanny, I could feel the belt welts raise up. Those that haven't been spanked, or haven't been spanked more than one way, don't realize that each implement holds it's own special type of hurt. The strap now, would leave wicked welts, flexible enough to wrap along my plump curvy bottom, or,when she chose, the tip would lick in between my parted cheeks, biting hard at tender normally sheltered inner cheek.

I was sobbing hard by the time she finished, and my crying calmed as I was put in the bare corner that she also kept in the living room. In fact, there was a corner ready for me in every room in the house.

"Alright, missy, upstairs, to the bedroom, and wait for me, and, keep that dress of your fanny when you do."I yes Ma'amed her and scooted upstairs, feeling foolish, with my stockings untabbed, my dress held high, but I hushed like she wanted me to, no backtalking now.

And she followed me,so she had a very good look as I went up the stairs.

"On the bed, little girl ..." (So embarrassing, when she calls me little girl when I'm being punished!), at the end of the bed, head and shoulders down, All the way flat on the bed, feet off the end of the bed, that plump little rump nice and high. "

I did as she told me, softly crying...

And heard her get something from the drawer.

"Know why you are getting these?"

I nodded, then squealed Loudly as she whipped the dreaded Loopy Johnny down Hard over my fanny! The innocent looking rubber loops feeling like they were cutting into my swollen bottom!

"Yes Ma'am, yes Ma'am! Cause I didn't keep my mouth shut, Ma'am!"

"I could feel her nodding, and then I paid for not doing as I was told...


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Ray C
Offline IM
just awesome hon . what a nice job you did , but then again you always do ............tons of hugs hon i enjoyed this very much
Wednesday May 7, 2008 - 07:26pm (CDT) Remove Comment
Wonderfull ! your're great !
Wednesday May 7, 2008 - 07:38pm (PDT) Remove Comment

Jenny W
Oh Mommie...won't you ever learn to behave?? Your poor bottom really got it this time just like you've done to my bottom when I've deserved it for backtalk and disobedience. Now you know how I feel when you are blistering my bare botom and exposing all my sensitive parts and you also know how much it hurts when the strap catches you between the cheeks and stings your bottomhole...YOWEEEEE!!!!But I still love you and accept your absolute right to spank me when I'm naughty.Hugs and kisses, your little girl Jenny.XXXXXXXXXXXX
Thursday May 8, 2008 - 08:01pm (NZST) Remove Comment
Oucheeeeeee! And you expect the three of us to behave whilst you are being mouthy? We learned from the best Mom, Like Momma like daughters!{{{Hugs}}}Julie (taking a short study break).
Thursday May 8, 2008 - 03:19pm (BST) Remove Comment

Thanks Angie,That take charge feeling even gives me butterflies along with a comforting feeling.
Thursday May 8, 2008 - 04:55pm (CDT) Remove Comment

Redd B
Such vivid imagery. But it does seem like she knows how to hit all your buttons, little girl.
Thursday May 8, 2008 - 09:48pm (PDT) Remove Comment

Susan M
yummy story
Friday May 16, 2008 - 01:27pm

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