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Because (adult) sly asked about enemas....

Hey all,
sly was talking to me a while back (and we are talking grownup sly, well, adult, not sure how grownup she is...) and she had some questions about enemas, such as, what made a punishment enema a punishment.

So, I told the brat I would think about it, and let her know my thoughts on the matter, and post it here.

Now, the following isn't meant as medical advice, enemas are a form of anal play (duh), so the usual precautions apply. If you don't know what they are, you should be able to easily find some rules online.

Also, this isn't going to be graphic, so no worry that way, okay, I'm only going to talk about how to give, and not what happens in the bathroom.

Instead, this is just how I group them, and the little variations.

So, types of enemas. Basicaly, there are four types: medical, erotic/pleasure, discipline, and punishment. Now, there are countless variations within those.

Medical is pretty much what it sounds like, someone, say her name is sly, hasn't been eating properly, and now is a bit constipated. A nice old fashioned enema does wonders for solving that little problem, nice and quick, without some of the other problems that laxatives give.

And how to for one of those is pretty simple. Most medical texts recommend having her lay on her side, usually the left, right leg slightly bent. Lube up the anus, lube up the enema nozzle, insert, let the solution in, wait for the begging and big eyes, all done.

The problem comes in determing what makes the other three types, what they are.

When I thought about it, it's a lot like spanking, really. In that what an erotic/pleasure/sexual spanking is for one person, may not be the same for someone else; one may like a patty cake spanking, while another may like her fun a bit stricter....

So, what makes an enema fun, or discipline, or punishment, isn't so much What you do, as it is Why you do it.

The same basics can be used for any of them, that is up to the people playing (one thing an enema is good for is long distance play, whether phone or cyber, many bottoms feel that they are more punished giving themselves an enema rather then self spanking....).

So, what are some of the things that can go into the enema experience?

Well, first, there is often a bit of embarrassment/shame/humiliation attached to it. Like with a spanking. Especially for punishment! Like with a spanking, it doesn't matter how many times your partner has seen your bare fanny and privates, you have now given up control, everything is different. Same with an enema. Your bottom is being attended to,and, you also have the fear of not being able to hold it. Like a spanking, these feelings for some, can be used very well in an erotic spanking, but can be devasting in a punishment or discipline session.

One of the things that you need to think of, is what type of enema are you going to use? A conventional bag enema, or a bulb/syringe type. The bag can look intimidating, while the use of the girlish bulb type, allows for many more 'needed' reinsertions...

What size/type of nozzle are you going to use.

Most store bought ones have rather small nozzles, which even those not used to anal play shouldn't have any trouble taking. There are also Tons of nozzle variations out there for sale, you just need to go online and check. For some the nozzle adds a lot to the experience, say for a fun one, a nice sized nozzle, well lubed, and slid most of the way out, then back in, over and over, as she takes her enema, is very nice indeed. For punishment/discipline, a size that she isn't used to can make Quite the impression (listening sly?).

Not all nozzles are made of plastic, some are pyrex, a good choice, easy to sterilize, as is metal. One that is pretty popular out there is called the 'silver bullet', a large nozzle, bratworst sized,say, made of aluminum.

You can also buy nozzles that have 'balloons' attached, which can be inflated with a bulb, to hold the nozzle in place, so it can be expelled by the naughty one (like sly), and some have two balloons,one for each side of the anus.

While some like the thought of her knowing she is 'trapped' (think enema version of the bondage mentality), others like using the simple small narrow nozzle, as it is Much harder for her to hold in place. And, some women like the balloon versions because they don't have to worry about leaking or accidents. So again, one size doesn't fit all. Well, I guess you could make it fit if you want to, wink...

Next, solution. Solution can be anything from simple plain water, to Very complex ipes. have some type of irritant, just what it means, to irritate/heat up the anus/rectal area. Many recipes also have something to encourage, often quite strongly, the need to go Right now! And, others are made to create extra gas inside, so as to promote bloating and strong cramping.

One of the more common recipes, per se, is the traditional soapy enema. Made with water and some type of soap, it is sudsy, will irritate the anus and bowels, and the naughty one (like sly, say), will be Very desperate to get rid of it. Its often a very good idea when using a soap enema, to give one or more clear water ones after the first, so as to clean all the suds out. Simply knowing that you are going to get several enemas in a row, adds a lot to the mental aspect.

About the only big caution I'll make is about alcohol enemas, using drinking booze. Because of the rapid absorption, it gives a quick buzz, but can be Very dangerous!

The net provides Lots of info on different enema solution recipes.

Next factor, retention time. Often a big factor in punishment and discipline enemas, making the naughty one hold it for what seems to be an incredibly long period of time. Count on the recipient (like sly), to be Very vocal and offer to be on the best behavior if you only let them go early.

Something interesting to do, time wise, is to offer to let them bargain their way out. Many a girl will because of immediate distress, find that after her first one is done, that she bargained her way into additional enemas, with even longer retention times!

Having to stand in the corner, or do chores, or whatever, lends a new dimension to corner time. Not only do you have to go, but, you have the worry that you Can't do it....

Hmmm, what else. Oh, temp. Warm to very warm water is the easiest to take. Be CAREFULL not to make it too hot! TEST the temp first, like you would a babybottle, you don't want to scald anything down there!

Colder/cooler water will normally cause more cramping.

So, thats the mechanics, lets give some examples of how it can be put together.

Lets say my naughty girlfriend sly, has actually been a pretty good girl. So, for a treat, I'm going to give her a nice sexy enema...

Bare her bottom, and let her pick how she wants to be, either on her side, or fanny up, and head down. Towels laid down on the bed under her. Path to the potty already cleared out for a quick run.

I take some nice KY warming gel, lube up her fanny, take a nice hotdog sized nozzle, and tease her backdoor with it, till she starts winking at me; of course, since this is for her pleasure, I'll be playing with that wet little pussy as well...

And then I'll slide that nozzle in... Fuck her little bottom with it, nice and slow to start...playing with her pussy too...then I'll click the valve open, and let the water come in, the speed up to me. Though I'll listen to her gasps and coos, to decide when I slow the flow, or speed it up...and, since she is such a good girl, well, I'll just take her with the strap on as well, playing with her clit as well, as I let the water flow. Many women find that the warm flowing water up their fanny as they have their pussies attended to, makes for Quite the orgasm.

Be prepared though, to get out of her way after she comes, as post orgasm, ability to retain is a LOT harder.

But lets say sly is her normal self, and I give her a discipline enema, just to remind her who is in charge.

I think for lube now, we'll use some vicks. Nothing to horrid, but will get her attention. And instead of a nice clear water one, we'll go with soap this time, nice and sudsy, providing it's own little anal burn, as well as providing a bit more urgency to the whole matter. Since it's discipline, she needs to learn to do as she is told. So, we'll use the small nozzle, and I'll tell her that she has to hold it in place, Without her hands, and that everytime she asks me to put it farther back in, will mean more spanks later...

And, I'll let the water flow a bit faster,not slow it down quite as quickly when she whines and protests...Also, since this is discipline, a bit more volume (something I forgot to mention earlier) will be a bit more, say a good two quarts. And I will tell sly she Will take the full bag, before I let her up.

Once everything is going in, now is a perfect time to add a spanking to this...makes for such a wonderful experience later, when sly has to perch on the potty.

After her little bottom has drank down the whole bad, corner time for my naughty girl, and the least amount of time she can expect to be there is five minutes. If she doesn't think she can hold it, she can always ask, or beg, for help, say, a nice anal plug...but will then get extra spanks and will have to hold it even longer to pay for the favor, so a tough choice she will have to make...

And oh yes, a spanking hurts Way worse when your tummy is full with an enema.

Then when I say it's time, I let sly run, or, I may make her slowly walk, this is discipline, after all, to her potty...and if the first was soapy, well, she can count on at Least two more bags to empty after this...coming out of the potty, knowing that she has to repeat all this, will often bring on crying.

For punishment, not really a lot different than discipline, in my opinion, it's Why it's being given.

Punishment is done because sly did something wrong, and now she has a punishment coming. The guilt changes things. Also, punishments are usually stricter, so perhaps a bit more shame involved, as much as I can manage. The spanking will be harder, longer, probably before it starts, as well as during. Perhaps a more uncomfortable position to take it in, like over the lap, which puts way more pressure on her tummy. And maybe for a session or so, we'll use the bulb as sly is over my lap, with a Large bowl of soapy water hand, needing countless reinsertions up that tender little bottom...and then a nice, long corner time.

Well, hope that helps, any questions, please ask.

Oh My Goodness! Oh My Gawd! BLUSHES...BLUSHES...and BLUSHES some more...OMG!Oh...OH!Umm...My Gawd. I'm Speachless...and Red! That was a Very thorough account. You've answered most of my questions...Once I've "come down," I may have some more...Gosh! GOSH!Thank you, Mommy.Kiss!Love,~Sly
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Jenny W
OMG indeed Mommy and Sly...your description of the sexy enema and how you would "fuck her little bottom with it' got me very flustered and my bottomhole is tingling as if it was about to get fucked too..pity it isn't..what I wouldn't give to have you bend me over and take me hard up my bottom with your strapon...after you've attended to Sly's cute little bottomhole first of course..yummy you want to come into the bathroom for a minute...I need help with something...naughty giggle!Love you both, Jenny XXXXXX
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Oh Yeah, NOW Jen comes out of hiding! Figures!love,~Sly
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♠ace …
Very informative. Thanks for shedding some light on this subject. Hearing about the specific things involved in giving an enema is interesting and greatly appreciated.
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