Saturday, June 13, 2009

Computers in the future, machine/F

A repost of an old story of mine.

In the not so distant future, only 15 years or so, technology has changed drasticaly, impacting on many different areas of peoples lives. And none more so than the computer. The basics had started with the gamers, of course, feedback gloves and controls, to give one the idea that they were actually in the game, fighting, driving, whatever.

But from there, the gloves had progressed to full body suits, which, while they worked, (and were rapidly found to have uses Other than gaming!) were bulky, confining, and expensive. And while the suits were coming down in size, and price, a new revolution took over, making them as obsolete as a CD to an 8 track tape. Sensory chairs.

You simply sat, or melted into them, they conformed to your body, and voila! Whatever you were watching onscreen, your body was there, the sights, the smells, the sensations, it all felt as if it were real.

And so on this morning, hundreds of thousands of women across the world were in for a surprise.

Housewives kissed husbands and girlfriends goodbye for the day, and working women made their way to the office. And all sat down, at some point in their morning to log onto the world net. And then the fun began.

As it had for decades now, spam still existed. And despite decades of warnings, people still opened it. And today was no different.

The message that showed up on the women's holoscreens was almost the same: The persons name, followed by Joke of the day! Click now to get it!

And while many millions deleted it, hundreds of thousands more, accepted it.

And found themselves in what appeared to be a Very masculine study(except those who had girlfriends,they were in a feminine study...) and they were apparently studying the floor most attently, while a Very male voice (or, for those with girlfriends, a Very irate woman ) was scolding them for their recent 'naughty' behavior.

And somehow, each woman's scolding was a bit different, with her detailed 'crime's all being real offenses she had commited! And Then, those hundreds of thousands of women, at home, and at work, found themselves seeming to be turned tummy down across a firm lap, and skirts and dresses, nightgowns and sleepshirts were lifted well up onto their backs, and pants and shorts and jammies were pulled down to their ankles, and all had (except those without....) panties pulled down to their knees.

And then a Hard hand started coming down, over and over and over, and no matter What they did, they Couldn't get away, they Couldn't reach their hands back to protect their poor sore bottoms, they couldn't stop the program or shut off the computer...all they could do was lie there, and take their spankings, their very hard spankings, on their very bare bottoms.

Some small, some full and ripe, but all very red,and very sore.

Oh, and they found they could still cry, and wail and promise and plead, all while their spanker scolded and continued to spank, but NOW switched over to a paddle!

Now the wailing was Very heartfelt, as the paddles ignited Searing fire down there, provoking thoughts of never sitting again, and in offices, coworkers were poking their heads around the corner to see what all the fuss was about...

And then they were on their feet, still bare bottomed, still sobbing, while the spanker, whose face remained hidden yet, finished the scolding.

And then the scene faded, and the holoscreen came back, with a little message : We hope you enjoyed todays joke. If you want, feel free to pass it on to your friends...

And hundreds of thousands of women clicked the send button....

I always have loved machine spankings, and so hard to find, I had to start writing them myself....

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