Saturday, June 13, 2009

Actors and Actresses

you want to say, "Oh, I've been a Bad girl!"

Been a while since I've done one of these, of course, please feel free to contribute, but This post is only for -

1. CURRENT actors and actresses in tv or movies, not past faves, no matter how great they are.
2. SPANKERS only, for this blog, we'll do spankee's later, promise.

So, what started all this off, was seeing an ad for the upcoming moving, Australia (where the beer is cold and the sheep are worried...although that might be a working title, I'm not sure) and lo and behold, Hugh Jackman! Yum! All nice and traditional masculine, and seems to have a sense of humor, without being a smartass.
Next up, the ever delicious Jason Statham. Same as above. A guy you could feel safe with, right before he flipped you over his lap, and pulled your panties down and fixed it so you couldn't sit for a while.
Daniel Craig. Haven't seen the new Bond movie,will wait for it to come out on dvd I think, but he has another movie coming out soon. But goodness, is he ever ripped and love the non metrosexual look.
Jet Li. Size isn't everything. He's intense, and has a sense of humor, and a gymast/martial artists body. Sigh.
Angelina Jolie. Really, do I need to say anything else?
Jeffrey Donovan. A name more might not be as familiar with, but the star of the Excellent series, Burn Notice, and can't Wait till it comes back. Also currently starring with Ms. Angelina in the movie, Changeling.
Leonardo DiCaprio. My, didn't He grow up nice. Broods well, haven't seen Body of Lies yes, but liked him in Blood Diamonds.
Mark Wahlberg. Who'd have ever thought he was going to be so good?
Ed Harris, loved him in The Rock, and many other things, and can't wait to see him Appaloosa, along with another manly man,
Viggo Mortenson. Boy, talk about a guy not getting his dues! Besides a great job in the Lord of the Ring trilogy, amazing and overlooked performances in A History of Violence, and Eastern Promises. Shiver, one of those scary dangerous good guys.
Collin Farrell. Love that accent.
Matt Damon. Hey, he had the Bourne movie out this year, good enough for this, and is ever cute or what?
Donald Sutherland. My, doesn't he dress up well yet?
Dennis Quaid.
Ron Perlman. Currently Great in the series, Sons of Anarchy.
ooo! and from that show, Katy Sagal, always had a crush on her.
Brendan Fraser.
Michelle Yeoh, probably known to most as either one of the Bond girls, or as the lead actress in Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon.
Gina Gershon, Sigh! And, this is legit! Not just here because of her Should have been but was robbed Academy Award winning performance in Bound, she was in Beer for my Horses, this year, so there!
Nicolas Cage.
Raymond Cruz. Detective Sanchez, on The Closer. And if they killed him off, I'm going to be So pissed!
Keifer Sutherland.
David Boreanz. Currently playing Agent Booth on the offbeat Bones, was also Angel, in Buffy, and, duh, Angel.
Rob Estes. I first saw him and went Oh! back in the 80s when he was on Silk Stalkings, and he has been around a lot since.
Marc Harmon. Sigh.
Damien Lewis, from the show, Life. Also on that show, Donald Logue and Sarah Shahi.
Chris Noth
Christopher Meloni
J.K. Simmons, Chief Pope, on The Closer, love that voice.
Jon Tenney, Fritz, on The Closer. And When is he going to paddle some sense into Brenda Lee?!
Randy Couture. Hey, he was in a movie this year! And, you go tell him it was no good. If you survive, I'll still say he looks yummy.
I think that about does it for now... I seemed to have trouble finding nice in charge women, this time round, sigh.
Oh, duh!
Holland Taylor! Now she plays the Mom on Two and a Half Men, but I've had a crush on her since the old series The Practice, when she was a judge, and put Laura Flynn Boyles character in the corner, during court!
And, Dame Judi Dench. Love that voice and attitude. What a Perfect 'M' she is in the Bond films. I can imagine Mollypenny over her lap for a good does of the brush.
now done.

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