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Spanking the crack, and more...

Entry for August 03, 2007 Spanking the 'crack' and more?

It gets called many things, but talking about that delicous and sexy divide that separates a woman's sweet cheeks.

Now, how many of you have either spanked, or been spanked, over that division? I certainly have, and My,is that ever an attention getter! My husband, especially for punishment spankings, likes things to be even, so attention is not only give to a poor soft bottom cheek, but to the exact spot on her sister cheek, And, oftentimes, to the spot in the middle that connects each cheek! Yow!

He is also not shy about spanking inner cheek, whether cause I'm fussing and carrying on and my legs are parted, or because he parts my cheeks himself! (wooden spoons, and those icky rubber/plastic/silicon narrow bowl scrapers are Awful for this!)

And an inner cheek spanking, well, besides some very sincere and heart felt promises, when it's all done, your rump rubs against the other side, and their is No relief whether sitting, standing, laying down, and walking is quite the ordeal...

My husband is also not shy about letting a flexible implement such as the strap, or the dreaded Loopy Johnny, wrap inbetween my cheeks, and nip inner bottom! Ow!

Especially for a punishment, or preventative spanking, a common position for me to be put in is on the bed (especially preventative if others are in the house and he is using the Loopy for noise reasons...), at the foot of the bed, feet just hanging off, bottom High in the air, legs slightly parted (blush!) head and chest flat on the bed, tummy dipped down and bottom arched up, a girl is certainly exposed that way! Fanny feels huge, and stretched, and vulnerable and that wicked Loopy certainly bites All over back there!

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Jenny W
Oh Wow Mommie Angie...I can just imagine what you would look like kneeling on the bed, head down and bare bottom sticking up in the air! With your legs apart and you bottom "cocked up" your buttocks would be wide apart and your tight little bottomhole would be winking and just begging for attention. I bet that loopy stings like hell when it bites your bottomhole...does daddy make your botty better afterwards?? I think I'd like that!!!Giggle....kisses, Jenny
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Mommie Angie~ I have another super-sensitive spot for spanking. The inside of the thigh right where the leg connects with the torso vee. And by that I do not mean the back of the leg, but that high inner portion of the thighs that meet when a young lady is sitting at attention. A "friend" of mine spanked that spot on numerous occasions. WOW! She would spread my legs, hold my bottom cheek up and out of the way and then deliver 10 sharps spanks to the inside of one thigh followed by 10 more to the other. I could feel the impacts deep in my sex too. But mostly, I felt the most dreadful stinging sensation. If she was using a small brush, it was even worse. I basically would promise anything to avoid those.Blush...donna
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Jenny dear, tried to write you, and thanks for the lovely post, sweety,but it wouldn't let me send to you for some reason. Hope you see this. Brat.And Donna, all I can say is Owwww! Know what you mean, as you said, NOT the back of the thigh, which is tender enough, but that inner thigh which is tender beyond all getout!!!!!! And High inner thigh, and with a brush, Eeeek! Goodness, girl, how naughty were you!?love,Angie
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Dear Angie,I've both given and taken it this way. Another position which works very well is to lie on your back on the bed, lift your legs up so that they are vertical. The person spanking you stands to one side (the left if they are right handed) and palaces their left forearm across the backs of your legs,just below the ankles and gently presses down on you legs. Ideally the legs should be just past vertical, at about 10 o'clock. This lifts your botom up of the bed and makes the lower half and tops of legs particuarly well presented for spanking. Almost any implement works well in this position, but the hairbrush or wooded spoon are best for when you move onto the "crack". After the conventional spanking, where you will be making horizontal swings across the bottom, move around a bit so that instead of being side on, you are parallel to the recipient facing away from their head, still holding the legs with your left arm. Now spread the legs slightly and push them down towards the recipients tummy, more towards 9 o'clock and smack not across the bottom, but vertically down the crack - it definately reaches parts a normal spanking does not!! R
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Offline IM
i'm a firm believer in spanking a girl between her legs. i give special attension to her female bits, and listen to the music!!
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That's what I hated most about bare bottomed belt whippings from Dad. Pinned over his lap helplessly, I'd soon start to wiggle, twist and couldn't help waving and opening my legs as the sting of the belt grew unbearable. And when my legs did kick open, the tip of the belt would bite down between my thighs, snapping inside and leaving swollen hot spots where my thighs touched.My sister could always tell when I'd been belt whipped cuz I'd "walk funny" she said, due to the sore spots right between my thighs!Connie

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