Sunday, June 21, 2009

Site of the day-

Like spanking drawings?

Well, have I got a site for you. A little bit of everything in here, laid out in galleries, and it's free as well. Well, not Just a spanking drawing site, they have a chat room, fiction section, etc.

Some of my fave galleries are (and no offense intended if I didn't list someone here, there are so many I like):

Cannibal Khan
Cc (LOVE her stuff, and she has some great domestic discipline work, and a sense of humor)
Mina's forest
Collegeboy (like his take off on the For Better or Worse cartoons)
JPC (oh my god so good!)
Kamitora (where my profile avatar is from)

hope you have fun,
oh and ladies in dd relationships? remember to watch the time if you start browsing....rubbing my bottom...


1 comment:

  1. Hi again, joined this site this morning, it's really good and thanks for passing on the info.
    Know what you mean about the time passing quickly, i was late for work!!