Monday, June 29, 2009

A morning spanking, M/F,domestic, rl

I had gotten up before he did this morning, did my yoga, checked back on him, feeling sorta passionate, but the big thug (or would that be slug?) was still sleeping. Apparently too much activity last night, and he is getting old.

So, ignored my early morning urge to wake him up and jump his bones, and showered. And perhaps let the shower massager linger longer in some areas then in others...

Mostly dried off, grabbed some little pink microfiber string bikini panties, slightly snug, so my bottom and hips kinda plumped out over the elastic at waist and legs, and grabbed a shorty tshirt, one that barely came to below my panties, and went to make some breakfast.

He came out, apparently lured by the smell of bacon frying. He went and got his coffee before coming over and giving me my kiss (I'm used to it, he's an ex-Infantry lifer, and must maintain a certain coffee serum blood level to function....) and from behind me at the counter, I heard him go "Hmmmm, little girl, nice panties."

Okay, so I was slightly bent as I was reaching for something, and most of my fanny was on display, and I blushed. I always blush, but I So love it that he not only notices,but comments.

I turned slightly to say thank you, and got my kiss as I did, oh my! And then he was snug behind me, and I was very aware of how much he liked me.

So, girl that I am, I pouted and fished for a compliment.

"So, it's just my panties you like? If you want, I can always peel them off, and the two of you can be happy together."

He nuzzled my neck at my sweet spot, and my bones just melted, and I let my head back against him as I cooed in delight, and his one arm was wrapped around my waist, his other hand was on my fanny, bridging both cheeks, gently squeezing, cupping, pinching. My fresh little panties were becoming quite damp. And that deep, testosterone chuckle,that always gives me delicous goosebumps.

"No baby, I don't like just your panties, you pretty little brat." Spank!

"They are cute, but, " Spank! " you know it's just pretty wrapping on the real present, sugar."

Hmmmm, that was more like it.

"Hmmph! Well, I'm glad you like my fanny, and you coulda got So lucky this morning, but you were sleeping, oh well Honeeee!!!!!!"

I LOVE it when the big thug simply picks me up like I weigh nothing, and puts me over his shoulder! A Firm spank to upturned and exposed bottom, a squeal, of course, and a hurried plea to turn off the burner.

Moving to the counter on the way out of the kitchen, he picked up a wooden spoon from our new Rosy Bottoms kitchen spanking collection (highly recommend her stuff) and he carried me out to the dining room island, sat me down, and sat down on a bar stool, and picked me up again, and upended me over his lap. God I love it there. So of course I fussed.

"Honeyyyyyy!" wiggle wriggle squirm! My! Someone was Hard below me!

"Let me up! I don't have time to play now! " God, if he let me up, I swore I'd kill him!

"I was randy earlier, when you were still sleeping, now I have to get breakfast, get dressed, and go to work!"

Accompanied with more squirms, wriggles and pressing down into him.


"Eeeeeeiii! Honeyyyyyyyy! that hurt!!!!!!!"

The bully had used the wide wooden spatula with holes to start with! The wriggling, etc, wasn't just play anymore, that thing burns!

Crack crack crack!

The only concession to a 'warmup' was that my little (very damp now ) panties were still left on. And my squirming was accompanied by appropriate sound effects.

It was one of those light but fast and burning spankings, and I was flutter kicking as if I was swimming. A pause, as I simply hung there over his lap, gasping, panting trying to catch my breath, and then he pulled my panties down.

"Honeyyyyyyy Noooooooooo!"

Oh yes yes yes!!!!!! Okay, there is nothing better than that moment when your lover pulls your panties down, and embarrassingly bares your bottom. Unless it's the moment when they first expose your panties, or the moment when...

He left them at my knees, he loves to watch me kick them off. But instead of continuing on with the spatula, he used his favorite thing of all, his hand. Nothing, absolutely nothing, compares to the feel of hand on my bottom.

Large, firm, hard as a paddle, but cupped so it molded to my fanny, and when he spanked my left cheek, letting the fingers of his hand curve into the cleft between my cheeks, stings so badly, but so lovely too!

Concentrating now on the lower curves, and now Loud fussing squealing as he hit the lower sit spots, upper thighs!

My little pink panties waving franticaly from one ankle now, he loves that.

Hushing me, telling me with all the guests that will soon be coming for the summer, that I should enjoy a good morning spanking when I can.

And his left arm wrapped under my tummy now, his hand down 'there' as I gasped and wriggled against his very knowing fingers, and then he spanked me, and spanked me, and spanked me some more. And I came, and I came, and I came.

When I regained conciousness, he was lightly stroking my bottom, then kissed each cheek, set me back on my feet, Spanked me hard across the middle of my butt, and told me to scoot and shower up again,and change, while he got breakfast.

I jumped, squealed, held my butt, kissed him, and ran upstairs. And came back down, in the ice blue office sundress, that he likes, with the matching undies.

And sat my warm little bottom down in his lap while we ate, and he told me I could show him what a good little wife I was tonight, after work.


June story index

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hmm, I think this might even work.


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starting my new blog

song of the day, beach baby....

Saturday, June 27, 2009

my thoughts on dd, HOH relationships, and more.

Hey all,

Now, not saying that I have the answers to everything here, this is nothing more then my opinion.

But for those who maybe wandered in here, and who don't know what HOH is, or dd, etc, thought I'd give my impressions.

First, HOH is simply short for Head of House (or Household). Now, even though in many circles, its almost assumed that the HOH is the man, that isn't always the case. There are couples where she is the HOH, and he is not. I also have many lesbian friends, where one of them is HOH, and it's not always the 'butch' one, either.

Being HOH isn't so much about appearance, or gender, some people have the personality, where they just Are the ones in charge, who are leading, etc. And some of us don't. Oh, I can, if I have to, but I'm much happier in my personal relationships if I'm not.

And, while this is Not politically correct these days, I very much feel that most relationships would be a LOT better of, if there was less of this 'oh we are equal partners' nonsense, and one of them stepped up, as the HOH.

And, while all couples are different, most times, the HOH does not treat their partner like a doormat, never seeking or asking their advice or opinion. Their spouse or partner Is their partner, just the junior partner in the relationship, is all.

Another common misconception, in my opinion, is automatically assuming a HOH relationship implies a dd relationship. DD or dd, by the way, is short for domestic discipline. We'll talk about that in a bit.

A HOH relationship does Not mean that the couple is in a dd relationship, they may be, they may not be.

I know quite few couples, where one or the other is the obvious leader/HOH, but there is no discipline going on there.

DD relationships aren't quite as straightforward as what people think, either. While most DD relationships are also HOH relationships, that isn't always the case. I know of couples where they feel that there should be no HOH, that they are equals, and they discipline each other, if their partner messes up, just the same as they are corrected if they mess up.

I do think, however , that most DD relationships are a one way HOH relationship as well, where the one partner is the full time HOH, and they are the one doing any disciplining.

Note, I said disciplining, not spanking. While spanking is Very common in DD relationships, it's not the only means of correction out there, nor is it required. Some couples never use anything more then say, grounding, or restriction from the phone, or computer, or having their 'allowance' cut back, etc.

Spanking is though, quite common in DD relationships. That, and the other punishments I mentioned, have somthing in common, they are all a 'domestic' type punishment, something, say, that would not have been different than I got as a bratty teen. Well, when I'm a bratty wife, I get the same.

I'll save the 'why spanking' discussion for another day, though.

There are variations of DD, such as CDD (Christian Domestic Discipline), and LDD (Loving Domestic Discipline). I'm not exactly sure just how ldd varies from dd, so can't help much there. I think that is one of those things where there is a lot of overlap, and the actual workings are pretty close. Same with Taken in Hand relationships, heard of them, can't tell you how they work, what is meant by that or how it differs from DD.

As for me,it wasn't till I got online that I had ever heard of DD. In my mind, I had always thought of it as a traditional marriage, and knew that is what I wanted, even as a girl. My friends even thought it was funny when I included 'obey' in my wedding vows. But I meant it, I wanted that, even if I don't always do it. And when I don't he helps remind me of what I'm supposed to do, often while I'm squealing and promising to be good, over his lap.

not much else at this time,


If you could make something a spanking offense, what would it be?

And, not talking about in your relationship, but, bam, you have the power to introduce legislation that would allow spanking (at least for women, guys we'll just take lots of money from....) to be used as a punishment.

I'm thinking of this, after almost getting hit, Again, while I was crossing with the light, and in the crosswalk, because some little ditz is yaking on her cell phone as she drives.

So, that is my number one canidate, those who talk/text while they drive.


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

question of the day, for spankers and spankees of all types...

Okay, going to word this from my point of view, as the spankee, but spankers just look at it from your side, okay?

After a chat, got to thinking, what Do I really like better, after a spanking (and doesn't matter if good girl or punishment....) and any adult style 'aftercare'?

Do you like spooning with them? Your hot bottom pressed back into their belly, and thighs, as they hold you all nice and safe?

Or, do you prefer facing them, your head in their shoulder, their hand now free to easily roam up and down your side, over your waist, back up to the swell of your hip, rubbing and patting your bottom?

My problem is I'm greedy, I want it all, and at the same time, and right now...

However, if I had to pick, I'm going with facing him, as I love his hand sliding over me....

So, how about you guys?

don't be shy. And, my other question about birth order is still open as well.


My Husband cheats (at games) M/F, rl domestic

So, I was a happy little camperette after this mornings fun and games, life was good, work was good, everything was good.

It was just after lunch, when our receptionist let me know Jack was on the phone for me. I answered, and immediately blushed when he asked how I was doing, if I was sitting okay, if I was thinking about this morning at all.

So, even though thrilled that he called, I was still semi embarrassed, and so did that wife thing were I'm talking to him in that loud semi hushed whisper, so he could tell I was serious.

Trying to shhh him and change the subject, before everyone wondered later why I was so flustered and kept blushing.

He, big bully, just chuckled, and reminded me that I 'owed' him yet, and he would be collecting after work.

Oh my,yes! Had been thinking such happy thoughts myself, about 'paying up', but,before I had a chance to tell him that, he told me that when I got home, if my panties were damp, I was going to get a strapping!

Okay, whatever little blush was going on before, was Nothing to the flaming red that I could feel from my breasts to the tips of my ears!

What a cheater!

He Knows what his words do to me! Even if I wouldn't have been damp and ready for him (an unlikely possibility, but hey, a possibility) when I got home before he said something, he Knows that simply the threat of a 'punishment' like that will be enough to make me think of it, all afternoon, and so of Course I'll be damp. Heck, damp would be an understatement!

So I hissed out a furious/blushing/whispered wifely "Jack!!!!!" and the big thug just laughed and hung up!



Well, as I said, that was the focus of all actual non work related brain activity for the rest of the afternoon.

I briefly toyed with the idea of going to the beach instead of right home, but, didn't want to turn a 'punishment' into a Punishment.

Got home, he was there already, watching something on tv, and simply said hi, and then "Angela Lynn, I want you to go upstairs, and get ready. I'll be up shortly."

MORE cheating!

He KNOWS what using my full first name, AND as if that wasn't enough, my middle name, does to me!!!!

I stammered out an articulate "Y-yes dear." , came over and gave him a kiss and went upstairs. Where he had everything ready.

The large physical therapy D shaped bolster at the foot of the bed. More convienent then pillows, and it doesn't squish down.

I walked behind it, debated about skirt up or down, as sometimes he likes to do the undressing, but figured I might get extras if I didn't pull it up.

Unless of course he wanted it down.

Debated which one would get me extras.

Finally made a mental coin toss, and went with skirt up.

Laid over the bolster, squirmed till I got like I know he likes, fat little fanny pointing up, toes not quite touching the floor.

Reached back and pulled my skirt up and off my rump, and cradled my head in my arms, Very aware of every sound in the house, and the picture I was going to make when he saw me like this, bent over, bottoms up, ice blue dress and ice blue satin bikini panties framing the light tanned skin of my bare exposed back.

And I was embarrasingly wet.

Part of me was tempted to touch myself, to see if I was wet enough that he could tell by looking at my panties, but I decided that the last thing I wanted was for him to catch me touching myself, to humiliating.

Oh, and I forgot to mention, he had left out the London Tanners's spanking strop on the bed, about a foot above my head, directly in my line of sight. Meany.

Cheating meany.

Now, this is in fact, one of my Fave play toys. It's the 17 inch long, 2 inch wide model, short enough for otk use if he wants, still long enough for nice use while I'm bent over, and the slight extra width helps prevent too much welting. The already doubled over strop makes such a Loud, delicous, scary exciting sound, and just the right amount of surface burn and sting, and deep muscle ache and ooooo!

So, the meany left me there, fat bottom up for like ten minutes, just squirming in anticipation! More cheating, he knows what waiting does to me!

And finally I can hear his footsteps coming upstairs and into our room. Comes behind me, cups my fanny as I catch my breath, leans beside me, kisses me hard and deep while stroking my bottom, tells me how sexy I look like this, but, I was a bad girl, not letting him undress me, that would cost me extras (Yes! I had guessed right! What? You thought I was trying to get out of extras!?)

And then he straightened up, and played with the elastic on my panties which he Knows drives me nuts, I so love it, and he slooowwwwwwlllllyyyyyyy pulls my Very Very wet panties down, turning them inside out as he does, which is So embarrassing.

And he feels he has to comment on how creamy I am, as if I didn't know!

Telling me I'm in for a strapping now. Asks me if I have anything to say.

And I tell him that it's no fair, and that he is a Massive cheater, and that it's no fair I'm getting extras when he didn't specify what getting ready meant!

And, I asked if he could take my panties all the way off, telling him when he asked why, that I didn't want to stretch out my good panties with my kicking, thank you very much!

A handspanking, then, firm, lovely, all over, one cheek, then the other, then across both at once, centered on the area of my concealed anus....such wonderful sensations.

A Very thorough warm up, with Lots and Lots of touching,and checking and comments about how aroused this 'punishment' seemed to be making me.

But, he wasn't close to letting me come.

And then the Strop.

Oh yes, left hand on my back, above my tan line, white bottom squirming cause I simply can't take the waiting, and then Crack! I squeal, I Always squeal, and a band of fire is across the very fattest center of my bottom,and the pressure of his hand on my back reminds me to stick my bottom back up and out.

But first, he tells me to spread my knees farther apart!

I blush More, do so, and Crack!

The spanking Really starts now, mostly covering both cheeks, occasionly switching sides, so my left gets her fair share of the strops end, sometimes, because he's mean, and because he knows I dream of these things (foolish, foolish me!) he spanks only one cheek, so the doubled over, rounded end slightly wraps inbetween! Much squealed protests over that!

And then, when I'm at that teary pleading I'm so sorry I'll be good stage, it's over, but I don't know it yet, and then he is simply In me, taking me, hands on Red bottom and plump hips, riding me hard, fast, deep...

After, after a nice long ride, he tells me to put some bottoms on, it's time to go for a swim....

And so I did.

In my nice, modest board shorts.


Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Just put up a little tribute to The Dropkick Murphys (an Irish-American folk band....) over on my music blog...hint hint....


Birth order, and spanking?

I was chatting the other day with a friend, and the converstation switched to basic personality types, how some, like my Husband or her, were ones who felt comfortable being the leader in relationships, natural Heads of House (HOH), if you will.

And how others, such as myself, feel more comfortable when we aren't in a HOH position.

From there, got to thinking of how she, and my Husband, and other HOHs that I know, are overwhelmingly first born.

Whereas many who prefer not to be the HOH, and are in fact, the spankee in their relationships, are usually not the first born.

So, obviously my sample size is small, so what has been your experience?

Monday, June 22, 2009

...and because it's June

Drawing by Cc, at anime otk

... and because we sometimes wear thin things when it's warm out

Because it's summer and it's hot out....

Drawing by Kami Tora, from anime otk

Okay, it was Not a lie! M/F, rl

Husbands, despite being loved and needed, are at times terribly unfair!

I Still maintain that I answered him honestly, that it wasn't even a fib, let alone a lie, when he asked me what I'd been up to this evening, and I told him housekeeping.

Just because He assumed I meant the cleaning around our house, housekeeping, instead of clearing out all the deadwood from yahoo groups (went from 11 pages to only 4 1/2, and as Slow as yahoo groups is, that was work!), housekeeping, is a fault of his assumptions! Housekeeping is a perfectly acceptable term for what I was doing, I've seen others use it too!

sulking as I sit on my pillow.....

drawing by Kami Tora, at anime otk

drawing of the day....miss Vulcan there So needs a spanking...

Looking for blog help, please....

hey all,

been pretty happy here so far, but have some questions on modifying my blog, and I can't figure out what I need to do (and no, not including shots of my spanked fanny, sorry....).

First, I'm surprised I didn't find this in the gadgets section, but, I'd like some sort of counter, to let me know how many people are actually coming and looking. It may sound petty, but that is a big deal to me.

Second, one of the things I did like about my old yahoo 360 blog, was how it had the 'blast', where I could link to like a song/yahoo clip, so friends could see how I was feeling or the mood I was in the time. Is there something like that here? Or, do you just have to go with some 'jukebox' add on,, and if so, which one?

Third, I love how like on some blogs, say My Bottom Smarts, for example, she has on her sidebar a pull down list, so you can look up stuff. I'd like something like that, so that it will make stories and such easier to find later, when this month is up, and all these post titles get relegated to archives.

Fourth, I can't figure out how to link what blogs I'm following or whatever the proper term is, on my blog. It shows up on my profile, but not my blog.

Think that is about it.

oh yes, and again, feel free to im me or email me, if you are shy and don't want to publicaly post.


ps, for those who asked, how did I get my posts to get spread out so it's easier to read, rather then scrunched up like a newspaper column, I chose minima stretch as my template.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

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Like spanking drawings?

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Cannibal Khan
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Mina's forest
Collegeboy (like his take off on the For Better or Worse cartoons)
JPC (oh my god so good!)
Kamitora (where my profile avatar is from)

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Dear Sandy B

Dear Sandy,

hi and thank you for the comment!

about the only thing I liked at the old yahoo blog, was how easy it was to hit reply and send the writer a personal note, so hopefully you will see this.

SandyB said...
Hi, nice story, one i hadn't seen before although i've visited your old site quite a few times.

Well thank you so much, and glad you found your way here.

I really like your new blog, but now that it's easier to navigate, i'm not sure if i should put comments at the relevant post, or just at the latest one.

You can do whatever you prefer. I have this blog set up so that I'm notified when ever someone posts a comment, so feel free to comment on old posts as well, I'll still see them. Still trying to get this one set up, so that it will eventually have a scroll down menu on the sidebar, so easier to find stories and such.

Love the new girls going down the right hand side, which one are you? Always associated you with the little lady on the left on your old blog, always liked to see what she was wearing.

lol, none of the ones on the side, my avatar here is on the far right bottom along with my mini bio. That avatar was drawn for me, by Kami Tora. He even made my bust smaller when I asked.

Please let me know if my comment is in the wrong place.

Thank you but this was fine. If you ever want to chat, I sometimes get on, my im is otkgirl_2000


Friday, June 19, 2009

Hawaii spankings, F/f, M/F, rl, domestic

a repost from SIN, gosh, wrote this must be about 10 years ago now.

A certain someone, when they found out that I lived over here, asked if I had ever been spanked with a slipper. And the answer is yes, yes I have.

Now that I am feeling up to writing new stuff again, I thought this might be a good way to get back into things.

Over here in Hawaii, the most common footwear is what everyone calls 'slippers' (or in the local pidgen slang, 'slippahs').

Now these are not bedroom style slippers, or the gymshoe type of the UK. These are what would be called back on the mainland sandals, or in many cases, flip flops or shower shoes.

Those inexpensive little thong type plastic/rubber bottomed sandals with no heelstrap that go between your big toe and the one next to it. Except over here, you can go from the really cheap flimsy ones, to the fancier ones, with patterned soles, and thicker, and all sorts of designer colors and such.

Now one of the benifits of being a woman is getting to hear all the girl talk around the office and at social occasions and such. And it is amazing how often the subject of kids and discipline comes up, without ME being the one to bring it up. Invariably, some one mentions spanking, and everyone shares their experiences.

Despite all the different family preferences for spanking tools, overall winner here is the slipper. Everyone from the grandmother types in my office, to the new little receptionist, just out of high school, all have tales about their tails feeling the slipper.

It is a fairyl COMMON sight, to see out in a park or in a parking lot or at the beach, to see some frustrated parent, moms more often than dads, with a kicking and fussing kid over their lap, while the slipper is most vigorously applied despite the kicking and howling and crying and pleading.

And this isn't always just little kids either. I've seen some teenage misses upended over parental laps out in public, getting a quick lesson in manners, and the fact that they aren't quite as grown up as they thought they were.

One of the more recent sightings happened at the beach. A mom that I had a nodding aquaintance with was nearby with her family. Pretty good kids for the most part. One of the girls was 15, my youngest girls age. The next girl was 13, and then a boy about 5.

Mom had to go back to the car for something, and she told the 13 yo to watch the boy, and make sure he stayed in the shallow water. That much I heard. I went back to sleep, and a little while later heard some crying down at the water, so I looked up, and saw the boy getting rolled in the surf, no sister or anyone else around.

I go and drag him out, and asked him where his sister was, and he didn't know. About then, mom comes along, and the story is repeated. Then comes in miss 13, after waving goodbye to some boys that were WAY to old for her 13 yo butt.

Her mom starts lecturing right away, and telling her how much trouble she is in, etc. Her daughter cops a real teen attitude, with a "Mommmm, I AM 13 you know," and even better, "I don't know why I have to watch him all the time, all I do is work!"

Mom grabbed her wrist, sat down, pulled her over her lap right there on the beach, and took off one of her thick soled slippers, and went to work on her daughters bottom right then and there! She had been swimming too, so her little bikini bottoms were still wet, as was her fanny! And boy, take it from experience, does that ever increase the sting.

The bottoms were moderately modest, but they had ridden up a bit, and her mom made sure to REALLY redden any uncovered sit spot till it was glowing. From all the crying and pleading, she didn't sound so grownup anymore. When she let her up, she was dancing around, and people were looking and pointing, but no sympathy for her though.

Didn't even get to run into the water to hide her red butt and upper thighs, mom made her stay on the beach, babysitting her brother for a while longer, before she let her go swim to hide and cool off.

It is also fairly common around the island to see the boys and young men when they are playing around at the parks and beaches with their girls, to spank them a couple of times with the slipper, hard enough to make them rub, even if it is a couple of swats.

And, as I said in the beginning, I have been spanked with a slipper also, by my husband and my Momma Sue. He hasn't been shy about doing it at the beach, and he really lays some licks on!

Of course, between his laughing and me carrying on, it's evident that it's just playing around, if a bit hard, and not once has anyone ever intervened or come over to see if I was okay.

I normally retreat to the water as soon as I can. If I'm lucky, I can coax him into the water as well, so he can comfort me properly out there, in the waves....


An evening surprise F/F, domestic

It had been a fun evening out. I had dressed up, and he had taken me out for dinner, drinks and dancing. He was so very romantic and smelled so good when we slow danced... just thinking about it now gave me little shivers as I happily smiled to myself.

"Wine me, dine me, then 69 me" I heard myself mumble out loud.

"What was that Kathy, I couldn't quite hear" he said as he pulled into OUR driveway (happy shivers again).

"Nothing" I quickly reply, "just talking to myself about how happy I am."

He opens my door, and of course as I am slightly bent over as I get out, he gives me a pat and a pinch, and of course I squeak in mock protest, even as I ensure my bottom stays in contact with his big hand as long as possible. I snuggle in to him as we walk to the door. And all of a sudden, the door pops open and there Angie is standing in the entryway, backlit. And she looks mad for some reason.


I reach out and grab Kathy's wrist, and pull her inside. I notice that she has been drinking, and think that is good, that it will just make everything easier if she is a little off balance.

"It's about time you got home, young lady! Do you have any idea what time it is?" I ask of her in my best mom voice, and the girl inside of her responds,

"I think it's about 1, why..." but I cut her off.

"That's correct, 1am, and I don't seem to recall your father or I changing your curfew past your normal 11 pm school night time, missy. And you," I say, looking right at her flabbergasted husband of 3 months, "what do you have to say for yourself, keeping a High School Senior out till this time, and has she been DRINKING?!!"

The look on his face is priceless, but he doesn't know what to say, so I help him out.

"Oh , I see by the look on your face you really did think she was older. What did my girl do now, say she was a senior when you asked about school, but just happened to forget to mention she's a high school girl,not a college woman yet. Well, she looks much more mature than she acts, so I can understand your confusion. Consider yourself lucky that my husband is away, now good night."

And I push him out their door and then lock him out of their house , but not before passing him a piece of paper...


I feel Angie grab my wrist again, as she starts in scolding me, and I'm getting a little upset here, I don't know what type of game she is playing but I had been looking forward to a good roll in the sheets and now this, this had to stop.

I tried to put the brakes on while I said "now wait a minute Angie..." but we never slowed (man she was strong, must be all those martial arts classes she's always doing) and my verbal protests were equally ineffective.

"NO, now YOU wait a minute missy. I may only be your step mom, but if you don't feel like calling me mom tonight, that is fine, but you can call me ma'am instead" and she accompanied this with a hard spank on my fanny. And all of a sudden I felt 18 again.

"Yes ma'am" I hear myself say, and she drags me past our bedroom to the guest room and pulls me in and proceeds to spank me all the way to a corner, where she tells me to stay.

"You have been out of control for quite a while, Kathy my dear, but 18 or not, this type of behavior stops tonight, do you understand me?" she asks, and for some unknown reason I get those same little shivers I had in the car, but there is the spice of fear to go with.

"but what did I do" I childishly whine, hating the way I sound.

"What did you do,is that the question? Okay then little girl, we have breaking your curfew, not letting us know where you were going to be, lying about where you said you would be going, DRINKING while a minor, dating a boy older than you without introducing him to your father or myself, and look at what you are wearing!"

I am stung by the last comment because I like this outfit!

"No wonder he thought you were older, when you deliberately try to dress up like a successful young business woman out on the town, but that skirt is so tight I can see the outline of your panties, and are those THONG panties you are wearing Kathy? Didn't I tell you you were not allowed to wear thong panties, missy? So lets add inappropriate attire to the list, why don't we? Anything else to say now?"

And I am amazed at how strict my new 'mom' is and I wonder just how strict her mom was with her!) and shuffle in my corner and mumble out a "no ma'am".

"Good, I don't feel like staying up any later, let's get this over with. Lift your skirt above your waist and bend over the pillows at the end of the bed."

I feel myself blush as I do as I'm told, and a tear trickles down my cheek.

"My god Kathy, your panties are wet all the way thru! Did you stop someplace to park on the way home!?"

And I can see my reflection in the mirrored closet doors, and see to my horror that my white satin panties are indeed visibly wet, and I don't know what to say, and I start to cry and sniffle a little as she loses patience and puts me over the stack of pillows, my ass high, my feet off the floor.

I am mortified as she pulls my panties sloowwwly down so they catch and release from my pussy and bottom little by little before she pulls them all the way off. She swats the inside of my thighs and I squeal and spread my legs embarrassingly wide.

"I am so disappointed in you, Kathy. I thought we had raised you better than this," and I feel ashamed at being the bad daughter.

"Well, you can learn the lesson the way I did when I was about your age, now you stay in position" and WHAACK!!! my head shoots up as my ass explodes with fire, that seems to go deep into the muscle and just keeps on burning! I gather myself to scream when WHACK! it is repeated again and my voice comes out as a strangled gasp, then the air finds my lung and I give voice to my discomfort.

I scream, I kick, I plead ,I blubber, I promise, nothing stills or slows her arm and that big sorority paddle I see in the mirror. I see my ass glowing red in the mirror, and she spanks on and on...

I notice that the spanking has stopped, and hear her murmuring to me thru my sobs, and I feel her soothing my ass, playing with my cheeks and between them, fondling my swollen,wet, slick, traitorous lips, and I feel myself open up to her, then she sliiiddes something into my pussy, and I gasp at the intrusion, and buck and that gives me all sorts of new feelings down there, and she leans forward, her hair tickling my neck as she is MY Angie again, whispering "shhhh, it's ben wa balls, relax, you're doing fine," and then her face changes and Momma Angie is back.

I see her leave the room and go into the bathroom and then I hear the water running, she returns and everything clamps down as I see her carrying the bright red enema bag, with an oversized nozzle attached!

"Maybe this will flush a little of that naughtiness out of you" she tells me, then spreads my swollen and sore ass apart, embarrassingly apart, and lubes me up in a decidedly non motherly way, her other hand tugging on the ben wa string and flicking my clit!

Then a "take a big breath Kathy" and no sooner do I than that big nozzle is IN!

She fucks me with it as I moan and cry for mercy and forgiveness, but all I get is the click and then the warm water runs into me, as she continues to fuck my ass with the tube, and play with my clit...

I happen to glance in the mirror, and can see in it's reflection how I look and I can even my ass as she has placed mirrors behind me so I am spared nothing, and then to my horror, even as my pussy throbs and becomes even wetter, I see HIS reflection in the mirror, looking at me from the balcony, peeking at me thru the window, he is witness to my punishment and shame.

The enema stops after only a little while, she tells me it is only half a quart, but then she plugs my ass up with a thick purple plug. My protests are stilled when she warns me that she can always get out the Vicks if i continue to fuss...

I see her pull out the reform school strap, the one like in the Nu West videos we have watched together, the one that is like the one she got it with as a teen, and I remember how the girls cry and yell, and my strapping starts, and goes on and on,bands of fire overlapping onto my ass and thighs, and I howl and blubber and promise the world, just like the girls, just like Angie had...

She helps me to the bathroom, and gets me cleaned up, undresses me and puts me to bed in my spare bedroom, laying bare bottomed on top of the sheets, fanny up of course.

"You sleep tight" she says, "and try to behave yourself."

She kisses me goodnight, and I hear her walk down the hall way into MY bedroom, and turn off the light. And I hear my window open, as he comes into my room, to comfort his punished girlfriend while her mom is asleep down the hall....

Momma Angie

Tease, F/F domestic play,sexual

I had been tormenting you ever since we got off of work.

I met you at the bar you like, and I had on an ankle length, tight sheath, so you wouldn't be able to reach under my skirt and cop a cheap feel.

I wore the perfume you like so much, the one where when you kiss me you breathe it in and seem to shudder, as you kiss me deeper.

I get my kiss, kisses actually, and then I pull away as your hand wanders possessively over my hip and ass. I love it that you are so demonstrative in public,and I know which game you are playing now, trying to trace my panties, and figure out which ones I have on...

"Help please" I ask, and point to the high stool, and you smile at me, and easily lift me up and plop my bottom down on it, and I primly cross my legs.

I let you order us drinks, and your arm is around my waist and over my hips and ass as I cuddle in to you, enjoying being yours.

I occasionally steal a kiss, but never let you get to far.

I can tell this is getting to you.

Our reservations are called, and you help me down, and swat me lightly on the bottom to head me in the right direction, and I flash you a bright and happy smile. Sitting across from you, I wait until after we have ordered, and slip off a shoe, and I play footsie with you, running my toe up and down your legs, laughing as I watch you almost spit out your drink, and then you gasp as the toes tickle up your inner thigh.

"Angie" you say, oh so sternly, so of course I giggle, "behave yourself or else...? "

"Or else what?" I tease back, tongue on my lips.

"Or else you will find out that you aren't to old or to big to be taken over my knee and spanked when we get home, young lady.."

Oh yes, jackpot! My pussy dampened instantly at your words, and spoken in public no less, and from the amused looks and quiet gasps from the tables around us, a not unheard threat. Which made it all the more special.

Demurely I look down when I answer "Yes ma'am" and I note your nipples stiffen, and I smile, and run my toes up your leg again. Since you are driving, I enjoy myself and have a few drinks, relaxing quite nicely, playing little games all through dinner.

After, I walk out in your arms, my head against you, happy and content. The valet brings the car around, and you help me in with a resounding crack against my bent over fanny, so of course I have to squeal out a "Julieeeee" in protest, loving it all the while.

As we pull out, you tell me to hike my skirt up so my bottom is uncovered, and then to take my panties off and to give them to you, and I blush. It's not so much the exposure, but knowing that you will see just how wet I am.

I start to protest, and get warned, once, in that voice, and I do as I am told. My now bare fanny is tickled (and in between!) and I squirm, and I hand you my wet panties, and you sniff lightly, and then hang them from the rear view mirror, for the whole world to see! When we get home, you let me take my panties in, but then make me hang them on the key holder, like I get for a punishment spanking, so anyone coming in will know I've been naughty again.

You grab my hair, and kiss me hard, not letting me play any more games, and then you pick me up and carry me into the bedroom. I am stripped, and then upended over your lap, and spanked and teased and spanked and tormented and spanked some more, until I was sore and hot and wet and needy and begging for more, begging for relief.

To be spanked naked like this, while you are fully clothed, to be fingered and probed and fondled, despite my squirms and protests, it is all to much.

I need you so badly.

I am dumped on the bed, and told to get fanny up and head down and to shut my eyes, and I do it. I hear you getting undressed, but do not look, being your good girl for now.

Then I am ordered to roll over, and there you are, with that strap on bobbing in front of me.

"Suck me" you say, and I do, and then you pull me to your face and kiss me, fingering my pussy, your pussy, and you lay me back and my legs wrap high and tight around your waist as you take me, and I croon my love for you into your ear.


Prissy Princess Mode, x/F, domestic discipline

I know I've been a bit bitchy lately, and that you have been busy with work, but everything just started happening at once, and then it all started to escalate.

I am ashamed to admit, that I have been know to do this before.

To get into my prissy princess mode, where if I'm not the center of attention, I start to fuss and pout and cause problems.

Something else I have also learned, through much experience over the years, is that if I do just little stuff, it gets the point across, but it's so minor, that I really don't get into trouble for it, even though I know I should.

Like, when you come in after working hard, and I have already had supper, using the excuse that I was starving and couldn't wait. And then when you get ready to eat, going into the other room because this program I've been waiting for all week is now on.

Or if you go to bed early, I have a reason to stay up. Or if you stay up, I go to sleep, wearing nice conservative jammies, stuff I usually don't wear, so you can't get easy access at night. Or not really denying you sex, but I don't have to, as you are to polite to come right out and ask for it from me, especially with the body language I have been giving off, you can tell I am not interested, but baby, I am, I just need you to take charge again, but there is no way I can tell you that.

At times like this, it's as if I see myself do these things, know why I am doing them, hate it that I am, but can't stop myself.

And somehow, you, sweety that you are, haven't picked up on this yet, not wanting to push, and so I in my twisted little mind, make this all YOUR fault, and start acting out in even more ways.

I had gotten myself in a pretty good little funk, when I finally get home from work. I have on tight linen slacks, that show off my curves nicely, and a silk short sleeved top. But when I come in, you are sitting there in the living room, watching tv.

As soon as I get in the door, you call out hi, and I grunt back noncommitaly, not going to make these easy for you at all. I start to go into the kitchen, when I am CALLED back to the living room by you, in that 'better not push your luck young lady I mean it' tone, and my heart thrills even as my lip comes out in a pout as I sigh dramatically and flounce back to be called in front of you before I can sit.

You start to lecture me as I stand in front of you, but still, that other me won't give up control, and even though the real me is estatic about you being back in charge, the other me pouts and fidgets and looks anywhere but at you. I am the epitome of the spoiled young wife.

And then you take me by the hand, and forcefully PUT me across your lap, head hanging down, feet hanging down, denied the comfort of the couch, positioned like the deserving brat I am.

You speak only one sentence to me, but it is all that is needed.

"Missy, we'll start the talk over again when I am sure that I have your undivided attention."

Then CRACK! I gasp in a breath, and I know from previous paniful lessons that you have the heavy wooden oval brush, and you are raising your arm up high, and giving it that little extra wrist snap, and keeping it in place for that extra split second.

Oh honey, getting brushed like that hurts like you would not believe, and while your real wife would love to do nothing more than abjectly beg for forgiveness and mercy, the bitchy counterfeit me won't give in, but fusses and resists and backtalks something awful.

And still that brush comes down, and even over thin pants and thinner panties it hurts so unbelievably bad. I'm crying now, despite my resistance, but mostly just crying and protesting.

I realize you are no longer spanking me, as I feel you undo the zipper at the back of my pants, and then I am whimpering "no, don't pull them down, you don't have any right, you can't..."and of course, you can pull them down, anytime, anyplace you see fit, that is what I vowed to you when we married, and you do have the right.

And I know this , and the real Angie is as dizzy with my love for you as I am from the pain in my poor ass.

And I know that this isn't even close to being over yet.

Then my wispy pink little panties are also at my ankles, and the brush resumes it's work. You spank hard and it just doesn't stop, but I finally am no longer doing any threats or demands or anything, but begging and pleading and asking for forgiveness.

I snuffle, the tears are running down my face, and my nose is running. I must look a fright. But there is no doubt who is now in charge.

I am being taken in hand, firmly and decisively, and this is discipline, not fun and games, your fingers have not strayed once.

At last, the spanking done for now, and I am listening most attently in that most childish of positions, as you detail my many faults, listing them all! I am amazed both that I have racked up so many, and also that you actually have noticed and remembered it all.

"To your corner now, young lady, and rub even once, or turn or say anything other than a response to a question, and you will be going bare bottomed outside to cut switches. Nod if you understand."

And I nod frantically, no longer obstinate at all. I waddle to my corner and put my nose against the wall, and keep my hands by my sides, so there is no touching or rubbing at front or back, and think, just like you mean for me to do. I hear you moving around, and hear you pull the chair out, and position it so you can see better, and I blush. Then, I hear the snap whirr of the polaroid, and the sound of our digital camand digital vid! I groan, but show my obedience by staying as I was told.

You tell me that these will be getting sent to our friends, as the part one of my punishment session, and I about die from shame!

Then, your fingers lightly on my ear, I am led without any resistance back to the stool, and you place your foot on the lower rung, and flip me over your up turned thigh, then reach forward to pick up my punishment paddle, the wicked one with all the holes. And I feel you twist away, and then recoil and the paddle slams into my ass, and the burn from the brushing has been instantly rekindled, and at the last second, you let the paddle slide up my ass, and oh how that burns!

These are hard, no nonsense punishment spanks, full armed, full strength, and I will be bruised and marked and blistered, we both know it and I revel in the knowledge that you love and care for me enough to take charge of me and not let me get by with such, such, flagrant rudeness to you.

I feel my pussy dampening know, but no real erotic feelings on my part, though I hope you notice and like, but no, this is more the primal female submission to her mate, her body reacting to her mates dominance. I revel in your strength, the ease in which you can move and hold me and do what you will with me, and then, the paddle is put down, my cheeks are spread wide, and the spanking brush is introduced again, this time to tender and other wise sheltered inner cheeks, and you even make sure to soundly, soundly spank my anus!

I notice that I am no longer being spanked when I realize I am again standing in Angie's corner. And I hear the recording of my bottom for posterity going on behind me.

Then I am called to you, and pants and panties still binding, I make my way in front of you, head down, in obedience and submission.

"I would like my apology for the way you have been acting, now, little wife."

And even though my bottom is literally blistered, my heart swells at your words. You know, and I know, that I was in the wrong here. And now the slate was almost clean, would be when I had admitted my wrongdoing. And so I did, fully and contritely.

A brilliant smile awaits me, and you grab my sore ass hard, and as I yelp and squirm, you take my mouth, claiming it. Then with a final pinch and swat, you tell me that for the rest of the night, I will be dressed as I am right now, pants and panties down. Because, you tell me, you like it and it turns you on. I blush, suddenly shy in my submissiveness and tell you "yes dear".

And I go to make dinner, thinking of the other things that we will most certainly be doing as the night goes on.


My cousins and skirt lengths, F/f, rl

from a letter I sent to a friend....

I had cousins who attended a Catholic school when we were growing up,and they told similar stories of the girls (including themselves) playing games with their skirt lengths. And, like your friend, corporal punishment was used in school, and occasionaly a girl was found to be way in violation, and was quickly taken in hand.

I remember them saying something though, not only about rulers being used to measure, but about a hand rule.

For some reason, possibly because it was considered cute on younger girls (or now that I think about it, perhaps because the parents didn't want to buy new skirts all the time...), the grade schoolgirls (grades 1-6, so ages 6-12) used the 'hand' rule for their skirt lengths, meaning that if they stood up straight, the skirt couldn't be shorter then their finger tips. If it was, and it wasn't due to rolling of the skirt, a note was sent home, saying that she needed a new size. If however, her skirt had been tampered with,well, she was turned over her teachers lap right there in class, and spanked! Eeek!

And, while it wasn't always over panties, it usually was, it was only girls in class, modesty in front of classmates wasn't a big issue.

Once in Junior High and High School however, they used a ruler; I think they said that the rule was no more than 2 inches from the floor, when kneeling, I could be wrong. Because of their ages though, Much rebellion at this, also, this was in the 60'sand 70's, and out in Los Angeles and think back to the skirts and dresses that the girls wore on such shows as the Brady Bunch, or the Partrige Family, or ModSquad, almost knee length skirts were Not the fashion, especially inLos Angeles! They said that almost every day, that more than one girl was soundly spanked (actually, the older girls were usually paddled or strapped!) due to a uniform violation.

Sometimes in class, but repeat offenders were sent to the Mother Superiors office for a very painful talk!

And, anyone who was spanked in school, had a note sent home, telling her parents what had happened, and why! So, most of the girls, such as my cousins, got spanked again that night, by less than sympathetic parents who ignored girlish pleas that they had already been spanked,hard, and their bottoms were still sore!

My one cousin said the most embarrassing one that she heard of was when one of her classmates got caught rolling her skirt up for the third time in not quite 3 weeks, and not just a little bit, but a lot, and was sent to the Mother Superiors office, who then called her mom, to let her know about the problem, again.

Except that this was the first mom had heard about it! The girl had been forging her mom's signature! So, her mom said she would be right there! The girl was nose in the corner till her mom got there,then got a lecture from her mom and the Mother Superior, got an over the desk strapping on her panties from the Mother Superior, and then her mom took her over her lap right there, and rumor had it that the panties didn't stay up and that a hairbrush was used! And, as mom left, she said her daddy would be talking to her that night as well!


Catholic schoolgirl spankings, rl

Okay, here's the disclaimer part. These couple of short memories arefrom what my California cousins told me, and then what a friend toldme that I met when I was in the Army....

My cousins.

My favorite aunt moved out to California, right after she graduated High School, and I think that is one of the reasons I liked her, she just had the guts to go and leave the midwest farming community where she had been born, and where I grew up.

I saw her kids, my cousins, about every other year. Four girls, one boy (but he doesn't count, even though he is a nice guy nowadays.),and two of the girls were older than me, by like 4 and 6 years and the other two were younger, by 1 and 2 years.

I always envied their lifestyle, nice home in the California suburbs in Orange county, nice weather, no snow, and a Pool in their backyard!

Well, they came to visit one summer, and I was whining about how good they had it, and how I wished I could live there, and so on. (btw,this was in 1972, so I was like 12, you can do the math on the others for yourself.)

We girls were all talking in the camper that the girls were staying in, and Jen, the second oldest, said I wouldn't like it so much if I had to go to their schools. I asked why, as I knew they went to an all girls Catholic school, and I kinda envied them, as my school was rural poor, and the teachers weren't that great or encouraging.

Well, besides the usual complaints about uniforms, and daily confessions (which was cool to hear, and new to me, being raisedLutheran), and the older girls complaining about no boys of course,they also ALL said that they got spanked in school!

I was amazed, and given my already budding interest in it, couldn't wait to hear more. See, we didn't have spanking in school were I was,they either just sent a note home, or called your home, and boy, you caught it from mom but good when you got off the bus!

I told them that, and they wished they were going to school here, as they got spanked at school, and then got another from my aunt forgetting in trouble at school!

They said that all the nuns were allowed to spank, and it seemed that you could get whacked for just about anything, besides the normal posted rules, if they just 'thought' you were doing something wrong.

They said that in the classrooms (and they had all went to the sames chools, with the younger girls going to one school in grades 1-8,and the older girls in a separate HS) it was normal for a nun to call you to the front of the class, have you stand by the side of her desk, bend over the desk, and then spank you.

Most just used an old fashioned ruler, the thick heavy ones, and it was done over the skirts, but they said it still burned like fire, and that some of the nuns REALLY laid it on with a vengance. Most offenses got between 5-10 whacks.

But they weren't limited to the ruler. They could use pretty much what they wanted. One of the more feared nuns, who taught at the HS,favored a heavy paddle, and my older cousins told me as I listened with WIDE eyes how it wasn't unusual for even the older High Schoolgirls to be crying by the time they got up from her desk, and that she almost always gave the full ten. And then you had to go and sit in those hard wood seats, and they said it wasn't unusual to get ANOTHER spanking later from someone else because they wouldn't stop figeting in class! And they still had the spanking from their mom to wait for yet!

One of the nuns, who was the terror of the just turned teens, favored a short strap. My cousins said that if you had been in trouble a lot,that instead of just getting it over the desk, you might even get placed over their lap, for your spanking, the humiliation being seen as an added punishment. The nun with the strap seemed to do a lot of otk.

For the REAL problem children, from like 6th grade up, repeat offenders, sometimes after a classroom paddling had already been handed out, would be sent to see the Mother Superior, and THAT they said was a dreaded experience. Both of the older ones had been to see her, the oldest one several times.

She, they said, used either a heavy paddle with holes in it, or a wicked strap! You would have to lay over her desk, and scooch forward till your toes were off the floor, and she would usually lift your skirt up (and my oldest cousin told me "heaven help you if you don'thave plain white cotton panties on!") and then let you have it,anywhere from 10-15 licks.


Gotta say, even after the stories, still wanted to go to school there...


A girlfriend at a Catholic Boarding school

When I was in the Army, I met another woman, who was the sweetest,nicest person, super at her job, always willing to lend a helping hand. Since we were in a coed unit, but the female officers were few and far between, we became pretty good buds.

So, as I was having coffee in her office one Sat. morning (we were in garrison, and I had gotten stuck with Officer of the Day, and she was in because she was married to her work...) we got to talking about where and how we grew up.

I told her about the farm and midwest and cold, and she told me about living the life of privlege in California, and what a wild child she had been.

I laughed at her, thinking she was just joking. She blushed, and said no, she was a real problem child, and that her parents, while they loved her (only child) also believed in permissive parents are your friends type of parenting, and no limits were set, and she fell in with a bad crowd. By the time she was 13 (she was my age, so that would have been in 73), she was drnking hard, NEVER going to school,smoking pot daily, and have started experimenting with harder stuff,like lsd.

After the THIRD time she had been brought home by cops, her folks rethought what was going on, and tried to clamp down, but it was too late, and she started running away. Sooo, the next thing she knew,she was shipped off to a Catholic boarding school, for 'spirited'children....

As you can imagine, the primary means of discipline was by corpora lpunishment, spanking in some form or another, and this girl, at first, got it ALL the time she said!

You would get spanked for not following a quite long list of rules.For uniform violations that seemed quite petty to me, like how far up your knee socks went, or if your uniform was umkempt and wrinkled (I mean, she was only 13...). Attitude. Backtalk. Not doing well in class. Not doing well on quizzes or tests. Not getting homework finshed. Not doing homework well. Sloppy homework.

Spankings depended on the offense, where you were, and the spanker. Most of the nuns, she said, actualy had straps that hung from a loop on their waist! Most of the classroom spankings were done over the desk, over the skirt. While 5-10 licks was the normal, it wasn't the set limit.

She said it wasn't unusual, especially for new girls, to have 2-3 girls spanked each class. Every day, someone was getting it, although they tapered off somewhat as they got older, but that was due more to good behavior, and not getting caught. Older girls, she said, REALLY got paddled or strapped when they messed up, because they were supposed to know better.

Some of the nuns,especially for one on one spankings, when the other girls weren't around, prefered the otk approach, and seemed to mother the girls more, holding them after, like mom would me after a spanking when I sat on her lap, my attitude gone, and I would tell her I was sorry.

At first, because of her grades, and attitude, she had to attend a special nightly 2 hour study session with a nun for every girl there.She said that the girls in that room all sat at a table, on stools without backs, and the nuns would sit or stand behind them. If you talked, daydreamed, fidgeted, or weren't doing your work, your personal nun would give you a HARD whack with her strap on your butt while you were sitting there! No telling, she said, how many you might end up with in a night!

There was a head girl in each room, who though she couldn't spank,would tell the nun in charge of the floor what was going on, and that could get you in trouble.

And of course, the ultimate threat was the Mother Superior, who used what I now know was a two tailed tawse, and it would be done either over the panties (no skirts for protection if you were bad enough to get sent there!) or, in extreme cases, panties down!

She said she had trouble adjusting at first, but the nun who was her floor supervisor, and also was her 'personal' nun at the nightly study sessions, took quite an interest in her, and kept telling her that she was smarter than that, that she KNEW she could do it, and while correcting her for misbehavior she also kept affirming to her how special she was.

by the end of that first year, she had long since moved from needing to attend the special study sessions and was on the honor roll.

That summer, she talked with her parents before school was out, and she came back home to live, but still went to that school, including the summer session, so she would continue to stay out of trouble.
She has no hard feelings about any of this, and said it was what she needed to get her life turned around.

There, my school girl stories, by proxy.

shirt of the day- Jane knows Connie....

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Yay, Burn Notice is on tonight!

I Love that show, love Miami, and Michael would be such a Great spanker, and sexy little Fiona (for those that only watch highbrow shows, she played Henry's sister on The Tudors) needs to have that pretty little bottom paddled red!


some of the blogs I'm following....

Okay, I was told the links I had up originally really weren't active. Oops, my bad. I should have it all fixed now.

These are the blogs here that I'm currently following, hope you might find something you like as well. Please leave them a comment if you stop by, we all love comments!


Too funny, and her post about her opinions of parental curfews is a Riot.

I do hope she continues to post.

hey, because I like spanking pics...

A fun little blog, with a bit of everything, from someone who is into Domestic Discipline (DD)

because my Husband and I both like pretty women in panties...

Carly has the Most amazing photos on her site, just breathtaking. And she has been So sweet to me since I've got here, thank you. She claims to only be a relatively newly active spanker, but oh gosh is she making up for lost time!

Love the domestic feel the pics he chooses has, they make me go, oh, I've been there...

Another great DD blog. But So not happy with her right now! My Husband Really liked their idea of the bead jar (see her post The Jar Policy for explanation) and we might be implementing it, sulk.

A spankee with a sense of humor...

A blog about her and Loving DD

Something from the guys point of view.

One of the first to welcome me here, thanks! A little bit of everything, with all sorts of yummy pics

Okay, if you are into spanking, chances are you have been here already, with good reason. Great site, easy to navigate, and as she describes it: One woman's celebration of life, love, and spankings. She even has a section on her sidebar labeled Tutorials! For anyone new to spanking, a Great place to start!

Companion blog to Dabbling in Discipline. Her and those dang beads!

Okay, reading about her play makes me want to hold my bottom and go ow!

Okay, Stunning young woman, posting scenes of her own spankings! How can that NOT be good, and she's funny, too! (though I still think she needs another spanking for stretching her panties out in her Last spanking)

Okay, I Want to be a lot of those girls in those drawings, and pics, sigh! The type of thing I fantasize about.

Just what it says, and an Amazing collection.

A fun little blog, AND she posts vids of her getting spanked! yay! And another wife that has to do lines, too, yay! Not being mean, but always nice to know you aren't alone, you know?

A young woman, blogging about her experiences with spanking. I wonder when I read it, what it would have been like for me at her age, with access to the net. And, she has pics as well.

His spanking pic of the day.

About her traditional marriage

Kate plus 8's spanking, and public opinion.....

I'm sure many by now, whether you want to or not, have seen vanilla news reports of Kate, the mom in that reality show Jon and Kate plus 8, of swatting/spanking one of her young daughters.

Now, I have no problem with parents spanking if needed. I know others feel differently.

What I thought especially interesting though, was this poll done Not by a spanking site, but, by a vanilla sorta news site,

As of the time I'm writing, (in case the link goes away later or they stop the poll...), 357,492 have taken their poll, AND 88% say spanking your children is acceptable.

In a related thought, another mom had told me about a site called
The topic of parental discipline often comes up there, with most of those commenting on how you shouldn't spank, etc.

They however, have a section for polls ( like polls), and when I typed spanking in their search engine, at that time, like over a 150 spanking polls came up, most were simply repeats of the same thing. And yes, I went through most of them.

And, what I noticed there, that in poll after poll that asked do you think spanking is okay, 70-80% of the respondents said yes, or said that they did spank.

so there.

parents that spank, we aren't alone, it just doesn't get talked about.