Saturday, June 13, 2009

Just a nice guy, M/F, part 1,

(sorry, no spanking in this part...)

Been a while since I've done a MF story, and this one has been brewing for a while, based on some comments a friend made.
"Maria Elena Murphy, you get that nose back into your corner..."

And How I hate it when my husband calls it 'my' corner!

"...unless you want me to put you Back over my lap for another spanking, young lady."

"No Patrick!" And I put my nose right back in 'my' corner, pouting slightly at being called 'young lady'.

And while I did my corner time, bare, red, Sore bottom on display, I did think, though possibly, well, not at all, about what I was supposed to be thinking of.

I thought about how I had met my loving husband.

I had been raised fairly strictly, in some ways, and indulged in others, which I think is still pretty common among a lot of Hispanic families, and of course I thought that my parents were totally wrong about their opinion of my boyfriend when I was 16, but of course, they weren't.

And like the classic cliche, even good girls can get pregnant on their first time.

Oh, he 'did' the right thing and married me, but being pressured into marrying the girl you only wanted to bed isn't a good foundation for a lasting relationship, and then after the twins were born less then a year later, he was gone for good. A car accident a couple of years later and that was that for him, though the insurance money did help.

My parents were the ones who really helped, though, helping with the babies, and me, making sure I finished school, then taking enough classes to ensure I could get a good office job, even if college was out of the question for the forseeable future.

So, I did the working single mom thing, with my own mother babsitting till the girls were old enough to be in school, and then it was mostly days of me getting them up, getting them to school, going to work, picking them up from my parents after work, checking homework, cleaning the house, making meals, and repeating.

Oh, I loved the girls, but it was just them and me, no love life or prospects of one. Other than guys wanting a quick roll in the hay, they really weren't interested in a long term relationship with a young woman with three kids.

So, there I was, 28, with a 12 year old and two 11 year olds in tow, looking at a new house to rent one day, after problems with my previous landlord.

It was a beautiful place, and it was evident from the others who were there looking at it that they thought so as well, but worse was the fact that I doubted that I would be able to swing the intial payment.

The guy showing the place was nice, in his early thirties, average, but nice. And I was finally old enough to appreciate just how nice, 'nice' could be.

But that was just a passing thought. I saw on then rental application that there was the all too standard security deposit, plus first and last months rent. And that wasn't something I could swing right now.

So, sadly, because it Was such a nice place, well kept up, nice yard front and back, nice neighborhood near the girl's school, I handed the form back, and said that while lovely, I was currently fighting my old landlord about trying to get my security back from him, I happened to mention his name in passing, the very nice guy looked like he was going to say something, when I heard Loud girlish squeals from the backyard, not Help Me squeals, but those I'm Happy or I'm Surprised or I'm Excited type of ear splitting squeals.

So I went to see what the girls were up to, thinking Not happy thoughts at the moment. I had warned them to not wander away, had, over their protests, made them dress in Sunday best so as to make a good impression, reminded them to watch their manners, and gave them my best 'I mean it or Else!' mom look.

Outside, I saw the girls excitedly talking with several other girls across the backyard fence, girls I recognized from their school, holding hands, jumping up and down, and the girls were somehow suddenly in the backyard as well.

They came in a group over to us, the new girls introducing my girls to their Uncle Patrick.
And informing him that they were All bff, (that's best friends forever...) and asking if we would be living there, and how cool it was and they just Had to rent to us, and that is why we were there wasn't it, to rent the place, and Plleeasseee Uncle Pat Plllleeasssee!? till he hushed them.
His nieces hushed, but did the the big cute eyed we love you Uncle Pat thing very well. My girls hushed as well, and were giving me the same big eyes.

Pat asked me if it was okay if the girls played outside, while we talked inside, and I liked how he asked me, and didn't just assume or tell me what to do, so I thanked him, said yes, and followed him in, though I wasn't looking forward to this talk, and having to admit I couldn't pay.

But then we he started asking me about my current dispute with my old landlord (we were currently staying with my parents, something I hoped was a Very short term fix!) it turned out he had had dealings with him as well, and didn't like him. And so after giving me the number of a lawyer who would be more than happy to help me out, he also said I sounded like the perfect tenant, at which, manners or not, I did laugh.

Pat just gave me that look I've come to know so well, and asked what was so funny. I told him that he was nice, but that I didn't have the money, and my referances were mostly family.
And he said that first, that knowing my old landlord like he did, and my having a problem with him was in my favor.

And that family was always the best reference you could give; and also, I had double family references, since his favorite nieces vouched for us as well.

And with all those references, he thought a token security deposit, and first months rent would be all that was needed. If I was interested, of course.

And I was, but....

more later,

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