Saturday, June 13, 2009

School Days, F/ff

"Lauren, sly, please stand up!"

I gulped, turned from where I thought I had been secretly chatting with Lauren, and stood up, my palms sweaty. I noticed that Lauren did the same and she looked a bit pale and flushed at the same time.

"Girls, care to share with the class what you were taking about?"

My first thought, which I did not voice, not having a death wish, was that no, I really didn't want to share anything with the class.

"I'm waiting, ladies. If it was important enough to talk while I was lecturing, it's obviously important enough that the rest of the class should hear as well."

Now my face was red, I could feel how hot it was, and I could see how many of the other girls were smiling, happy it was us and not them in trouble. And, it did make for them, a nice diversion from the lesson.

"Um," I started, "we were just talking over the results from last nights Big Brother show?"

Okay, so it just came out like a question, I don't know why.

Ms. Park wasn't amused.

"Oh, really."


"My desk, girls, now."

I looked at Lauren, we both had big eyes now, having made this trip before. She did look cute though as she bit her lip. And we both moved forward, making the walk of doom.

"This isn't the first time, is it sly, is it Lauren, that I've warned you about talking in class."

And it was a statement, not a question.

"No Ms. Park." was her mumbled answer.

"And it isn't even the first time I've had to do more than just warn you, is it, girls."

Again, a flat statement. And she didn't sound very happy with us right now. And she looked kinda scary too. Korean-American, she was tall, athletic, and not to be fooled with.

"N-no Ma'am." Oh well, at least Lauren's voice had cracked too, at the thought of our last time up here, and what that meant for us now.

"And what did I tell you was going to happen every time, from now on, that you two disrupted my class by chattering away?"

"T-that we were going to get, paddled, Ma'am?" Okay, that was just me, Lauren was looking at the floor.

"Exactly. Lauren, stand by the window please. sly, over the desk, you should know how I want you by now."

My red face got way hotter, as she said that. Some of the other girls were smirking, some looked fascinated, some looked sympathetic. I went to the side of her desk, and leaned well over it, chest flat, face on hands, face turned towards the class, and waited.

Ms. Park had while I was doing this, went to the corner by the door, and retrieved the paddle hanging there, and I noticed a Lot of my classmates squirming, and sitting up straighter, most of us had felt that paddle at least once.

It wasn't huge, as these things go, maybe four inches wide, the paddle part itself a bit over a foot, and then the tapered handle, and maybe a bit over a quarter inch thick. I don't know what it was made of, but it hurt like you wouldn't believe, even over clothes. And, unlike some teachers, there wasn't any cutesy little saying on it.

She walked behind me, tapped the seat of my khaki cargo shorts twice, as she asked if I had anything in my back pockets, and when I said no, the paddle lifted and just that fast, it came back down hard, and fast and whistling, CRACK!

I Know my eyes went Wide open with that, my mouth too, though I didn't really make a sound.
That first lick is always such a surprise, at how much it really hurts. I really didn't care that my classmates were watching now, I had other things to worry about!

Tap, tap tap....she always waits, about twenty to thirty seconds, between swats and just when it seems the burn has got as bad as it's going to get, CRACK!

"Oh! oh oh oh!"

Okay, so I guess I still Am worried about my classmates, because I'm misty eyed at the thought of sounding like a little girl from just a couple of swats, but it Really really hurts! Even through my shorts, and cotton panties, it hurts!

Tap tap tap, oh no!


"Oh, oh please, Ma'am..."

Ma'am just seems to come out at such times....

Tap tap tap...

"I told you the last time, sly, that if I paddled you for this again, it would be more, didn't I."
Again, the statement, not a question.


"Oh! Ow P-pleassseeee...."

Tap tap tap...

Oh god no! The heat Builds with a paddling like this, like you wouldn't believe! My bottom was so hot, burning, and it Hurt!

"I know your show is on three times a week, and if I have to spank you after each episode, I will, is that clear? You can talk about it at home, before school, during breaks, at lunch, after school, but Not during my class!"


"Is THAT understood, sly?"

"Oh Oh Yes Ms. Park, yes!"

"Good, get up, trade places with Lauren. And No rubbing, young lady."

And at that, my hands Lept away from my fanny.

I tried not to fidget to much, as I watched as Lauren draped herself over the desk, already teary from having to watch and hear my paddling, always way worse going second.

I felt sorry for her, her pants were thinner than my shorts, and I could see the outline of a little bikini panty through them as her bottom plumped them out while she was bent over.

There was the tap tap tap, then, CRACK!

and a Loud squeal from her. That often happened,when a girl went second, though.

And she got a lecuture as well. Pretty much the same thing I had heard.


Her hands were in fists now, eyes Wide at the swat, then closed tight, a soft whimper was all I heard.

Then that tap tap tap, and I saw Lauren's plump little bottom jiggle a bit with each tap, then CRACK!

"Oh oh Please Ms. Park, Please!? It Hurts!"

"It's supposed to , Lauren, if you don't want your bottom to hurt, don't misbehave in school."

Tap tap tap...CRACK!

I saw her bottom tighten, almost quiver, before that swat, and she squealed, and stood up, holding her bottom protectively with both hands, dancing in place.

"Lauren! Hands off your bottom,now, and bend back over until I tell you to rise, unless you want extras, young lady!"

Still dancing, her hands sorta left her bottom, and she tried to bend.

"P-please, Ms. Park, please, it hurts!"

"Lauren! Over the desk, now. You are 17, and I expect you not to carry on like a little girl, is that understood? One, two... "

With a sob, she bent back over, bottom presented again, though wiggling slightly,and I sorta squirmed at that myself. Feeling sorry for her, of course.

Tap tap tap...CRACK!

and again she lept up! Geez Lauren....

"Lauren! I did not tell you to get up! Back over the desk, now!" and this time she helped her with a firm hand in her back, bending her over as Lauren cried.

"Hold still. "

and then No tap tap tap, just CRACK! and it sounded Louder then the others had, and she really really squealed that time, tears coming down her face, but while her hands went back, they stayed off her bottom, and I swear, you could See the imprint of the paddle on the seat of her pants! and she stayed down, as well, until told she could stand.

Ms. Park looked at us, then nodded. "Okay, girls, back to your seats. We've wasted enough class time."

As we stiffly walked back to our Hard chairs, she also added that we would of course, have a note to take home to our mothers....


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GASPS! Oh,THANK You, Mommie! Thank YOU!...********************************************************************************~The bell rings, the doors open and the kids pour out onto the walk as we all make our way home. Some walking a little more comfortably than others. Blush!I run to catch up with Lauren, and she's Still more than a bit embarrassed about our classroom performance this afternoon. I feel sorry for her. She got it Much worse than I did, and it was all my fault, really. That Ms. Park has Always had it in for us! Mean Thing! It's not like she was teaching anything that anybody wanted to listen to Anyway. I mean, Everyone else was whispering or passing notes too! Why she had to call out Lauren and me...I don't even know what to say to Lauren. I apologize to her for getting her into trouble...but now, I have to break the news to her, since she's staying with us for a few days while her parents are out of town, what the rule is in our house about getting in trouble at school...More specifically, what happens in our house if we get paddled in school...I'm sure Mom will take it easy on her...Right! What was I thinking! I remember Mom talking things over with Lauren's parents and then Lauren agreeing to be subject to All house rules & punishments while she's with us. But poor Lauren probably didn't even Hear what she was agreeing to, coz I was making googly eyes at her and showing off behind their backs when she should have been listening. OMG! Lauren's going to Kill me!And worse yet, I KNOW Mom will...O M G! She's gonna make me stand there with my shorts and panties down around my ankles with my Bare Bottom on display!! And she's gonna let Lauren watch, I just Know it! She used to do that All the time with Jennifer and Nikki when they were in high school. I am Going to just Die!! And knowing Mom, once she finds out What we were talking about, I'm sure she'll have some wicked little punishment to go along with Tonight's Big Brother Show...Sorry Lauren!!!~*********************************************************************************Thank You, Mommy! I LOVE You!~Sly

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