Saturday, June 13, 2009

Riley trains her puppy, F/F, sister in law

Another SIN repost. Background. Riley was having trouble with her young sister in law. She and her husband were living with Rye and her husband, and leaving all the work to Riley. Also, the sister in law was always following Rye's husband around like a puppy. Hence the name, Puppy. That's all. This was my suggested solution to her problem.
Okay, if you are confused about the title, it means you need to go back to the archives, in the rl section, and check out the posts that Riley put on about her troubles with her sister in law....for the rest of you, I hope you (and Riley) enjoy. Another one that just sorta popped out without planning. ************************************************************************************ Riley came home, to find her young sister in law sitting at the computer, bent over, engrossed in some chat room. She (Riley, that is) noticed a few other things as well.

Such as the laundry wasn't done, piles of laundry were still in the hall on the floor, her sister in laws and brother in laws laundry, not hers.

And she also noticed that she didn't notice the smell of anything cooking. Puppy still hadn't noticed that Riley was home yet. So she walked quietly up behind were Puppy was sitting,and cleared her throat. She admitted to herself it was most gratifying to watch her jump, and her squeal with surprise.

"R-Riley! Oh, hi! I uh, didn't hear you come in, did you get off from work early?"

"No, no I didn't. I'm right on time, missy."

She smiled to herself as she watched Puppy's eyes get even wider, if that was possible. "Oh! Oh nooooooo, Rileyyyyyy, I'm sorrrrryyyy, I mean it, I just lost track of time, that's all reallllllly!"

The big puppy eyes she was being given almost got to Riley, but she remained strong. The girl, only 19, was sweet enough, but ditzy, and totally undisciplined. It wasn't that she was a 'bad' girl, just careless and thoughtless and rude and a spoiled little princess. It wasn't totally her fault, her parents were mostly to blame, but the results were what they were.

So, Riley had taken it upon herself, after getting exasperated by her young selfish sister in laws constant impositions on her and her marriage. Expecting Riley, after a full day of work, to do the chores for the Entire household, all the laundry, all cooking, all the cleaning, everything!

And, she couldn't be expected to do the simplest thing, such as put gas in the car when she drained it after she emptied the tank, or pass on messages to Riley or her husband, tying up the phone and internet for interminable amounts of time.

Things were better, because Riley had decided to start a little Puppy training. She had decided to begin such training after Puppy started flirting and spending way too much time with RILEY'S husband!

The very next day, after the guys went out to do whatever guys do, Riley had confronted Puppy, scolded her so sternly (without yelling, just laid out the facts but right was on her side....) that Puppy had started to cry, and sincerley said how sorry she was. Riley though, had had enough.

She knew from painful experience how her mother had corrected such faults in her own youth. Long, protracted trips over a motherly lap, with ample applications of a hard, unforgiving wooden brush, until frantic and genuine pleas of remorse and promises to change her behavior, along with copious amounts of tears had all come out.

So, taking her mother's example, she provided not a motherly lap, but a big sisters lap, and took Puppy by the ear, replaced her in the chair, pulled her over her lap, pulled her lowrider yoga pants down, pulled the black thong panties down off the tight little ass, even though they didn't cover up anything important, but a point needed to be made and the loss of what little protection she still had was not lost on Puppy at all.

Even though she was unfamiliar with spankings from a personal perspective, she knew of them, and knew what was coming. But with the loss of her cute and sexy little panties her pleas to Riley not to spank her, to please forgive her, were changed to pleas to let her at least keep her panties up. But, poor Puppy soon learned a hard fact of life, that most girls learn at a much younger age (even though they may remember the lesson when future spankings were impending, it doesn't neccesarily prevent similiar pleadings in the future, just that the spankee knows that they won't be honored. But, a girl has to do what a girl has to do when her bottom is in danger....), and that fact is, that it's the Spanker, and not the spankee, who decides the rules of a spanking.

And Puppy also soon heard words that millions and millions of women and girls had heard in some form, for generation upon generation. That THIS spanking wasn't just to impress on her mind (and young squirming bottom) the importance of staying out of trouble in the future, and doing what was proper, and what she was expected to do, it was also payment for Past bad behavior.

Riley had shown some mercy though. Since there were such a multitude of behavioral problems to deal with, she didn't give Puppy her spanking all at once. Instead, she broke up each rather lengthy session over her lap, or over the back of the couch, with some corner time. Some standing, some, much to Puppy's dismay, seated.

Five spankings, five corner times, and it was a much more obedient, polite, and respectful girl, albiet one that no longer wanted to sit for the next several days, who got up from her caring big 'sisters' lap.

For the most part, Puppy had done well, with only minor lapses here and there, but Riley had decided that each and every one would be spankable from now on, and many a time, Puppy had gotten up sobbing off of Riley's lap.

Which brought us back to today.

A sigh. "Puppy, honey, I know you 'didn't mean it', but that's the point, you have to learn to pay attention, to learn that your actions have consequences for others, and, for yourself. The laundry still isn't done, dinner isn't cooking, and it was your turn. So, that means two spankings young lady. Hairbrush and paddle, bring them back quick, scoot!"

Sobbing, the young woman fled down the hall, and returned a little later with her own personal instruments of penance. Not wanting to prolong this, and knowing how soon it was before the guys would be home, and that Puppy almost never seemed to be able to answer questions without a lot of prompting till after her spanking, Riley flipped up her cute little dress, lowered her little pink thong to her knees, and proceeded to take the brush to the tightly clenched rump that was over her lap.

She scolded as she spanked, each spank raising instant color in the shape of the brushs head, and Puppy was not shy about giving voice to the great distress she was feeling. Finally, after going over every inch of her little butt several times, with several minutes devoted simply to her sit spot, she was allowed up and was told to get her nose in the corner. After her crying had quieted, Riley told her it was time for the spanking for not getting dinner going. Now, either she would have to rush to fix something, or money would have to be spent on takeout.

Puppy was told to bend over the back of the couch, her dress was relifted, and Riley stepped back and gave her ten good, hard spanks with the paddle. On top of the earlier brushing, sitting would be quite the experience for the next several days.

Riley let her cry it out over the couch, and when the worst was over, helped her young sister in law up, retrieved her panties from the floor where they had been kicked off during the first spanking, and led her to the bathroom, where she washed her face, and then held her tight, while she told her that she was her good girl again, and how proud she was of how well she had been doing overlall.

Finally, a shy smile appeared, and Puppy followed Riley into the kitchen, where the two of them worked together to prepare a nice Mexican dinner, Riley giving her pointers along the way. And also going over some other household hints as well.

".... and so Puppy, your husband has been much better lately, but he Still insists on making comments during MY husband's and mine private moments, as it were. Which totally kills the mood for me. So, tell me how you are going to get him to stop, because I can't spank him, but I CAN spank you, young lady!"

And with her freshly spanked bottom providing loads of creative ideas, she rapidly blurted out that she would talk to him that very night, and tell him that she found it very rude when he did that, and that everytime he did it from now on, he would be sleeping on the couch!

Riley smiled at Puppy, and told her that was a marvelous idea, and that as long as she did as she said, and actually did kick him to the couch, her bottom would be safe. Then the door opened, and Riley and her Puppy went to greet their guys.....


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