Monday, June 15, 2009

Catherine's valentines day part 2, F/F, sexual

I took the brush, bristle side down, and lightly rubbed her tummy, right above that heart shaped little red muff. She moaned, tummy sucking in for a split second, before she relaxed into the sensation, softening, cooing her pleasure.

"Now, young lady...", that, as I brought the brush lower yet, and her naughty little bottom seemed to push up slightly, as if she was offering something for me to touch and pet..."... that is a Very cute and sexy little panty and bra combo, so while I'm brushing you, you Better be a good girl, and Not stretch them out, do you understand, young lady?"

All of that, with a mock severity that was made a lie by my smile and my eyes, which never left hers. Except for when I stole glances at that red little muff, that puffy clit hood, those lips, softening, swelling, parting, that...I ran the brush, gently, softly, through those curls.

A combination of coo, sigh, and moan, a sound that was uniquely hers, came to me.

My own pussy was very hot herself, now...I continued to softly brush out those soft red curls...more soft urgent noises...and thighs, starting to spread, offering herself to me...letting the delicously soft bristles start to just glide over the hood of her clit, and hips raising in a most unladylike way, legs scissoring, thighs spreading farther yet....too far. Good.

"Catherine Alexandra!" That, sharp, direct, and her response was a sudden intake of breath, she knew she was in 'trouble' but wasn't exactly sure what she had done.

"I thought I told you NOT to stretch out your new little panties, missy!" I scolded her, tsking, in that mom sort of way, the way that gets her All hot and bothered when we play, the way that simply gets her weepy when it isn't.

"Well, I can see that I am Just going to have to take those little panties down and off, young lady, since you can't seem to behave yourself!" and I had both hands at her hips, despite her panties being at her knees, and slid them slowly down, till I got to the little tiny fabric rope stretched palely between her knees, urged those knees closer together, and slid the little bit of dainty nothingness off and dropped it on the pillow, by her head.

I was close to her face when I did so, so of course leaned over, kissed her, eyes, nose, mouth... and my own nostrils flared wide, as I was also close enough to her panties that could smell the musk of her arousal. My blood felt like it was on fire....I scolded my naughty one some more, as I brushed, firmer now, through her red curls, over her clit, across her lips, as she fought to maintain as much contact as she could with the bristles, wanting , needing more. Not wanting it stop there, but yet, wanting to be touched elsewhere at the same time

."You Know what happens to naughty girls, who don't listen, Catherine, my little Cat, my little kitten..."

I reversed the brush, she shivered, her tummy rippling, involuntary contractions, sexy as hell, one of her hands going without her realizing to her breasts, softly touching, rubbing stroking...and I Tapped the brush on her inner thighs, just taps, for now.

"Naughty girls,kitten, they get Spanked..." and she got her first spank, with the word, on her soft, tender inner thigh...

"....spanked long, and hard, All over, on their bottoms and their thighs..."More spanks, soft, but spanks, on both of her thighs, the inner part, that stings but is such a Good hurt at times like these, the sting going directly to her clitt and pussy... so wet, so very wet.But sting it does, and I scolded more, as she tried to close her legs, not that she wanted it to stop, but, simply couldn't help herself.

I knew how my poor sweety felt.


And used that knowledge of her body against itself.

Taking the bristles now, as I scolded her for not keeping her legs parted, since she had So obviously wanted them parted just moments before, which is why I had to take her panties off of her... she blushed, stammered, unable to think, to form a coherent answer, and I knew what that was like as well...Scolded her for not behaving, for not answering, for not keeping those pretty thighs parted, as I took the bristles and brushed the areas I had just spanked, the sensation almost too much for her, her plump little bottom coming off the bed,legs parting, then closing Hard, on brush and hand.

So, I stopped, reached over, gathered both legs around the knees, and pulled her legs up until she was in the dreaded diaper position...ALL of her charms so very nicely on display right now!

Whimpers of shame, and arousal coming from those pouty swollen lips. Scolding, what a bad girl, what a naughty girl, how she Needed a good old fashioned spanking...her pretty little pussy so wet, so wanting... and so I gave it to her, an old fashioned bottom warming with that cherry wood brush, All over that bouncing little bottom, ignoring her fussing, her tensed legs, her pleas and begging and crying.... stopping only to scold some more, although it is possible that when I stopped, my right hand, the one that still held the brush even as my left arm held her legs Tightly in place, well, that hand May have rested on those needy little areas that she wanted touched and played with.

And stroked, and brushed, and touched some more. And then it was back to the spanking....

Angie, more coming

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