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I'm tired F/F

Entry for November 21, 2008 I'm tired.... F/F dd

"sly, I'm tired of your mouth, your constant backtalk, your sass, and your attitude in general, young lady!"

It goes to show how far things were gone, that my statement, only got the equivelant of a teenage smirk and defiant look.

"And that is Exactly what I'm talking about! I've had it with you, sly! You have been acting like a spoiled, snotty little brat for several days now, and I Warned you! Do Not roll your eyes, and huff at me young lady!"

And that really Was the last straw. I reached out, grabbed her wrist, Hard, and Walked over to the kitchen island, and grabbed the large decorated wooden spatula from the decorated tin, that I had bought from Rosy Bottoms site, and took it, and her, back to the spanking chair in the front room.

Of course, this was accompanied by her protests of how I Couldn't do this to her, I had No right, she was an adult after all (despite any evidence of maturity), an, an, an she Really hadn't meant it, she was sorry, it wouldn't happen again, an, really, I didn't have to spank her, this time, and, besides, I couldn't! It wasn't fair! I was being mean,I was...

I was sitting down, and then I Yanked down her sweat pants, they may be comfy for her, but are So convenient for me.

That got a big squeal, and and a bigger one as her simple blue cotton panties followed, to her knees.

I twisted her wrist a bit, and yanked,Hard, and over my lap she went.

More squealing, sometimes I think all she does is either sass or squeal.


"Ahhhhh! Annngieeee!!!!"


"OWWWWW! Please, Angie?!"


The last three were left, right, center, and seemed to have gotten her attention.

So I repeated them.


"Nooo no no noooo! Pleasseeeee! Sorrrry! It hurts!"

And again.


"Ahhhh!!! Please not there please honey not There, please?! I was wrong, you can spank me, I'll let you..."

Let me, hmm. Oh really.


"AGHHHH!!!!! Honey Angie!" sob! "I didn' mean let, I, I mean, I mean I woudn't fight you! I'll obey you, and please not my sit spots Ma'am, please, Ma'am? Oh pleasseee?!"

I patted the now warm wood, across the area it had just visited. Not the plumper part of her fanny where I had started, but her sit spots, right at each thigh bottom crease, as well as the divide at the same level. She didn't seem to appreciate my efforts though.

"Well, weren't You the one begging me to spank someplace else?"

"B-but, well yes Ma'am, but I didn't mean there honest!"

I moved the brush back up to bottom proper, and started spanking again, letting the nice, heavy, Koa wood brush dance over her bottom repeatedly.

"And amazing how that sass, and attitude is disappearing, isn't it young lady, and how now I"m Dear, and Angie Honey and Ma'am, isn't it sly?"

I Kept spanking the whole time, keeping lit what was already on fire, and bringing that burn ever higher.

People that have never Really gotten a Good hard spanking, with an implement like a brush, have no idea how much each lick Burns, and how that burn, as other spanks land on it, grows, and grows and grows.

I grabbed her right arm and pinned it to her side when sly tried to protect her bottom. And of course, gave her some extras to her thighs, for her troubles.

I spanked,hard, fast, and steady, for a good five minutes.

You hear stories of half hour spankings, but trust me, five Solid minutes with a brush, and you have their undivided attention.

sly's sweats and panties were now bunched around her ankles, as she had tried her hand at over the lap swimming.

Cute though, and quite the show for me, which I would remind her of later.

Of how even though trapped, her thighs had spread, and I had quite the look at her pretty pussy, and when her bottom cheeks flared wide, after tightly clenching I got a good view of her shy little pucker,as well, and thought of how I was going to be playing there, with the strapon, later as well.

I didn't touch or play, other than to rub my hand lightly, over her red hot, swollen bottom.
I let her cry for a bit, and then made her stand up, and helped her to the corner, hands off her bottom no rubbing, or Else!

I let sly cry there, for about 20 minutes, maybe thirty.

And, then it was time to finish this off.

"Alright, young lady, turn around now, please. Excuse me, miss, I didn't say pull your panties up! You leave them where they are, and go get the Belt off the hook, right now,and get your little red fanny right back here, understand!? And so help me, you touch that bottom and we are going to start All over again! Scoot!"

sly scooted, crying on her way to the wall, where the belt lived, day to day, as a reminder, and sobbed as she came back.

I took her ear, and led her no longer protesting, but begging for mercy, and trying to bargain and plead and promise.

At the couch, it was simple.

"Over, young lady. Now."

"Y-yes Ma'am!"

And over she went.

I laid on the licks, slow, and hard, working from the top of the spankable portion of her cheeks, and going down, lick by lick, as her toes came off the floor, each stroke overlapping the last, by just a bit.

And I went down to mid thigh, and I let the end of the belt wrap the tiniest bit across her hips as well, so she could get the full experience.

and then I paused, and walked over to her right side, and when she realized what I was doing, her sobbing increased even more, for I gave her a duplicate set, Top of her bottom to mid thigh, but back handed this time,so that the tip would land equally.

And now we were done, and it was time to sit her on my lap, and let her be my good girl again.


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