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The party is busted, sly....F/f

Entry for August 22, 2007 The Party is busted, girls...

Hello sly, (and yes, small 's', my naughty little pantygirl...)

Not happy with you; not terribly respectful, towards me, what you are up to, is it? And then getting others involved as well.

Since you can't seem to find ways to occupy your time, maybe I can help.

Besides the homework I gave you in the email, regarding your clothing, I have more homework as well.

I was going to give this to you as a between us task, but since you love to push things, you will do this for all to see, whether here on my blog,or on yours, your choice.

1. Assume that you aren't in trouble (I know, but try...kiss), and I am taking you out shopping and such for the afternoon. Now, don't overthink this, but right now, describe, from the skin out missy, what you would want me to wear, to include hairstyle, and I do mean detailed, colors, etc... and what you would wear. I know moods change, that is why I said now, when you do it.

2. Your other public assigment, my lovable imp, is for you to explain what 'boi' culture means to you. There is no right or wrong on this, as long as you take it seriously, my love.

And in case you think I'm joking, remember about 'grounding' from playing with you, till your work is done, and added punishments. I don't think you want to have to blog about your experiences at self given enemas, and extended corner times and the Huge amount of lines you would be given, do you?
ps. Julie, behave, she's in enough trouble!
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Where's the party? Oh pants!
Thursday August 23, 2007 - 05:33pm (BST) Remove Comment
Yes Ma'am MsAngie. I wasn't meaning to be disrespectful...I was just trying to have some fun before summer's out. You know I don't have good judgment when I'm left alone. I would have cleaned up all the mess. I'll get right on top of that assignment Ma'am. ::walks out of the room to get my paper and pencil...thinking to myself 'I'm right on top of that Rose!'...then the thought tapers off and I start to softly whistle...'Take me down to the paradise city, where the grass is green and the girls are pretty...:::
Thursday August 23, 2007 - 10:21am (PDT) Remove Comment
Dear MsAngie,To me, being a boi means being respectful to women, being protective, having honor, being polite, charming, witty, a good listener, playful, mischievous, bratty, brave, tough, someone you can always count on in any situation, mischievous, being a good friend, a good lover, honest, mischievous, dependable, cute, funny, mischievous, self respectful, charismatic, willful, unruly and in need of a woman's loving touch and guidance...all the good things society once believed a young "gentleman" should be. Actually, those are characteristics that most people should adopt whether male or female. I identify with being a boi in another sense as well, and that's because I'm not a "Femme" in any way, shape or form. I do not like makeup, frilly clothing, high heels or anything else associated with a girly girl. I also am not a "Butch." I am not burley, and I am not mistaken for a man in public. I do not associate my sexuality as being a man and don't wish to have or obtain any male anatomical parts. (this does not include "toys" that my partner and I may want to play with) I enjoy being a woman. I think women are soft, gentle, sweet, nurturing and kind...but I have more of a "tomboyish" way of expressing it. I like strong, intelligent, feminine women...the degree of femininity is not an issue, as long as I don't feel like I'm in a relationship with a man. Again, what I'm attracted to in a woman is their soft, gentle, sweet, stern, nurturing ways. Women are incredible creatures! From all walks of life, in all colors, shapes, and sizes, their true beauty comes from within. This does not mean I don't have male friends or Butch Dyke friends. I'm just not sexually attracted to either. One last way on what being a boi means to me is in the bedroom. If I am on the receiving end of a love making session, there's only one real way to "do" a boi. Use your imagination on how that would be...but does not mean that is the only way I like it!! Vaginal orgasms are great too! ::Blush::MsAngie...this has been a very hard one to write. Self analogy in a public forum is tough and makes me feel conceited. Explaining what being a boi to me means is very complex. Please don't hold me to any one particular thing I may have said, because after all, I Am a woman, and my thoughts on any subject may change at any given moment. These are my thoughts of today. I hope it brings some insight into the person I strive to be and what makes me "tick."Thank you for the assignment, and yes Ma'am, I realize there is still one more to accomplish.Love,~Sly
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Jenny W
That's beautiful Sly....I know just how you feel!Jenny
Saturday August 25, 2007 - 02:15pm (NZST) Remove Comment
Thank you Jen.
Monday August 27, 2007 - 11:37am (PDT) Remove Comment

Jenny W
Hey Sly...what happened to your homework assignment about your clothing?? I was really looking forward to that 'cos dressing up is a big thrill for me.Love, Jenny

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