Saturday, June 13, 2009

What I want, (very sexual)

I'm always amazed at how many women say they don't feel that sexual, that often.

I do. Oh, not All the time, but a lot of the time. Even when I'm not, it doesn't take much to get me in the mood, either. And it varies too, when I am, what I am in the mood for. Whether cuddling and soft kisses, being spooned and played with .

But, there are other times, like now, when what I want, is to feel my thighs part as you touch my belly and parts lower , parting all on their own, as if they Have to, when you touch me, kiss me, stroke me, my legs wrapping around your waist, my arms not pinned but left free to wrap around you as well, and, I want to be Taken, with my legs parted and wrapped, deeply, looking into your eyes as you do, kissing your face, your eyes, your lips, feeling you enter my mouth as well...

I feel so feminine at these times, and I know some might not understand that, but, what could be more feminine, more 'womanly', then being taken, having you in me, possessing me, claiming me, entering me, in all the ways you can.

I coo, sigh, purr, as you slide into me, as your tongue slides into me, as your hands part my plump bottom cheeks, Gasping as your finger touches me there as well, Gasping again, as you Spank me, Hard. Then Again.

Clamping down on you, sucking your tongue as it plays in my mouth, my tongue dancing with yours, wrippling around you as you thrust into me, my bottom hole clenching then opening as your finger rims it, then you enter there as well.

I whimper as you pull out, and I want my legs around you again, but you turn me, so easily you do, onto my tummy, and kneel between my thighs, and you spread them again.

Oh yes

Some women say it's demeaning, to be taken from behind like this, to impersonal.

I'm not one of those women.

Because I know you aren't being impersonal, this if pleasure, for both of us.

I whimper again, as your hands Spank me, one cheek, then the other, then slide off my hips and under my belly, just a bit, and then you Lift my hips, raising them, as you part my legs even more, and you enter me, again, and Pull me against you, and you Spank me with your right hand, and your left hand is between my legs, touching me So knowingly, oh gawd yes, right there, little circles, as you take me....

I am so keyed up from before, I climax fast, shattering, tummy rippling, and I want to flatten against the sheets, to grind against them, to close my legs now, for keeping my thighs apart now, means I will surely shatter into a million pieces like crystal, when I come again; so of course, you don't permit me to lower my hips, nor bring my thighs from where you have spread them. All I can do, as your fingers dance over my clit so knowingly, is coo, sigh, moan, gasp, and wrap my calves over yours.

And you make me come again, and I pant that I can't take anymore, it's to much, it's to good, it's to intense....

And for an answer, you lean over me, your hand firmly in my hair, my face turned towards you, you kissing me again, slowly going deeply into me as you lay on my back, and I can feel the passion rising again, and you raise up, and I whimper from the loss of your mouth, the loss of your tongue.

I whimper again, for a different reason, when you are no longer in me, but against my shy pucker, you are going to claim me tonight, in all ways, and you Spank me, Spank me again, and again, fingers still on my clit, and then you are In me, as you Spank me, and play with me, and I am yours.

That is what I want.


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