Monday, June 15, 2009

My new panties, pretty, but awful! M/F, domestic

He surprised me this last week, with a new pair of panties...

He likes seeing me in them, and I like showing off for him.

Although I always get a giggle out of the thought of the big thug wandering through the women's undies section of a store, or wallmart, picking something up, and deciding whether he is going to get it or not... for some reason that strikes me as funnier than if he were to go into a fancier lingere shop (which he will,and can do without blushing....) like Victoria's Secrets or Fredricks of Hollywood....

Anyways, these panties are cute little full cut pink bikinis, almost a hi cut brief style....the tag says they are called Just Love, and made in Turkey... All cotton, but with elastic ALL through them...a 1/2 inch elastic waist band, and little eyelet lace in a lighter and shinier pink around the legs... And they are textured, which I normally like... I like undies with character.

These, about every half inch, have a veritical ridge or line, obvious to look at and not just to touch, and between every two of these vertical ridges are two more ridges, that form sort of a diamond pattern back and forth with each other....Very cute!

So of Course I had to model them for him right away, he had to make sure my bottom matched the pink of the panties, then the panties were forgotten in all the 'afters'...

Until the other day, when freshly laundered, I saw them in my panty drawer, and put them on, getting ready for work. Now, pretty they are, but after a while, sitting on them became an ordeal!

All those little ridges, the added texture, even though they were on the outside of the panties, they still started digging in!

And I couldn't find anywhere comfortable to shift too, that only brought new rump flesh into contact with panties and chair!

And of course, it was one of those days were I was sitting most of the day, AND couldn't go home for lunch to change, AND didn't have spare ones with in my gym bag! When I finally made it home, my bottom was SO tender!

He was there already, so I told him I wanted to see him upstairs, and in the bedroom, I turned my back, lifted my dress, and pulled my panties down, and told him to LOOK at what they had done to my bottom! You could actually see little lines in my butt! The thug laughed, but did offer to kiss it all better, so I let him. He also said that apparently I now had another pair of punishment panties on hand if I got out of line....


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