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miss Megan again, in jammies and spanked, F/f, rl

Entry for April 13, 2007 miss Megan again, in jammies and spanked....real life

Somewhere back in the early pages of my blog, I've wrote about miss Megan. She is the 12 year old daughter of a friend of mine here, a young single mother. So, since I'm short on time, all the background I'm doing now, if you are interested, you can go back and read the rest there.

I got a call from Megan's mom the other day (Thursday), and she was not happy and about in tears herself. She had a letter from Megan's school waiting for her when she got home from work, it was her grades, several of which were Not good at all. And a note saying that she hadn't been doing her homework and had been acting up in class. She was able to call the school and managed to talk to someone (and I say managed, because they are on spring break right now, and it was already early afternoon...) and found out that the reason she was just finding this out, was that the notes that had been sent home with little miss Megan and had all been returned, apparently signed by her mom!

Well, about that fast, after her mom assured the school that she had not seen any notes, and asked them in the future to either mail them to her, or to email her,she thanked them, hung up, and went out and found her daughter playing with her friends in a nearby park, and in mom fashion, walked her home, hand on wrist, scolding her the whole way.

Once home, Megan was sent to her room, and her mom called me. Apparently Megan alternated as she was being scolded and led home, between denying she had forged her mom's name, then saying it was really no big deal, saying she was sorry, and pulling a big attitude. So she asked if she could bring her over.

I told her by all means, I knew what she meant.

Less than 15 minutes later they were at our door, mom leading her sulky and worried looking daughter in, and Megan was now in her pajamas, even though it was only the afternoon. This was something she had started, at the suggestion of one of the members here on my blog, about using jammie discipline when she was in trouble, and she had been doing it. And the couple of times, she had told me before, that Megan had balked at it, she only had to ask if she wanted a visit to her Aunt Angie first, and Megan would rush to get changed.

I told her mom that we needed to talk first, and said that Megan could wait for us in the corner. I was then pleasantly surprised when her mom seconded that, gave her a pop on the bottom, told Megan that she had heard me, and to get going!

Megan squeaked, and scooted right to the empty corner, and her mom and I talked. She said that she knew Megan needed a good spanking, but that she wasn't sure how to go about it, and wondered if I would do it again. I said yes, got a chair out, got my brush and went and got Megan from the corner.

I sat down, stood Megan in front of me and I, and her mom, questioned and lectured her about school, her grades, her attitude, and her forging her mom's name on her notes.

When it was all out in the open, and she was already in that sorry for herself cause she was caught teary stage, I pulled her jammie bottoms down, and then over my lap she went, and I gave her a good firm hand spanking, while her mom watched most attentively. I told her how often for a more serious offense like this,where I knew I was going to be using the brush or paddle or strap after (which comment brought loud crying from the girl over my lap) I would almost always start with my hand, as a sort of warmup.

I spanked, scolded, and covered all of her little bottom, and then it was back up, bottoms all the way off now, and into the corner with her. Her mom talked about what she was going to do, concerning checking on grades, on checking on her behavior, and other things, while Megan cried in the corner.

After a bit, when mom had run out of things to say, I called Megan back over to me, and she came hands covering her bottom, no longer in the least defiant, but very sorry, telling her mom how sorry she was, how she would never do it again, all the usual.

I told her mom that normaly, now,I had another little question and answer session with the one in trouble, to see if they really understood what was going on, what they had done, and what they were going to do in the future.

Megan gave all the right answers, but, it was time for her brushing, and that was what she got, a good firm brush spanking, all over her little bottom to include her sit spots, making sure she would remember this for some time.

And then it was over, and she was in her mom's arms, apologizing. Her mom kissed her, helped her put her bottoms back on, wiped her nose, and then hugged me and then she took her daughter home where she said later, that they had had a good talk, and that Megan was now on restriction as well, until her grades came up and she started getting some positive reports from school.


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