Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Swimsuit, F/F

I heard the car scrunch up in the driveway, and then moments later the door slammed and you were yelling for me. Uh oh.


Now what. I had planned on going downstairs and greeting you like a good little wife, but it looked like you had other plans.

"AN-JA-LA! If your little ass isn't bare and across my lap in 60 seconds, I'm adding on a day of grounding for EVERY second that you are late young lady, starting now

Oh shit! That was serious. I was obviously in trouble, yet again, but that type of grounding meant no nothing, no tv, no radio, no going out other than work, no shopping, and during the whole grounding you would be super strict and I would be subject to punishment spankings for the slightest infraction. Crap crap crap is what I thought, but I thought it as I ran, tearing down the stairs and leaping the final landing, skidding into the front room, and then I was in front of you, trying to tear down my suddenly to tight jeans off of my ass.

I had learned from previous experiences that while it seemed as if you were saving time by undressing while you ran, all you ended up doing was tripping yourself.

Finally I got the last of the buttons undone on the fly, and wriggled them and my lacy little black panties down, and dove across your lap as you looked at your watch, and I heard you say "63. So little girl, that's a three day grounding you just earned on top of everything else."

"But Honieeeee, what did I doooooo Oweeeee!"

That last was accompanied by a wicked CRACK!! right across the crack of my ass, level with my anus, and oh that's a tender area!

I peeked over my shoulder, and saw that you had our Nu West hairbrush out. Oh god, I WAS in trouble, as if there was any doubt before!

"That's another day of grounding for sass and back talk."

For asking what I did!? But this was thought, not spoken. Contrary to popular belief, I can be taught.

"I got a call from Marjorie today, and she wasn't too happy with you, and thought that I might want to know what you did. You'll be happy to know that I found her story most fascinating."

Oh man, busted. Nothing left to do but wriggle and whimper and shut up.

Marjorie and you had been friends before we had hooked up, and were both the tops in our relationships. Marjorie I got along fine with, but that little dipshit princess she had hooked up with was another story, she got on my nerves.


And the way she had flirted and pranced around in front of all the spouses at the last pool party and all the comments she had made about the rest of us wives, well, I had had enough of her.

"She told me that Amber had recieved a present from you, a nice little swimsuit, sort of make up present the note inside said. And she liked it so much she went right out and tried it out sunbathing, and fell asleep, and when she woke up, her fanny was all sunburned!"

Despite my predicament, I couldn't quite supress a giggle. It had been a perfect plan, almost, well a good plan anyway.

I had just conviently happened to clip out the labels marking this as a TAN THROUGH suit very carefully. Who'd have guessed the little airhead was going to fall asleep while she tanned, didn't she know that was bad for the skin?

"Amber, space cadet that she is, couldn't figure out what had happened, but luckily for her, Marjorie did. And then she called me. I apologized for your behavior, of course, and I was SO embarrassed!"

WHACK!! Right in that same sore spot!

"So I told her that you would be apologizing also, after the two of us had a little chat. And you'll be happy to know that I also told her that for every day Amber couldn't sit down, you wouldn't be either...."

And that was the last I heard for quite a while. Some people just have no sense of humor.


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