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Angie and Elle part 1, F/F, sexual

Hi all,
This is a repost of a series I did some time ago, when I used to post a lot to, and is about Elle and I going to a spanking party hosted by SIN, with a lot of the authors I liked, happening to be there as well. So if it sounds like there are inside jokes at time, there are. I hope you enjoy anyways.
And if you don't like FF sexuality, then don't bother reading. Duh.

"Elle, why aren't you out of bed yet and getting ready?"

This of course was addressed to my adorable curly haired brat, who still had the covers pulled up to her nose....


"Yes baby?"

"I don't think I can go. I'm not feeling too good."

"Oh really? Poor honey! What's the matter?"

"Well, my tummy hurts, and I think I have a fever and ...
"My, that DOES sound serious!" Yeah, seriously like what my four girls used to get when they had a big test that they hadn't studied for.

"Let me see sweety." I go over to my imp, who MIGHT not be fibbing, and laid a hand over her forehead. A little warm, but not much.

"Hmmm, you DO seem to be a bit warm." That comment was rewarded by a WAY to quick nod of her head. And as I turned away, I caught the hint of a smile. Okay missy, we will see how smart you think you are in a minute.

I left the room, telling her I would be right back, and then went to the kitchen, and other places. In a few minutes I returned, surprised that I didn't actually see her peeking around the door waiting for me.

"Here you go, some fresh juice, that will help. Sit up, and have a drink."

I eased down the sheet, and my still nude girlfriend sat up, and then retucked the sheet around her breasts, sipping daintily at her juice.


A nod yes.

"Good." I took the glass, and then set it aside.

"Now, baby girl, it's time to see how sick you really are..." and I whisked the sheet off and smiled at her now wide eyes.

"Roll over on your tummy little one."

Figuring out what was most likely going to happen, she squealed out her response.

"Angieeeeee, Noooooooooo!"

Okay, we do it the other way then. And so I reached down with gentle finger tips, one hand to each of her hipbones, RIGHT in that ticklish spot by the inner thigh. She squealed again, and her knees flew up towards her chest, revealing, although I'm sure she wasn't aware of it, far more than she would have wanted now that this was turning into a bad girl lesson.

I easily hooked both knees over my left shoulder, and leaned down towards her chest slightly, further exposing her, and also making it MUCH more difficult for her to actually get away.
Elle was squealing and fussing, but she wasn't telling me no, as in 'No I couldn't spank her'. We had a 'talk' about what I could and couldn't do early on in our relationship, and THAT issue hadn't come up again.

"Elle!" I said sharply, simply to get her attention. I'm not a believer in yelling at a spankee. "Now is the time to tell me the truth young lady. Are you feeling sick, or were you lying to me?"

Having been on the other end of this 'Or were you lying to me?' question in some form or another more times than I can count, I knew EXACTLY the type of inner turmoil she was going through. I could read all the emotions on her pretty little face. There was nothing I wanted to do more than lean in and kiss her, but alas, now I couldn't. Now, I had to wait for Elle to decide whether it was in her best interest to confess (and it was) or not.

"Wellll, maybe not 'exactly' sick, but I felt kinda sick!"

Not a total lie, I knew she was nervous about the thought of getting spanked in front of everyone at the Spanking Party, but, not completely honest either.

"Oh. All right. Since you aren't sure, I guess I will have to find out myself."

Oh, the fussing that girl did (really, not terribly long out of her teens, and so still more a girl than a woman in a lot of ways...) then when she heard me unscreeewwww the lid on the Vaseline tub. Nothing else quite sounds like that. And NOT the sound you want to hear when you are in the position SHE was in.

Keeping her legs still over my shoulder, I reached down with my left hand, and spread her pretty plump cheeks apart. I noted that there wasn't even any color left from her earlier good girl spanking that afternoon.

I dipped a finger from my right hand into the Vaseline, and then rubbed it over her tight little anal bud, so puckered and cute, and the SQUEALS that brought!

I shushed her, telling her to behave herself, and that she had brought on this whole episode herself. Unlike the stories, I DIDN'T slip my finger in, after all, I was getting her ready for the thermometer, and my finger is way bigger than that. I then lubed up the thermometer, and slid that up her tight little rump. I hit the little start button (it was one of the new digital ones) and kept my hand over her fanny, right in that terribly embarrassing place women know so well and left my fingers softly on the thermometer.

"Well my sweet, if you had simply admitted you had lied, you wouldn't be having your temp taken right now. I bet it must be MORTIFYING to have your temp taken like a little girl, in the diaper position like this, but oh! THAT was your choice as well, wasn't it, when you disobeyed me and didn't roll over, wasn't it? Perhaps NEXT time..."

I knew my brat, there WOULD be a next time....

"... you will do as I ask you, and it will be a lot easier on the both of us."

The thermometer beeped, and I spread her cheeks wide again, and slowwlly pulled it out while Elle whimpered. I know it doesn't hurt coming out, it's just that it FEELS funny!

"Hmmm, normal, Elle my dear. So you AREN'T sick, you DID lie to me, and YOU my young lady, are in trouble AND are still going to the party! But first....."

And with that, still holding her legs high and bent, I spanked her little bottom soundly, snapping my wrist, making it sting, paying CLOSE attention to her sit spot. I would spank each cheek five to ten times, then switch to a brand new spot. She didn't seem to have any appreciation for this technique at all.

I spanked her for a fair amount of time, not overly hard, but that wasn't the point, we needed to break through some barriers, and finally, when her tone was right, as were her words of contrition and repentance, I stopped, telling her what a good girl she was, and how proud of her I was, and how much I loved her.

The tears soon stopped, and I told her it was time to get ready, NOW, no more foolishness, and to put on the cute little cotton candy pink and blue baby doll nighty outfit with the cute matching panties, the ones that fit like bikini panties, but were lower cut in back so they rode low, just exposing the top part of her cheek. And the top barely covered the panties. She looked so terribly sexy, I almost didn't want to go. But I sacrificed some instant fun, and shooed her into the car.

Not unbelievably, knowing Elle, her pout was beginning to return (this time at being made to go out in her outfit, instead of changing there..), so I sighed, and told her to behave. She didn't, so I had her pull her panties to her knees, and ride like that the rest of the way there.

About a block away from the hotel, I told Elle that she could pull her panties back up, and I can't tell you how adorable she looked as she wriggled them back over her scrumptious ass. MY little bottom! Then as a surprise, I told her to lean over the seat and retrieve the package in the back.
Ever one for surprises, she did as I asked, and I swatted her upturned fanny of course. She sat back down and eagerly opened her present, squealing with delight when she saw it was a fancy patterened kimono, just like the ones she had admired at the last hotel we had stayed at. I told her she could put it on until we got to the party, and she wriggled into it while still seated, which only made me smile the more.

We got there, and parked, and went in and found the party. From the looks of things, the WHOLE hotel was nothing but our kind of people! NOTHING hidden at all, there were girls and guys getting spanked out in the lobby, in the lounges, everywhere you looked!

I saw that somone had reserved a banquet room for spanking merchants. Elle and I would DEFINETLY have to check that one out!

The girl at the desk was perky and cute wearing a nice dress, and told us where the main party was at, and we thanked her and then Elle and I smiled at each other when she turned, and we noticed that the back of her very proper dress was pinned up in back, exposing a VERY red little bottom, with her panties rucked right below!

Elle squeezed my hand, she was getting nervous.

"Hey princess " I said to her while squeezing her hand back, "you okay?" "Yeah, I guess so, but there is so MANY people here! I don't think I can do this!"

"Oh honey, it will be okay! First, and formost, you came with me, and you are going home with me, I am not going to abandon you here. You can be right by me the entire time. Even when I'm not spanking you, and I'M the one getting a spanking, I want you right there! You can hold my hand or kiss me or something!" That seemed to bring a smile to her face.

"Next, all the people here are nice, no one is going to force themselves on you. And just to make sure that EVERYONE knows who you are with, I have a little something for you..." and with that I pulled out a small jewelry box, and inside was a bracelet, with 'Angie's Girl ' inside. Which, I showed my brat, matched mine, which said "Elle's girl".

For that, I was rewarded with LOTS of sweet tasting kisses.

"Since you have been SO brave and so good about coming here to play, I've decided that you won't be getting your bottom bared, unless you decide you want it. And no anal play either. Well, not out in public anyways, but when we are in our room young lady, alone..."

"A room, you got us a room!?" she asked excitedly.

"Of course, I plan on us spanking and dining and watching and playing and dancing well into the night, not going to waste time driving back and forth."

With that we were into the main hall. Oh my. I had been wondering how they were going to handle having so many spankee's and not enough corners. The solution had been to have those little cubicle walls, the short and narrow ones, set up all over, so that there were corners and bare and red and pink bottoms ALL over the place!

I put my arm around my darling, and we just walked, the both of us big eyed, around and tried to take everything in. It was almost overwhelming. From everywhere, came snatches of conversation and they ALL had to do with spanking! I must say, my panties were QUITE moist and getting wetter by the second, it was simply too much.

"Baby, how about if we just SIT for a while?" I asked of her. She agreed with a wide eyed nod, and we found a love seat, and I grabbed a snack tray as I sat, and then I curled Elle up beside me. She was like a cat, legs curled under her, all snuggled up. She looked so sexy and cute at the same time, with her kimono draping open, and those sexy babydolls peaking out.

As for me, I had on tailored slacks and a tailored white silk blouse, very Lauren Bacal-ish. We were just sitting there, happily drinking it all in, and I was feeding my sexy little girlfriend berries. Some in whipped cream, some in cream, some in chocolate, some in honey, and some I would have her take from my lips. I was starting to ache to get her pretty bouncy butt over my lap.

A girl in the hotel uniform, which appeared to consist of the same uniform skirt, pinned up in back, came over to us, and asked me if I was Angie. When I said yes, she gave me a package, and said it was from Mr. Robert Lee, and I noticed one hand reached back and rubbed her bottom as she said that.

I thanked her, and she wiggled away.

I let my brat open the package, and in it was the outfit another domme had described and her eyes got big.

"B-but I thought you said I was able to play just with you!?"

"And you can. Not EVERYTHING is for you, princess. THIS outfit is for me! I always thought those old time cigarette girl outfits were sexy, and I liked her touches, so I volunteered to serve a spell as a serving girl! So NOW what do you think?"

"I think you will look cute, and that your bottom is going to get a real workout, and is going to be really, really sore!"

I laughed at her, and kissed her some more, and told her I thought she was probably right. Luckily, we both knew how to take a mind off an aching fanny.

I told her I wanted to walk around more, and I noticed that the pout was back on her face. Not her bad girl pout, but her curly haired imp pout. Sigh. Such a sexy face.

I pulled her off the settee, and we walked around. All around the main room, there were additional little halls, each set up with a different theme, like domestic, or school, or reformatory, or bedroom. You get the idea. Elle started giggling, and DRAGGED me over to a door, where she rapidly scribbled something down on a clipboard hanging there. I noticed that this was Dr. Arnolds infirmary, and that my little wench had just signed me up for an 'exam' by the Dr. and the matron! Eeep!

I also noticed that while we were walking, that her kimono was now pretty much unbelted, and so we walked with my arm around her waist, eagerly taking everything in, with her shorty nighty on display for all to admire.

I noticed that DTR had his panty inspection room set up, have to check THAT out later, and that Keph and Wren had a Celtic room set up, complete with fantasy themework. So much to see, so little time.

I stopped to talk to Wren, to tell her how much I liked their work, when Elle started pulling on my arm like a little girl.

"Angie, c'mon, I want to goooooo."

"Elle, behave, young lady, or I'm going to have to take you over my lap right here in front of Ms. Wren, young lady."

"But Angieeeeeee, I want to go look and I want you to come too!"

"Last warning little girl...."

She looked at me and smiled, nervously, and then closed her eyes, and took the leap with a big breath in first. " I SAID I want to go look!"

And she had SUCH a perfect pout on that perfect mouth. AND we were blessed with a foot stomp too. HOW could I pass up an invitation like that.

"All right Elle Katherine, you can't say I didn't warn you. Come over here young lady."

And she fussed, and pulled back slightly, but she didn't fight me. You know what I mean.

Wren graciously offered us, well, me really, a chair, a nice handcrafted chair, armless of course, and down I sat, and over my Elle went.

I rubbed her wiggly wriggly bottom, 'scolding' her for being so 'naughty' and telling her how she was in for it now.

I began spanking her right over her kimono, nighty, and panties, my hand making muted whop whop whop sounds.....

Whop whop whop went my hand against her fanny. It was MUCH more noise than anything else, between her long kimono, which covered her shorty nighty, and her jammie panties, there was enough air and cushion that all she was feeling was love pats.

Not that there is anything wrong with love pats, mind you, and I loved the feel of the silk kimono heating up under my palm, and the way her bottom danced under my hand when I spanked her.
Wren came back from inside her area, and said that Keph must have taken most of their toys with him, something about not trusting her NOT to hide them on him. We both giggled at that. She HAD managed to find an antique hairbrush, that she said was QUITE effective in getting a girl’s attention.

THAT statement from Wren made Elle jerk her head up, to see what instrument of torture she was handing me.

Oh my, this WAS nice! Smooth, polished, sleek, HEAVY, with rounded edges, it was beautiful to simply have and to hold, and the handle was a nice, well thought out oval that simply molded itself to ones hand. Oh yes, Wren was a lucky girl indeed. Well, for the good girl spankings.

Brushes like this could turn out to be deadly weapons in the wrong hands ALL too quickly if your man was unhappy with you. My hand rested on Elle's bouncy bottom, and I smiled to myself. Or, if your woman was mad at you. But I wasn't cross with my Elle, this was good girl time, the favorite time of all.

I let the weight of the brush do the work for me, and the sound was instantly different, as was my darling brats reactions to it. This was a slightly sharper sound, more of a thwoppp! Her chubby little cheek bounced and rippled SO delightfully, it was like watching the ripples in a pond when you throw a pebble in. Her soft aroused 'ohs' of before were NOW replaced by a slightly sharper and surprised 'Oh!'. Oh yes, the brush is always a surprise. Which is why I love them so.

I gave her a few more swats, then set it down in the middle of her fanny, while I scolded my Elle with mock ferocity as I smoothed out her kimono, and her night clothes underneath. "You are such a Naughty girl! So impolite, so rude! Well, I am going to USE this brush that Miss Wren has so kindly lent me, and spank your little bottom over EVERY layer of clothing you have on, until we get to that bare backside of yours, and maybe then you will be able to remember your manners and apolozize to us correctly!"

I picked up the brush,and without further ado, began her spanking again. All in only 3 spots. The highest, juciest, plumpest part of her bottom on each cheek, and then, right across the center of both cheeks, RIGHT over where her sheltered little anus would be.

I KNEW how a heavy brush like this would, over so many clothes, sting a bit, especially when I kept going and going, but I also knew how it would, especially over that middle spot, drive home an even deeper passion and arousal for my Elle.

Sure enough, my bad little one started raising her hips wantonly, ASKING for more of the sensations that the brush was providing, and so, I made it sting sharply then, taking away her attempt to control.

"So, you think this is a JOKE, do you little girl? Perhaps it won't be quite so funny over your nighty then...."

Suiting actions to words, I whisked her kimono over her back, till it covered her upper back and also draped down over her curly head. Hiding what I was doing, or about to do from her view. This was deliberate, her imagination would be working overtime now.

I smoothed down the skimpy skirt of her baby doll jammies, and then started up spanking again, but this time, I would ALSO let the brush back visit bare thigh backs, something Elle was NOT anticipating, as was VERY evident by her squealed out "NOT there! NOT there!" and then I would go back to her bottom, now covering it as much as I could, seeking to leave no part unspanked.

I stopped, and set the brush down in the middle of her back, and she stopped breathing as I raised up the hem of her nighty, and lifted it well up her back, her waist now bare, her thighs below with their red marks, bare, and her soft blue panties, with the pink elastic trim, stretched SO tightly across her palpating bottom, tight because I had deliberately bought them like that, shown with a slightly pinkish tinge under them.

I adored the way the tight little panties didn't quite come up far enough to cover all of her sweet divide, and how they rode up in between her cheeks, and how they left the most delicious sliver of bottom cheek hanging out exposed and helpless against me below.

She flinched and whimpered when I picked the brush back up again, but now I spanked her MUCH more firmly, and I noticed we had started to gather a fair crowd.

Elle was panting and oohing and ouching and beginning to plead, much to the amusement of the onlookers. I had to admit, she DID look adorable. But the spanking was much sharper this time, and not only because of the lack of protection, I was letting my wrist snap just that little bit more, but with a brush like this, a little bit more is all you need.

First both cheeks would tighten up, then they would relax at the same time, then only one would tighten, and then relax, and then it was her sister cheeks turn to try and throw off the ouch. My adorable Elle's toes started to scrabble more and more for purchase which wasn't coming on the floor, and then she was crossing her ankles, and scissoring her legs back and forth.
And then I stopped.

I felt her relax and almost sigh in relief. Her body softening across my lap. Until I pulled her panties down to her ankles.

Oh how that girl pleaded and fussed and cried and carried on, telling me how she was simply going to DIE if I spanked her on her bare bottom. I told her I was willing to take that chance.
I saw that a large part of the crowd were women, and many of them were watching QUITE intently. I wasn't sure if they wanted to be her, or wanted to be me, or simply wanted their man to bare their bottoms and spank them now. I'm not sure that all of them knew what they wanted either.

As SOON as she felt the brush on the bare, her squeals and pleas were different, MUCH more heartfelt, as she pleaded for mercy and told me how sorry she was and how much better behaved in the future she would be, like forever!

It was so different seeing someone else say the same things I say when I am like this. Elle by this time had apparently forgotten that she was only being spanked for a 'mock' offense, and wasn't really in trouble. Even if her mind knew that, her body at this point knew differently, and her only thought was to save herself.

Modesty was gone now. No more ladylike together of her legs rubbing. No, NOW there was kicking, like she was swimming, and then one would go out and the other up. QUITE the show she put on, and I had the best view in the house!

Her bottom would CLENCH so tightly that her central crease would almost disappear, then it would flare out wide, her normally hidden little backdoor winking at me in her distress.
Her tears were softly flowing, as she lay weeping over my lap, her bottom a gentle, glowing red, the color that bespoke of a good surface sting, without much underlying damage.

I gently raised her panties up and pulled her skirt down, and her kimono with it. I let her up, and told her she could rub. I handed Wren her brush back, and thanked her for allowing me to use it, then I looked at Elle and asked if she had anything to say. We may have only been playing, but there was a protocol to these things.

Elle was so cute as she danced quietly back and forth, trying to get rid of the heat, as she also thanked Miss Wren for helping with her discipline and then she apologized for being so rude before and interrupting us.

We went back to our room for a little private play with the laughter and applause from the crowd following us.


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