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Office spanking part 1, machine/F

For those that like the thought of spanking machines and uncomfortable post spanking seating...
I hurried into work, late again! The second time this month, and I didn't want to make it any worse than it was. So, high heels clicking merrily away, I ran in a most unladylike fashion in my grey knee length skirt, of course, the one that was fitted, so a girl couldn't really run when she needed to, and my saphire satin blouse.

I got to the entrance, and got out my card key. I went through the first door, then was stopped by the security door. I took a big breath, and swiped my card through. And damn. Even though I KNEW it had been a useless hope, I had Still hoped that something would have happened, and that the main door to the office would have opened up when I swiped my card through. But nooooooo. Instead, the side door had 'clicked', and unlocked, and that was a room I did Not want to go into!

Apparently the witch in the Human Resources department figured that out as well (she never had liked me...) and I heard her syrupy sweet voice, you know, the one women use on other women when they have the upper hand, anyways, I heard her tell me I had only 10 more seconds to enter, or additional penalties would be added! I'm not exactly sure she has the right to do that, but it would be a matter of finding out, and then having to complain about it After the fact!

So, I scooted. Right into the punishment room. A common feature all over the U.S. now, after the last election, when the new Chauvinist party had somehow wrested control of not only the White House, but of both houses of congress as well. A backlash against Hillary, it was said...But regardless, there had been massive, sweeping changes. Not the least of which it was now like something out of an ancient 1950's movie!

Women could be spanked at home, at the office, just about anywhere! Although there were bosses that did the spanking themselves, many larger companies such as mine had special punishment rooms, to avoid complaints of inproper touching and such. I only wish I had a spanking boss! No, instead, we had a nice, new spanking machine! I had only been at the company a short time, and this was to be my second trip here, and I was already getting teary thinking about what was to come....

The door clicked shut behind me, just as the timer said "ten.... penalty added...."

What! That wasn't fair, making it in on ten wasn't being late! I protested, but no one was there to here. Except the bitch overseeing from her booth in HR...

I stood there, feeling about ten, as her voice came back on, filling the room. Detailing my faults. And listing the penalties.

"Angie Johnson, you were late, Again, today, 15 minutes. Was there an accident or other event which can be verified that prevented you from being here on time?"

"Well, no, but..."

"Fine. ..."

Fine my ass, I knew from my last time here, that I was going to bent over, and get one HARD paddle spank for every minute I was late, over my panties, and that I would cry, and sitting would be uncomfortable for the rest of the day...

" addition, there are several other demerits that we will discuss at this time."


"Your work output has been below that of your peers, you have demerits for minor tardyness at breaks, and you have several demerits for poor attitude, and backtalking your supervisors."

The voice droned on, detailing further crimes, such as speeding in the company parking lot, etc... and I began to shrink from feeling like ten to feeling like I was six...None of the added 'demerits' were major enough to earn a spanking on their own, but added all together it was fairly impressive. It wouldn't have been much longer, and even without today's incident, I would have been paying a visit here to pay off my debt.

"...I said, do you have any questions Angela?" That voice, annoyed this time.

"Uh, no ma'am..."

"In that case, please prepare yourself, and bend over the spanking bench."

I groaned, and sniffled, and went to lift my skirt up, and found it wasn't going to lift high enough, so, I unfastened and unzipped it, and wriggled out of it, putting it on the rack provided. I started to walk to the bench, and thought of something.

"Ma'am?" I asked the disembodied voice, "uh, I've decided to take my blouse off too...."

And I told her just so she would know I wasn't stalling. While embarrassing, it was fairly common. That way, you didn't wrinkle or get your good blouse all sweaty during a punishment, after all, you still had to work all day! I peeled it off, added it to my skirt, and went to the bench, and leaned over, placing my hands and ankles by the cuffs, but they didn't activate.

"Angela Johnson, you are not prepared. I TOLD you since this was your second late spanking this month, the penalty would increase! AND that you would be getting your spanking on your BARE bottom! Additional penalty added for not paying attention! You have thirty seconds to be back in place, and I DON'T want those panties on the floor, young lady!"

I thought the bitch was getting into this a bit much, but thought that AS I ran to the clothes rack, rucked down my lace boycut panties, the ones that matched the blouse, and ran back, wearing only the bra that matched the panties, and threw myself over the bench, getting my wrists and ankles into position, as the voice went "thirty, penalty added...."

Bitch! And NOW the damn cuffs worked, wide, padded cuffs, that tightened around wrists and ankles, then the padded foamy but firm feeling bar lowered across my lower back, curving my tummy down, arching my bottom way up! And the leg cuffs spread, taking my legs wide. The voice again.

"Penalty for being late, 1 swat per minute, medium level. Penalty for second offense in one month, double original penalty, medium hard level..."

What!? Nooooo no no noooooo! The last spanking had been Hard, not a medium, no, this couldn't be harder, nooooIIIEEEEE! WHACK!!!! The paddle exloded against my bottom, and I shrieked, and then it hit again, and again, and again, left, right, across the middle, high middle low, no set pattern, and I blubbered and pleaded and bawled, wriggling in my bonds, going nowhere fast.... And then it was bottom was on fire, and had a deep lasting ache as well, one that I knew was going to last for ever, and it seemed to grow, just like my swelling butt. But, the cuffs didn't release me!

Instead, the back bar raised up, I was lifted to a standing position, the bench moved away, and I was made by my cuffs to assume a sitting postion, right into the chair which had appeared behind me! No! Not in office detention! I squalled when my abused fanny hit the chair, both at the contact, and it was slightly lower than normal, so my poor butt spread slightly, making sure more of it was in contact with the hard, and apparently Unsanded wood than was needed! A desktop moved down in front of me, and the voice was back...

"Seated detention time, 3 times minutes late. Your work will be brought to you to do here until then. Then part one of the punishment is over...."

Part One!??!!!!!!!

"What do you mean, part one! That's it, I've been spanked!"

"Actually, Miss Johnson, that was the punishment for the tardy today. You still have part two, the punishment for the added in office demerits, followed by more seated detention time, and then part three, paying off the penalities you incrued today, by failing to enter the room on time, and failing to get over the bench on time. Followed by more seated detention time, of course. And of course, each seated detention will be with a slightly more uncomfortable chair, the rattan wicker chair next, and the last will be the chair with little plastic poker knobs... Oh, and since you apparently never read your office rules, your next spanking will be with a leather tawse, and your last will be with a Spencer paddle, the kind with holes. And one last thing. As you do your work, the machine will monitor both output, in terms of production and quality. Any problems will be dealt with on the spot, so to speak, with a switch. Have a nice day dear, and I have a feeling I'll be seeing you again soon....."


Offline IM
That was an excellent story. The whole idea of 'Office Detention' and sitting in an uncomfortable chair is nice twist. Please tell me there will be a part two!PS: I would be a spanking boss :)
Tuesday April 17, 2007 - 08:15pm (EDT) Remove Comment
Delicious. Love it. Especially the ending. Soooooo erotic knowing that more spanking is coming Miss Johnson's way and that she will have the excitement and anticipation of getting more hanging over her head all day. And, because of the way you wrote the ending, there does not necessarily need to be a part two. Imagination can fill it in...very cool.
Wednesday April 18, 2007 - 05:26am (AKDT) Remove Comment

Offline IM
OMG! I would so much rather have my actual boss spank me than a machine.
Wednesday April 18, 2007 - 05:15pm (CDT) Remove Comment
Oh Oh Oh...I am squirming in my chair just imagining how this would feel. Oh the suspense!!!!!
Wednesday April 18, 2007 - 11:11pm (PDT) Remove Comment

superb.....I can think of seveal people who work with me, both boys and girls, whose output would imporve with that sort of managerial input. Thanks AngieR
Thursday April 19, 2007 - 12:57pm (PDT) Remove Comment

Offline IM
oh my. now about these uncomfortable surfaces....
Friday April 20, 2007 - 11:41am (CDT) Remove Comment

Alyx R
Yikes, if only work could be this entertaining! I'd gladly put in the overtime....*bg* Great imagination and terrific story, Angie!
Monday April 23, 2007 - 05:57pm (HST) Remove Comment

Offline IM
I must implement that here at my work...... lol
Thursday May 28, 2009 - 12

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