Sunday, June 14, 2009

Angie and Elle part 2, F/F, sexual

I took my baby girl back to our room for a little rest and recreation. Okay, not so much for the rest, but for the recreation.

Since checking into the desk, this was actually the first time we had been to our room. When I opened the door, and shooed her in, I was greeted by a happy "Ohhhh!" as I closed the door behind us.

As expected at a 4 star hotel like this, all my instructions had been carried out. There were fresh flowers, but more importantly than that, all of our clothes had been set out and put away. The drawers were still partially open, per my request so that Elle would be able to see that all her things were there.

"Angie! Oh my god! How did all this stuff get here!" she squealed.

"Hhmm, I had it picked up the other day. By the way, I have us booked in for the rest of the week. Enjoy babycakes. "

She scooted around the suite, peaking at EVERYTHING, oohing and aahing, and squealed again when she went into the bathroom and saw that I had brought her COMPLETE collection of supplies. I swear, I don't know whether I spend more on lingerie for that girl at Victoria's Secrets, or on her at Victoria's Secrets Body and Bath sections. Either way, money well spent.

She saw that all her panties and assorted undies were there, all put away, but then she saw the two, large steamer trunks in the corner, locked.

"What's in there?"

"Surprises for later. But now, I want to take a look at the damage I caused. DROP your panties missy, and get that bottom over the bed!"

Such big eyes my Elle has, but she didn't protest, just shrugged off her kimono, and dropped her panties to her ankles (and is there ANYTHING cuter than a girl bending over taking her panties down with an already red rump?) and then shuffled to the bed, and draped herself over the end, with her toes touching the floor, and her fanny high up and arching.

I went between her legs, and fished her panties off her ankles with my toe, and then parted her thighs a bit, standing VERY close to her now. Oh my yes, such a LOVELY shade of pink. And I told her so.

"It looks like strawberry ice cream sweety, the good stuff, all soft pink and Oh so sweet!"

Then, deciding that such an observation deserved a taste test, I scolded her (just to watch her squirm and tighten her bottom) and walked over, and got a pillow, which I dropped on the floor between her spread legs. I then knelt down, and gathered my hair back (PLENTY of time to take my locks and stroke them through her wet pussy later....) and bent forward, lips and tongue lightly touching warm girly bottom flesh. Oh, I WAS right, she did taste sweet, so humming and purring contentedly to myself, I kissed and licked all over on both her cheeks, every inch that I had spanked earlier.

Elle was making some noises of her own, kitten like purrs and mewls with no real words. I teased her and told her how lucky she was, how much I cared for her by spanking her so soundly, as NOW I had that much more fanny that I needed to attend to. Elle just sighed and arched and started rocking her bottom back up towards me.

Too early for her to come yet though. I wanted her to have to wait, it would heighten the experience for the both of us, no matter what miss Elle said to the contrary. So I swatted her ass, hard, and told her to scooch up and to turn over.

She squeaked, and fussed a bit, I would have been shocked if there was no fussing, but she did as she was told. Such a good girl.

I let her watch, but not touch, as I kicked off my sandals, and then skinned my slacks down, my shirt kinda covering my panties. The shirt was next, so that I was only in my white lace and satin panties and camisole top, and then I lay down beside her.

I told her how sexy I thought her breasts were, and how tan lines on a woman had always turned me on, even as a girl. And her breasts were looking especially scrumptious.

I leaned over them, and told her that if her bottom was strawberry ice cream, her breasts were French vanilla. And I tasted my vanilla then. Sucked and kissed and licked. Catching my breath, and letting her catch hers, as she squirmed from the waist down to press a hot and wet little pussy, with it's heart shaped muff against me, I told her that my ice cream was topped with milk chocolate covered berries, and then I suckled her nipples into my mouth, long, deep insistent suckling, that had her hands in my hair, not sure if she wanted to pull me closer, or to push me away, so intense was the sensation.

I reached over her, to the nightstand, and she blushed and "Angie"'ed me when I pulled out one of our toys, the thought that a maid had seen our toys was enough to make her squirm.
I fixed the strap on harness around my right thigh, about a third of a way above the knee, then slipped the gel dildo in before I snugged it up. I lubed it, then slid down beside her, drawing her to me, cupping her ass, pinching, stroking, patting, spanking, parting her cheeks, working my leg between hers, until her pussy was bumping against my little toy. All while I had resumed suckling her.

Now when her hips rocked, my thigh was there as well. Riding my leg, I slid it into her, and she groaned and let her head fall back, and I pressed my thigh TIGHT against her, not letting her have any slack, and then I rocked and rocked and rocked, kissing and sucking and spanking, teasing her ear with my teeth, leaving little hickey's on her neck, letting my hands roam and stroke and tweak and pinch....

I could feel her tighten, trying to close her legs, but I wouldn't let her, I made her stay like that while she came. And came.

After, I took her off the bed, finished undressing us both, and led us to the shower.
Afterward, I dried us off, and told her to stand in the corner. She pouted, and I showed her the lovely acrylic bathbrush the hotel had, and she stood in the corner. Muttering quietly, but she stood.

I unlocked the trunk, and got a few things out. I went up behind her, and put the sleep mask on, as a quicky blindfold. Then I told her that she would get a punishment spanking if she took it off before I told her she could, and she knew I meant it.

I dressed her then, standing there, panties over her legs, then Snugged up her bottom, skirt WRIGGLED over her hips, and then I tied the halter top in place, and placed the finishing touch on her head.

Her nose firmly back in the corner, I quickly dressed. Elle's patience isn't the best in the world, and I didn't want to have to give her a bad girl spanking while we were here.

I led her over to the mirror, and stood behind and beside her, and then I took off the blindfold, and was suitably rewarded by her gasps of happy surprise.

Their we were in the mirror, me holding her from behind. She had on sheer black pantyhose, which disappeared under the TIGHT, short, leather skirt she had on. On top, no bra, but a bare back, tie under her ample breasts, red bandana style halter top. On her head was a girls leather biker cap, the type with the small brim. I turned her open mouthed reflection sideways in the mirror, and wriggled her skirt up far enough so that she could see the back of her black satin panties, and to see the orange Harley symbol on them.

There I was, in my faded, tight, old levi jeans, my well used black biker chaps, the ones that let my ass show off, and my black boots were under my jean cuffs. On top, a soft denim work short, and a leather vest over that. A blue bandana pirate style over my hair, and a thick, old leather belt around my waist.

I told my little biker bitch that it was time to party, and led her by the hand back into the den of iniquity.

ps, and yes ladies, they really do make thigh harnesses like I described.

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  1. Oh Mommie...I would SO like to be Elle except I would like you to turn me over and use that strapon up my bottom after you had finished taking me in front. And don't spare the hairbrush...I am so in need of a really long and hard spanking just now. Love your new blog.

    Jenny XXXXXX