Saturday, June 13, 2009

Homework problems F/f, domestic

(sly is 10...)

"So, babygirl, your teacher spanked you today, because it was the third time you hadn't turned in your homework?

Not a trick question, more of a recap to make sure we were both on the same page.

"Yes Mommie, I'm sorry!"

I patted the panty clad bottom over my lap, her jeans at her ankles. I smiled, even though I had to spank her shortly, because she had her new and loved cammo panties on.

"And you didn't turn it in because you just didn't do it, was that your answer?"

Firmer pats to that little bottom.

"Yes Mommie, but I really am sorry!"

And I'm sure she was. I'd be sorry too, if I'd already been spanked twice today, and was over my mom's lap, waiting for another.

"I'm sure you are, little one. So, any ideas why you just didn't do it? Because I do, babygirl. Because Mommie let you stay up these last several nights, and watch your show Tinman, isn't it? And you ended up getting tired, and not having time to do everything you were supposed to."

I could feel her nod her head, and hear her sniffles.

"Now, sly, do we expect you and your sisters to get A's in everything at school?"

"No Mommie..."

"Do you or your sisters get punished or spanked if you don't have all A's or even B's for grades?"

sniffle sniffle, "N-no Mommieeee..."

"When it comes to school, what do we expect from you and your sisters, sly?"

"T-to do our best, pay attention, not fool around and to do our work..."

"And did you do that, little girl? Did you try your best, did you do your work?"

"No Mommie..."

"Well, Mommie assumed that you had, why I didn't ask if you had everything done, young lady. I saw you doing some work, so I thought you were doing all of it. But, from now on, until I say different, you will tell me what you have for homework Each night, you will write it down on your calendar, and then there won't be any more problems like this. Do you understand me?"

"Yes Mommie, pleeeassseee don't spank me! I won't do it again! I promise, really!"

"And I hope you don't do it again either, sly Samantha Johnson, or else you will have your bare little fanny right back over my lap again!"

Her hand shot back to the waistband of her panties when she heard me mention bare bottom.

her pleas now changed from ones of don't spank me, to Please don't pull my panties down!

I took her wrist, and gently detached her hand from her panties as she wriggled, and squirmed. I dont' think it's fair to expect the spankee to remain totally still and motionless. She had come to me when she knew she was in trouble, and hadn't lied when confronted, that was good enough for me.

Holding her hand at her side, the other blocked by my body, I slid my fingers into her little cotton cammo briefs, and skinned them down to her knees; her wriggling actually made this easier.

Bare little bottom now peeking up at me, it was easy to see that someone had been naughty earlier. Her bottom was still pink, not dark, but pink, and tender yet I was sure.

I decided that since she had already recieved a second spanking, that this would only be with my hand.

Crack crack crack crack crack crack crack crack crack!

"Mommieeeeeee Owwiee Owwieee Oh oh it hurts Noooooo! plllleeasseee!"

"Am I going to have to repeat this again, little girl?"

Crack crack crack crack crack crack!

"Ahh Oh Oh OWWIEEE Mommieee Noooo you Won'''ttttttt!"

crack crack crack crack crack crack crack crack!

"I better not, sly Samantha! Because if I have to, it's going to be with something besides my hand, young lady!"

I finished up, it was apparent that my point had been made, with a last flurry to her little red sit spot.

Crack crack crack crack crack crack crack crack!

And then it was done, and I let my babygirl cry it out over my lap, while I shhh'd her and petted her back and hair, and after a bit, also softly rubbed her little bottom.

When her crying slowed, I let her up and picked her up and onto my lap, because that is where she always wants to go after, to be kissed and cuddled. When she had mostly got the sniffles under control, I sent her to the corner for five minutes, and told her to think. Then the time was up, and she decided to kick off her pants and panties rather than pull them back up, can't blame her for that either.

"Now, little girl, time for you to get started on All your homework. And remember, Mommie loves you."


Mommie Angie

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Jenny W
Too cute...poor little sis...have you any idea just how gorgeous you look over Mommie's knee, plump bare bottom in the air, panties around your knees...oh I could just kiss your pretty little botty all over!Love, Jenny XXXXXXXXXX
Thursday December 6, 2007 - 07:28pm (NZDT) Remove Comment
Sits at the kitchen table organizing all my papers, trying hard not to move around too much. I hate being bare bottomed, sitting on the hard dining chair after being spanked. But that's the cushioned seating for the rest of the day after a spanking. And there is just No Way I'm putting panties back on right, like I said, I try not to move around too much.::staring off, in deep thought::pencil eraser bouncing up off the table as I tap it against the hard wood::There is something very comforting about sitting here with a hot bottom, ready to focus on my homework..., watching Mom putter around the kitchen getting supper ready and just KNOWING that any minuet, Jennifer will be walking through the door with some sort of teenage drama. Life is good in the Johnson house, and there is a lot of love..."Mommie. I'm suppose to do a report on something about a 'spanking ban' for Ms. Creel. Do you think if she doesn't like what I have to say that she'll tear up my paper and throw it away?" love,sly*******************************************************************And the Tinman was very good! I missed some of it...and the end too, but it will be on again.
Thursday December 6, 2007 - 08:46am (PST) Remove Comment

poor sly, but i think we have have been there, a wonderful story Angie and i hope sly does her homework form now on smiles
Thursday December 6, 2007 - 12:45pm (EST) Remove Comment

Jenny W
Mmmm....I'm with you Sis...when I've got a hot and freshly spanked bottom I DON'T want to pull my tight panties back up and would much rather go bare bottomed until the swelling goes down. Is your bottom still hot? Poor baby!Jenny (teenage drama queen!)

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