Saturday, June 13, 2009

But Janice, FF, bedtime, domestic

Another repost of an old story. The Julie here is not my Julie from my family stories...
I fled upstairs, as soon as she released me with her eyes, my own eyes brimming with unshed tears as I listened to the laughter and giggling of Janice and the other women. I quickly got undressed, and put all my stuff in the hamper like a good girl, even though the rest of my room was pretty messy.

I went potty quick, no telling when I would get another chance, and a full bladder and corner time and spanking don't mix.

I went nude down the hallway then, to the guest room that really wasn't a guest room. It was set up and decorated like a young teen girls room, but it was MY punishment room that she had set up for me, and I spent more time in there than I cared for.

I quickly went to the dresser, the one HUMILIATINGLY full of girlish attire for such occasions as now. The top drawer was full of panties, and bras and tshirt vests. I opened the second drawer, my jammie drawer, and pulled out the pair on top. She alway put my jammies away, and I had to take out and put on whatever pair was on top, unless told otherwise. And this was NOT a good pair.

They were kinda pretty, actually, a soft cotton candy pink, with blue flowers all over. But they were also made of soft brushed flannel, and while that felt nice against my bottom, now, it was also warm, and they would hold the heat in later. But the worst part was that they were like two sizes too small. On purpose.

She had made me try them on at the store where Amy, one of her friend downstairs now, worked. Amy had even commented when Janice brought them and me back to the dressing room, that she thought I would need a bigger pair, but Janice had so nicely told her that no, she wanted them tight on me, as they were for me to wear when I was being punished. I could have died, and the only reason I didn't whine or pull away was because my rump was ALREADY roasted from just that morning, and it still was painfull to sit, and I wasn't about to tempt fate, as I knew she would spank me right there in the dressing room if I pushed it. So I blushed, and got teary eyed, and felt about 5.

I thought about that day, as I struggled into them. God, they were tight.The top wasn't too bad, but it only went to my belly button. But the bottoms though,that was another story.

The only reason they wouldn't tear out was because they were good quality jammies, well sewn, no loose seams here.

But the seam itself was another part of the punishment. If they had been my normal size, it wouldn't have mattered, but Janice had made sure that she had picked a pair of jammies out for me where the center seam from front to back wasn't sewn flat, but was kinda ridged up. And now with them on, that seam went WAY up between my cheeks, lifting and outlining each one, and fitting tight under my rump also, to the point that when I walked, I could feel the material wrinkling in the crease between thigh and bottom. AND that seam was working in all sorts of tender places down below, and inbetween, getting me ready for what was to come.

"Angie", came the call from downstairs, "when you come down, and it better be SOON young lady, bring with you the panties you had on, please."

"Yes ma'am" I answered, not sure why, but doing it anyway, and going down. I had my panties in my hand as I approached Janice.

"Amy here had a wonderful idea. She told me that a nice little enhancer for domestic discipline was to have the naughty little girl, that would be you, Angie, have her panties hung on the keyrack by the door, so whoever came in would know she was being punished. Don't you think that's a wonderful idea? Thank her now....."

Sniffling loudly, too miserable to bear, I did. "Thank you Miss Amy."

Amy took my panties, and put them on the hook in the kitchen. Janice told me that they would stay there for 24 hours. I started crying softly. I was ordered into Angie's corner, and I went, head down, while the women (and I didn't say other women, for I no longer felt like a woman, but like a bad girl) commented on how cute my outfit was, and how sweet and adorable I looked, and how it was a shame I couldn't act so sweet and adorable.

Even though you know it, you always forget that your face can get hotter as the shaming continues...

I heard the click whirr of Janice's digital cameral behind me, and I hung my head against the wall. I heard my disciplinarian and roommate tell her friends that she had gotten this idea from Julie a while ago, where she took before, during and after pics of my punishment, and then kept them in my punishment album, labeled with the date, and with little essays I had to write after, telling how I felt at the time each picture was taken, what I had done to deserve the punishment, and what I had learned.

Since I had never done so before, I was told to thank Julie also. "Thank you Miss Julie."

"You are most welcome baby girl. You know, Angie dear, if you would only show a LITTLE maturity and simply TRY to behave yourself, you wouldn't get spanked so often. I swear, you are naughtier than my three teens put together!"

I heard Janice excuse herself and then the tv was turned on and suddenly I heard my shows!

Janice came back to my side, and she must have brought the remote, cause the sound was turned down to the point where you knew something was on, but it wasn't loud enough to follow the story.

The women talked forever, how long, I don't know, but most of it was about how they were disciplined while growing up, how they did it now, and how their friends did it. I was getting worried, as I didn't think Janice needed any more pointers!

I was lost in my self pity, when Janice's fingers were on my ear, and gently but firmly, I was led to the chair that now awaited us in the middle of the room. Sitting down, I was pulled between her legs while she scolded, then she sloooowwwwllllyyyy drug my bottoms off, letting the elastic scrap my seat, and the seam that was now deeply embedded between my cheeks, made me squeak as it was pulled loose.

Then it was over her lap, head down, bottom WELL up, my jammie bottoms were pulled all the way off cause she liked it when I kicked and embarrassed myself, and then her hand started coming down, no particular pattern, so I couldn't brace for it, and she was spanking HARD from the very start!

I started kicking right away, I couldn't help it, and I didn't care right then who saw what. I would care later, but not then.

Janice ALWAYS seems to spank harder and longer when others are watching, I think she doesn't want them to think she is too easy on me. She's not, really she isn't!

Once it felt like all of my bottom was burning, she started spanking just the lower curver of my pouty ass, but she was using an upwards motion, so she caught the cheek and lifted it up as she spanked, until it pulled and slid away from her hand, and that raised my squeals and crying and fussing another octave!

There was FINALLY a pause, and I lay there limp, sobbing, thinking that it was over (hope springs eternal for spankee's) completely having forgotten her earlier promise of the brush, when I heard her ask Julie to hand it to her, and I went cold.

I started pleading for mercy, and begging, and promising, anything if she would only not use the brush, and I had really really learned my lesson and WHAP!!!! The hairbrushing started.

In VERY short order, I was reduced to where words where no longer intelligable, I was simply crying and bawling and blubbering and screaming and squalling. My legs were flutter kicking like I was swimming, then I would be frog kicking in a MOST humiliating fashion (only later,did I remember hearing the click of the camera throughout my spanking!), my cheeks would clench and huddle SO tightly together, my central crack almost disappeared, then moments later, as if they had a mind of their own, they would seek to escape by flaring WIDELY apart exposing all the inner curves and everything else, and when they did, she spanked those spots too! I really howled then!

Apparently my fussing and squirming was getting to be too much, so she trapped my left leg between hers, which served not only to keep me in place, but spread my cheeks out for her, exposing that inner valley for a long blistering session.

I don't know how I was put into the corner, I simply remember realizing I was there, head against the wall, bent slightly at the waist, legs spread apart, hands clutching my jammie top so I wouldn't rub and get spanked some more.

When I had calmed down enough to answer questions, albiet with plenty of sobbing and crying, I was led to the middle of the room and made to thank my spanker, and all the others present for having made them have to witness my punishment.

So I went, still bare from the waist, my waxed pussy adding to my juvenile appearance as much as my swollen and undoubtedly blistered ass, then she redressed me in those too tight bottoms, and that soft flannel suddenly felt like sandpaper, and the tight weave DID hold all the heat in, as I knew it would.

The women, all of them, led me upstairs, telling Janice how cute my punishment room was.

After some debate as to whether it was better to have me sleep on my tummy or back, I was placed tummy down, and then the sheets, the blanket, and a couple of comforters were snugged down TIGHT. I was told to be a good little girl, and to stay there now, and not get out till Janice came for me in the morning.

And so as they went downstairs, after first turning on the baby moniter, and telling me that it was on so they could listen in on their naughty baby girl, only too happy in the knowledge that traditional female discipline had again prevailed.

And me? I cried myself to sleep, happy and content in the knowledge that Janice cared enough about me to take the time to correct me and punish me when I needed it, and not to let me get by with anything. I fell asleep, sore, but guilt free.


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