Saturday, June 13, 2009

Put Lee on a plane today, non fiction

Entry for August 13, 2008 Put Lee on the plane today (nonfiction, no spanking)

Lee is my 'niece', one of the sisters we became guardians to when she was 14. She grew up here, and was spending the summer back with us, after graduation. We just put her on the plane, time for her to go back to the mainland to grad school.

She is such a little goof (and I do mean little, barely five foot, and maybe 100 lbs dripping wet...) and is also the inspiration for a lot of my spanking stories, based on things she has done over the years.

Such as:
at 14, finding her in McDonalds in her shortalls (like bib overalls, but made into shorts) without panties on under them, or her swimsuit, or shirt, or bikini top, AND the buttons on the sides undone.

Or, she and her friends were the ones I went running to see why they were all screaming, to find out that they were practicing to be horror movie starlets.

Or, she and her friends were the ones who had the great do it yourself bikini wax 'incident'. (hint, do not use ordinary parafin wax for trying to do a bikini wax....)

And she was the one who was involved with the 'fashion police' incident at her High School.

Or, she was the one who decided that she didn't have to study, because she was going to have a trust fund, you know...

Oh, and almost forgot, she was the one who at 14, had a major tantrum because I refused to allow her to get the heads of all the band members of Nsynch (or was it Backstreet boys? I can't remember now, but it doesn't really matter as a boy band is a boyband...) tattooed on her lower back..... I still bring that up from time to time to watch her blush and hear her go "Auntiiieeee!"

That girl.
Missing her already.

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