Saturday, June 13, 2009

His new belt, M/F, rl play

another repost...and he still has this belt.
He finally bought a new belt for work, the other one having lasted for years, but even though leather is tough, it's finally stretched and pulled and and had the tool belts and pouches attached to it wear away at it too much...

And all he wanted was a simple, cheap work belt, and that is what he came home with, $10.00 on sale.

Bailey's Point, black unfinished, or at least, non glossy leather, the outside or to show side, semi smooth to the touch, and the underside a delicious suede feel to it...36", 1 and 3/8ths of an inch wide, and perhaps an 1/8th of an inch thick, supple, already, and when he came home with it on that night, I didn't even know he had bought it, yet.

I was in the bedroom, having gotten home just before him, and was just getting ready to strip down, change into a bikini and take a quick swim. I hesitated when he came in, knowing he likes to watch me dress and undress, and so back to him, I started to unbutton my slacks when I heard That sound, you know the one a belt makes as it's pulled through the loops of jeans, that special "Snick, snick, snick " sound, when it's pulled through just fast enough, but not too fast.

And just that fast, hearing only that sound, my hands were sweaty, and butterflys were in my tummy, and I was getting all melty....

I had had my back to him, and turned, my head at least, and I saw him standing there, belt in hand, and parts lower than my tummy fluttered. Thug that he is, he KNEW what he was doing to me, what was happening, and gave me one of those way to smug male smirks, and asked me if I had been behaving myself lately...

And before I had a chance to answer, he told me to bend over the end of the bed. Now.

I did as he said, and he told me to take my pants down....

I started to rise, but was restrained from doing so, by a hand on myback, and then Thwwwack! "Oh Oh OHHHH!" right across the center of both cheeks, the bully!

"Pull them down, While you are bent over, Angela Lynn..."

And I blushed, both at the use of my full name, and middle name, as if I really Were in trouble, and, well, I always find it embarrassing to pull my pants or shorts down while bent over like that.

I curve out fairly well down below, both behind and in the sides on my hips, and my waist isn't that big, so fitted pants, like these, in THAT position, take a little bit of wiggling to get off with my bottom being made even rounder than it is standing.

After he got his show,and my panties had partially worked their way down as well, he refused to let me readjust them!

But he did, for a bit, before pulling them to my knees in an untidy pink cotton rope.

He pressed on my back again, till I melted and turned my head to the side, pillowed on my folded arms on the bed, chest also flat on the bed... and then, SNAP!

And I tensed and squealed, and Nothing! The big thug had doubled over the belt, and snapped it against itself, just to hear me squeak! I turned my head to protest, when I felt the snap for real this time!

And Owwww!

It stung, but in a good way, not like a punishment spanking.... And doubled like that, it burned both on the surface, but also pentrated a little deeper, and SO loud like that....the sound penetrating as much or more than the sting.... He varied between using it doubled up, and using it with only the last bit, in a single layer, all over my rump.

I was gasping and sighing and and making all sorts of other noises as well, my sounds different depening on where he strapped me, and how, as the single layer of the belt was both sharper in it's own way, and produced more of a surface fire without the deeper long lasting effects.. Soft happy tears were falling, and I was sooo ready for him, when the belting stopped, and he took me like that, still bent over, red, red swollen bottom swaying in the air....

After, I complained that I wouldn't be able to wear my bikini, as the marks would show... And he said that is what surf shorts are for....


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Hmmmmmmm NICE! Really enjoyed this one. I love the way you call him a bully and a big thug somehow it sounds so loving and as thought you just wanna hug him. I can't imagine you in surfers shorts though Mom. I get the impression you are quite petite and delicate looking, skimpy swimwear seems to suite the Image I have of you.{hugs}Julie
Saturday July 19, 2008 - 10:23pm (BST) Remove Comment

Well hi Julie dear, kiss! I'm glad you enjoyed it. And as for the bully and thug part, well, sorta my pet names for him; you gotta remember that when we first met and then for quite a few years after, he was in the Infantry. And, one of those strange things if I called him Dear or Sweety or Honey, in front of others, his friends would give him all sorts of grief. But, if I called him a big thug, for example, they would just laugh and think he was all macho. Men. And the surfer shorts/board shorts I'm talking about are Very girly and femme and don't go to your knees like the guy's do.Though they don't much of a selection right now, check out www2.crazyshirts.comor I prefer floral type patterns on the shorts, or tribal designs. So, they are long enough to cover my sit spot and that's about it.And, I usually don't wear that skimpy of bikini, thank you. On occasion, a nice Brazillian tanga cut, but he prefers me in a more conventional bikini bottom as that way my fanny stays nice and pale till he spanks...And aren't you sweet for thinking I'm petite! I'm 5'4", and about 125, my tummy is flat, but not what I think of as petite, with so many of the little Asian girls running around here, like my niece Lee, who is just over 5' on a good day, and maybe 100,Mom
Saturday July 19, 2008 - 12:12pm (HST) Remove Comment
yummmmmmm... I need a belt like that :-P
Saturday August 16, 2008 - 08:56pm (PDT) Remove Comment

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