Saturday, June 13, 2009

Slow dance memory, no spanking....

I've been posting songs on my blast since I recently figured out how to do so. One that I posted was ZZ Top's Asleep in the Desert, and I mentioned that this was the first song I slow danced to, and Sly wanted to know the story...
It was early summer, 1977, I was 17, and had been a bridesmaid at a cousin's wedding. In keeping with good small town tradition, the reception and dance was held at the local American Legion hall that afternoon and night, a combination of live band and juke box.

It was a warm night, but not hot, and I had mostly been hanging with my friends and cousins, and I knew most everyone there, though there was a group from another town, who were there as well.

I had danced a few times, not much though, and mostly with my girlfriends, since the boys werent' asking any of us to dance.

Well, weren't asking most of us to dance.

And then one of the guys from the other group, came over, and asked me to dance, and he was cute and big in that farmboy way, and I probably nodded more than said yes, and I don't even know what we were dancing too, at first, but something faster.

And we danced for a couple of songs, and then suddenly it switched to Asleep in the Desert, which I had never heard before, I had to find out later what it was,and he actually wanted to slow dance with me!

So we did, prom style, my arms around his neck, his around my waist, and I felt so special right then.

I still remember what I was wearing, a nice dress, actually, a light blue sheath thing, fairly thin, cause it was warm, and under, I remember I had on pale blue nylon panties, with a lacy waist elastic, and they were sorta small and rode low...blush.

Well, as the song played, I closed my eyes, and my head was on his chest, and then his hand was lower, on my bottom and I So loved it, sigh, and I could feel him softly trace trace the elastic of my panties, and I was so melting into him....

And then it was over. The stupid dj or whoever didn't play another slow song right after, and nothing really happened after that...


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