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Sorority initiation F/F rl

I almost didn't post this, as when I have shared this on a couple of groups, I inevitably get those that say this never happened, how cliche, etc.

Well, how do you think all those stereotypes, and sorority spanking cliches got started?
Several years ago, one of the news shows, like dateline or 20/20, did a special on college hazing, but it was all about Sororities and women! And, they even showed the bottom of this black girl, in a thong, showing the after affects of her extensive canings and paddlings!

So, if you don't believe it's real, fine, I hope you enjoy it for the stories sake anyway. If you do like it, please let me know.

Sorority Spanking

.....This took place in 1978 in the midwest. I was an 18 year old college freshman, away from home for the first time. Now I grew up in a small farming town (about 1,000) and the school I went to was asmall church college,about 2,000 students, nothing like the two big state schools a few miles away.

Now one technicality that I hope doesn't disqualify this from the sorority category. I really wasn't in a sorority. Our campus didn't let the greeks on, because of their perceptions of sex, drugs and rock and roll that went with them (drinking was forbiden on campus, and if you got caught with alcohol on campus you could, and would be expelled). Our versions of the frats and sororities were called societies.

They were SUPPOSED to have some type of athletic or religous or service oriented purpose behind them, and there were no official houses, at least on campus property. But off campus, any society that had been going on for more than a couple of years, had their unoficial house off campus.

I had met some upper classwomen who were friendly, and showed me the ropes.It turns out they belonged to one of these societies, and when it came time to do the rush week, where anyone that wants is invited to attend and see what it is all about and where the sisters can get a good look at canidates,I was asked to pledge by these sisters.

I was quite flattered, but partway through rush week, I started hearing some rumors. Now each of the societies seemed to have something "special" about it, whether drinking, or figuring out ways to get the football team to pass, or whatever. I heard that my new friends were all very academically minded, but that they still actualy practiced hazing, as in spanking and paddling of their pledges, and that some of the girls were quite friendly with the other girls! Now this was all "I have a friend who has a friendwho heard that..." kind of thing. No one actually knew anything from first hand, or even second hand experience.

So I gathered up my courage, and talked to my sponsors, who were walking me through all the rush activities, making sure I made all the meetings.I let them know what I had heard. I just came out andasked them. And the thing was, I really didn't care, if that was all it was, as I like girl girl play, even though I had never done it at that time, I knew I was interested when I was in High School, just never pursued it ( I saw a couple of girlfriends get spanked while a teen, and the sight of their bare bouncing bottoms and pink little pusses got my motor running, what can I say. And I took more than my share of discrete looks in the locker room too.) And I had had spanking sexual fantasies, getting from both men and women, for quite some time also,and hadn't experienced a non punishment spanking yet.

Well, my friends were a little flustered, and then took me for a nice quiet walk away from prying ears. They told me that hazing was officially banned on campus, or off, and that any group, or people, including the pledges, that were caught at it were gone. No second chances. Yes, they said, they did use spanking and paddling as hazing, and not just for one time during a hell night, but all through the first semester for the new pledge.

And after that, if a sister screwed up, they could be sentenced to a spanking also.
As for the girl girl thing, well, yes, some of that happened, but they stressed that not all of the girls did that, and if anyone didn't want to play, they were never forced, and it wasn't done in front of those it might bother,it was always consensual. They said they trusted me, and went out of their way to prescreen canidates. And that if someone were to mention something to the campus officials, then they would simply lie to cover their ass, and that girl would find out what being blacklisted was all about.

I asked them how they picked their girls, and they said for personality; they wanted sisters who were easy going, no prima donna types. Also, they had made a point of asking us about our backgrounds, and telling little stories about what their home life was, and sought to find out if a girl had been exposed to spanking before or not, for in their opinion, many of us that had, were very accepting of continued discipline from an older 'sibling'.
I laughed, and told them that there would be no problem with the hazing. And so at the end of the week, I was asked to formaly pledge.

For the ceremony that night, my new pledge sisters and I were taken to our off campus house. We had been told to wear white blouses and a dark color skirt and knee socks, very preppy, and the socks bothered me more than the upcoming spanking, as I never wore them, either went bare or in pantyhose.

Everyone was nervous,although we all seemed to know more or less what was going to happen. The sisters were very relaxed and friendly, it wasn't some big solemn ritual, although they did go into more of what they were really about and the goals then they had to just everyone. We were then told what to expect during our pledge period, and also that if anyone wanted, she could leave now, and as long as she kept quiet about what was going on, there would be no hard feelings. None of us left. Then it was time.

The pledge mistress, who was in charge of all pledge activities, and not just the spankings, stepped forward with THE paddle. It was a lot like the ones you see in the Nu West Debbie series, and it looked a lot more serious than the one my folks had used! We were told that the paddling represented our submission to the elder sisters, and our acceptance of discipline and training, and that since we were so young, a childish type of punishment was appropriate.

There was a lot of nervous shuffling, and then the first girl was called forward, and bent over the back of the couch far enough so that her fanny was high and her toes were off the floor. Then her skirt was lifted up, and I still remember that she had the sweetest, plumpest little bottom, babyfat ripe and covered in these lacy edged blue nylon bikinis.

Then the pledge mistress walked behind her, told her very gently to brace herself, then gave her five, good hard swats across the seat of her panties. Then the paddle was passed to the next sister, she gave her five, and so on down the line. There were 15 sisters in attendance that night, and they each took a turn, not sparing us anything, and her bottom was so red and sore looking, and she was crying so hard, but one of the sisters had walked around to the front of the couch, and sat with her, stroking her back and hair, talking softly to her,telling her how special she was and how brave and how it was almost over, and then it was, and she was let up, and it was the next girls turn.

I saw this repeated four more times, for my friends had decided that I was to go last (they told me later that they had decided this after I had told them how nervous it made me waiting to get spankedwhen my sisters and I got it together. Such good friends:)

And it was as if all my dreams had come true,all the girl girl thoughts I had ever had, were now in full bloom, for everyone looked at the spankee unreservedly, and I was treated to a delightful array of different feminine bottoms, some tight and athletic, some plump and full, each one different.

In order, they wore blue bikinis, then a lacy black brief, red skimpy nylon bikinis, and white, lace trimmed cottons. And each of my pledge sisters got what the first did, the same five on the panties by each and they all handled it differently, but all had one or more sisters to sit with them and talk them through it. Some were stoic, some crying before the paddle landed.

Then my turn. I was nervous, but it was, quite frankly, more due to sexual tension than anything else. I was bent over, and my skirt was raised and my white nylon semi sheer low cut ( in back) bikinis, which I had agonized over picking, were on display, and it was my turn.

Then my friend, the pledgemistress, pulled back her arm and let me have it good. I hissed with that first crack and sucked my breath in, and the next four came down just as hard, and my fanny was on fire, this was going to be as bad as anything I had gotten growing up. And even though I hadn't done anything wrong, I still felt that same type of sorry I won't do it again kind of feeling as one then another took the paddle.

The end of the second set, I was softly crying, trying not to embarrass myself, and my friend the pledgemistress, sat beside me, talking me through this. By the end, I was crying pretty good, not as bad as one girl, but almost.

But as bad as it hurt, I felt for the first time ever a sexual thrill while being spanked! I knew I had to be wet, and the paddling was everything I had hoped it would be in my most secret fantasies! I was told later that my bottom was glowing so bright through my little panties, and that they could see my crack and even down between my legs when I started kicking and fussing (and I blushed when reminded of how I carried on!).

After, we were all given presents from the sisters (no, nothing sexual you pervs, nice stuff, but that's a secret) to include a beautiful silver necklace and pendant. We were each given a glass of wine and were toasted to commemorate the occasion. We were assigned big sisters, and my friend the pledge mistress became mine, and given our copies of the rules, which we were expected to memorize.

The party went on for a while, and then we were taken back to our respective dorms. The next day, our big sisters took all of us to the state college (where frats and sororites were allowed), and we each picked up a plain sorority paddle at the bookstore. Then we went to a shop on that campus that did the wood engraving and personalizing, and I had my and my big sisters name put on it and varnished, and then it was mine, to be kept at the house.

From then on, if one of us screwed up with one of the rules, you could expect a quick painful spanking or paddling from your big sister, or if she wasn't around, any of the others. Some of the rules were nit picky little things to keep you on your toes, but others such as keeping your grades up, were severely enforced. Nothing lower than a B was considered acceptable.
ALL papers, tests and quizes had to be shown to your big sister. And anything below a B resulted in a sound public paddling, pure discipline, until she was a crying mess. Other than that one glass of wine, we were not permitted to drink, as we were underage, and any girl that got caught or was reported back that she had been out partying, was a very sorry girl indeed.
My big sister and I became quite close very soon after my initiation, and she was a large part of my life for the next two years.


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