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sly spanked for lying, F/f, a family story

Entry for October 12, 2007 sly spanked for lying....

After talking to Julie, I have no doubt that she is telling the truth, and, that my baby lied when she said that she had seen Julie with cigaretts.

I was furious.

"sly Samantha Johnson! Get your little tail over her right now!"

Moments later, my little miscreant came racing to me, eyes wide, I think finally realizing I wasn't finding her weird little sense of humor amusing this time.
Standing in front of me, head kind of down, but looking up at me through her lashes and mussed up hair, hands held behind her back, as she girlishly swiveled back and forth on the ball of her foot.

The picture of young innocence....

"Yes Mommy?"
"Don't you 'Yes Mommy' me, little girl! You know Exactly what is going on here! Now, are you going to tell me the truth now, or not, little missy?! And let me remind you of how Very unhappy I am with liars in this house!"

A very pale little baby girl now. Hands no longer adorably holding each other, but firmly clasped to that little bottom.

"I, I didn't mean to Mommy! I mean, it was just supposed to be a joke, I didn't really mean it, honest!"

Selective memory at it's best.
Reaching down, I take my baby's chin and raise her face, making her look at me.

"It certainly didn't sound like a joke when you came and 'tattled' on Julie. You weren't laughing or smiling, and even if you had been, that wouldn't have been a very funny joke at all, sly.
I think that what happened is that you were teasing her, Julie teased you back, you two started picking on each other, she got the best of you, you got mad, and decided to get her in trouble."

A sad little sniffle, starting to think now.

"Do I allow you girls to smoke, sly?"
"No Mommy!"
Big eyes!
"And what happened to Jenny when I caught her?"
"S-she got a Bad spanking, Mommy!"

"You bet she did. Just like Julie would have,if I had caught her, OR, if I had believed your lie! I would have washed her mouth out, and given her an enema, to wash that nasty stuff out of her system, and then she would have gotten the paddle and the strap!"

a crying daughter now...

"How would you have felt if Julie had been punished like that for something she didn't do? Hmmm?"

"Mommmmyyyy I'm sooooo sorrrrrryyyyyy!"

And she really was.

"Too late for sorry, little girl. sly, you are ten years old. Still my baby, but, ten is old enough to know how wrong that was. Come with me, little girl, you are getting a good spanking, right now!"

And with that, I took her hand, and led my relucant daughter into the downstairs bathroom.
She knew why we were there, as soon as I let her hand go, it went to her mouth, while the other covered her bottom.

"Moommmmyyy Noooo pleeeassseee I donwanna mouthsoapinggggggg!"

I don't blame her, I don't like them either. But, in this house, it got used for certain things, and lying was one of them.

I soaped up a washcloth, and turned to her.

"Open, sly, now."

Hand still over her mouth.
Fine then.
I reached down, unsnapped her jeans, unzipped them, and yanked them down to her ankles, her white little briefs with the picture of Charlie's Angels on the fanny now on display.
I gave that little panty clad bottom a good Spank, and when she squealed and reached back, in went the cloth.
I soaped her mouth, not roughly, but well, then allowed her to spit and rinse, the front of her tshirt wet now from tears, runny nose, and the soap...

"Each and every time, young lady, I have to spank you for lying, you are going to get your mouth washed out as well, do you understand me?"

A sobbing "yessss Mommyyyyyy!" assured me she did.

I took her jeans all the way off, leaving them on the floor, the Momma in me thinking I needed to check her pockets before I tossed them in the hamper...
Grabbing her hand again, I took her into the front room,and with a good Spank! put her pantied fanny in the empty corner, the one kept empty for just such a reason.

"Jen, Julie, living room, now!"

And while they had better be coming, I went and got the paddle. And not the small little paddle ball one, the plastic one that came with the little ball attached to it by elastic, but the one that her sisters felt and dreaded.
The one that said Mom's paddle on it.
It too, suposedly was for use in the same game as the little plastic one in sly's panty drawer, but, it came from the Cracker Barrel resturant,and was much more substantial, being made of plywood, and nicely varnished. The running joke was that the resturant knew what the paddles were really being used for.

It had quite the wicked sting, and burn, as my own fanny could attest. Wooden fire, as Jen had called it.
I returned, Jen and Julie sitting on the couch, sly still in her corner.
I retrieved my daughter, full crying now, and took her to the chair I normally sat in for spankings, sat down, and pulled her wriggling form over my lap, and scooched her till her bottom was high.
I explained to her sisters exactly why sly was getting spanked, then pulled her little panties down, and off. She would be doing a lot of kicking, and I didn't want her stretching them out; it had been quite something finding them in the first place.

And with that, "sly Samantha Johnson, you know Exactly why you are being spanked, and I hope you learn and remember from this!"

And with that, and a big Crack! I started her spanking...
As little as her bottom is, the paddle, while not big, still pretty much covered a whole cheek at one spank!
LOUD squeal, and stiff legs, and pleading with Mommy not to spank her!
to the other still pale cheek, and then the real spanking started.

Now, I didn't spank her much harder than I normaly would have, the paddle adding a bit extra bite, though. But, her bottom is So small, just a bit of girlish babyfat for padding, that the big girls paddle was used more for the mental impression it would make. I covered that little rump thoroughly, and concentrated on her sit spots to include her upper thighs, as I finished.

sly was hanging over my lap, bawling, not knowing we were done yet.
I let her lay there, lightly rubbing her back, shhhh her, doing the basic Mom sounds...
I looked at my other two wide eyed girls, and quietly told them that this could just as easily be them, if they didn't mind their manners.

I had Jen give me a kleenex,and sat sly up on my lap, squealing when she sat down, blew her nose, and let her cling to me, telling me in sobs how sorry she was.
After I bit, I walked her back to the corner.

"sly, you will stay there for ten minutes..." an eternity for sly, " rubbing, or else. And, it's not me you should be apologizing too, it's Julie, think about that. And when you are done in the corner, you will be sitting down..."that got renewed tears, "...and writiing Julie an apology."

And then I set the timer.
Momma Angie

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joe m…
Offline IM
yummy! good story angie
Friday October 12, 2007 - 11:44am (CDT) Remove Comment
*THINKS: I'd have got an enema?! OMG, if she thinks that's the only spanking she's getting today.....! I sincerely hope that hurts! AND I've been sticking up for that little...*
Friday October 12, 2007 - 07:38pm (BST) Remove Comment
I stand in the corner, sobbing, with those "crying hickups" you get from being so upset, my nose running and my bottom on fire! Shaking my head ::sniffs:: muttering to myself.."i wasn't even talking to did she hear me all the way in Julie's room...i didn't lie ::hickup::i said::hickup::i was just::hickup::playing. Cries harder...
Friday October 12, 2007 - 01:02pm (PDT) Remove Comment

The timer goes off."sly, time is up, come here please."A teary pouty little girl shows up, hands still soothing her bottom, apparently not terribly concerned that she was still bare bottomed.sigh.I know her sisters think I spoil her because she's the baby, and maybe it's true."sly, come here babygirl." And I reach out and pull her to me, picking her up, cuddling her."shhh, it's okay babygirl. And, your sister said she didn't need a written apology, so you don't have to worry about that. Now, would you rather have your panties on, or would you like to put on one of Mommy's shirts and go bare fannied?"Momma
Friday October 12, 2007 - 10:39am (HST) Remove Comment
When did I say I didn't want a written apology? Poo I was looking forward to that! *pout*She gets spoilt by all three of us Momma and she's the one that goes around stirring! She does look cute though rubbing her sore bottom. Bless.
Friday October 12, 2007 - 10:01pm (BST) Remove Comment
i rest limp and defeated in your arms, still trying to catch my breath. i let a sigh of relief out when i hear i no longer have to write the apology sitting bared at the kitchen table. Mommie, i would just like the tye dye on tonight please. :sniff, hiccup: Thank you for not making me write an apology, but Julie :hiccup:, i do apologize and i would not have :hiccup: let Mommie spank you for what i said. i was just joking around and didn't mean for Mommie to hear me and take me seriously. But, i guess she was serious! i'm not going to do that again. Mommie, i'm,sly
Friday October 12, 2007 - 08:48pm (PDT) Remove Comment
It's Ok Sly. *hugz* xxx
Saturday October 13, 2007 -

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